Darksiders 3 News



What Is Darksiders III?


Darksiders III is the next installment in the Darksiders franchise, which consists of hack and slash action-adventure games. Story-wise, humanity has been rendered extinct in a post-apocalyptic world, while angels and demons continue to fight it out for the control of the cosmos. Players take the role of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, who are nephilim charged with restoring balance.


So far, each of the Darksiders games has focused on a different member of the Horsemen. For example, the first Darksiders game was centered on War, while the second Darksiders game was centered on Death. Likewise, the third Darksiders game will be centered on Fury, who stands out in that she is the one female member of the Horsemen.








Regardless, what is interesting about this setup is that each member of the Horsemen has a very different fighting style, meaning that interested individuals should be able to count on Darksiders III to be both very similar and very different from its predecessors in what could be a very good way.


What Did We See in the Latest Darksiders III Trailer?


The latest trailer that has been released for Darksiders III is called the Force Fury trailer. There were no major revelations. Instead, interested individuals got a good look at some of the abilities that Fury can use as well as some of the enemies that players can expect to encounter. For example, the trailer showed Fury making good use of her whip, but there was a neat sequence in which she used a huge hammer as well.


Likewise, other capabilities were shown off, with examples ranging from targeting enemies to traveling along light-up walls. On the whole, the Force Fury trailer won’t convince people who aren’t already interested in what the Darksiders series has to offer, but for those who are counting the days until the November release, it should serve as a neat appetizer.