Super Mario Party Returns



What Is Super Mario Party?


Super Mario Party is the latest main installment in the long-running Mario Party series. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that it sees long-standing features make a return. For example, Party Mode will still see up to four players searching for stars on a navigable board while competing in a wide range of mini-games. However, there are some changes as well, as shown by how Partner Mode will enable two teams of two players each to search for stars on a more free-movement board reminiscent of those seen in Mario Party: Star Rush. For those who are interested, Super Mario Party‘s release date is October 5 on the Nintendo Switch.


Is Super Mario Party a Good Fit for the Nintendo Switch?


With that said, Super Mario Party is interesting in that it makes good use of the capabilities of the Nintendo Switch. However, it isn’t perfect in this regard.


For starters, it is possible to play Super Mario Party with a single Joy-Con controller, which is useful because this means that two players can play using a single Nintendo Switch console. Furthermore, the Nintendo Switch’s local wireless capabilities have been put to good use by enabling the synchronization of multiple consoles for the purpose of creating a multi-monitor play environment, which should make Super Mario Party that much more fun. Finally, motion controls will see use in some of the mini-games, while others will be sticking with the traditional button-based system.








With that said, while it is encouraging that Super Mario Party will see online play for the first time, this will be limited to the mini-games, meaning that the board games are limited to offline play. Likewise, Super Mario Party does not support handheld mode, which has been one of the more interesting features of the Nintendo Switch console.