Ultra Space Battle Brawl Coming To Steam



Ultra Space Battle Brawl Is Coming to Steam


More titles are being released on Steam on a constant basis. Some of these titles are new, whereas other titles have had their debuts on some other platform but are now being ported over for the purpose of carving out their own chunks of the PC market. One excellent example of the latter is Ultra Space Battle Brawl, which is a very odd but very interesting game that has already been debuted on the Nintendo Switch.


What Is Ultra Space Battle Brawl?


For those who are curious, Ultra Space Battle Brawl is an Indonesian title that is best-described as competitive Pong that is more than a little bit reminiscent of Japanese 2D fighters from before the turn of the millennium. In short, each match sees two players in front of a crystal that represents their life bar. They are supposed to hit a ball back and forth for the purpose of hitting the other player’s crystal, which will eat up their life bar. As the match continues, each player sees their special meter build up, which will enable them to launch a special move of some kind once the process is complete.







Besides the basic premise, there are a lot of elements borrowed from 2D fighters. For example, each character is rated based on four considerations, which are power, speed, attack distance, and attack speed. Likewise, each match is divided up into three rounds, which is a carryover from the games from which Ultra Space Battle Brawl drew inspiration.


On the whole, Ultra Space Battle Brawl is a fast-paced game that should be able to provide interested individuals with a fair amount of entertainment, particularly if they have some friends to play with. The last point is important because some people have noted an unfair advantage on the part of the AI on higher difficulties, which unfortunately, is another thing that might remind people of its sources of inspiration.