Fortnite Tips And Tricks



Looking to Master Fortnite?


In video games as in other things, practice makes for perfect. However, people who are interested in improving their Fortnite skills should still look up some suggestions, which can help them make the most efficient use of their effort for better results than otherwise possible.


What Are Some Fortnite Tips and Tricks to Keep in Mind?


For starters, Fortnite players should remember that their initial landing point will have a huge impact on the overall course of a match. For example, if they choose to land in a named location situated closer to the center, chances are good that they are going to be involved in the fighting from the start. In contrast, if they choose to land somewhere further out that is nowhere near named locations, they will exchange the availability of loot for more of an initial chance to get their bearings. Something that can prove useful for newer Fortnite players.


With that said, while Fortnite has no option for going prone, it is perfectly possible to move about in a stealthy manner as well as a not so stealthy manner. First, it should be remembered that movement is loud. Second, it should be remembered that sprinting will create a dust trail that can be seen from far-off. Third, while crouching will reduce the character’s speed, it is possible to move a little bit faster by hitting the sprint button while crouched.


Based on this, it is clear that players should never move out into the open in a blatant manner because that increases their chances of being shot by someone that they can’t see. Even if they are forced to move, they should always do so by making use of cover, whether that means trees, buildings, or something else altogether.








Speaking of which, stealth might not be glamorous, but it is very useful when the fighting starts up. In part, this is because the person who hasn’t been seen by their opponent has the first move, which can provide them with an insurmountable lead. However, it should also be noted that the person who hasn’t been by their opponent can disengage if they realize that they can’t win. When making use of stealth, interested individuals should remember a couple of things.


First, patience is a virtue because if they make a mistake because of their impatience, their hard work will go to waste. Second, while it might not be particularly sporting, the best time to hit someone is when someone has just won a fight and has let down their guard to do some post-fight looting.


Naturally, this means that players who want to get better need to watch out for opportunistic opponents as well when they finish a fight, which is why they should head to a safe location as soon as possible. If they are both fast and clever, they might even be able to ambush someone who was hoping to ambush them.