Meet Pokemon Go's New Monster Called Meltan



Meet Pokemon Go’s New Monster Called Meltan


Pokemon’s fans could not hide their excitement when a unidentified, strange Pokemon started mysteriously appearing in Pokemon Go. This strange sighting started just after September’s Community Day Event. According to some Pokemon diehards, the Pokemon could be sighted sporadically—found in wild for 30 minutes.


Guess what? The cat is finally out of the bag! Pokemon Company has finally confirmed that this strange ditto-like monster represents a brand-new species of Pokemon called Meltan. The company shared the crucial insight through two new trailers revolving around Meltan. The first short video featured two professors—Willow and Oak to be precise, discussing this new piece of information and how players can capture it. The second integrates a promotional trailer that portrays a group of Meltan mischievously playing with different items.


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