Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition Unlockables



Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition Has Its Unlockables


It has been a long time since Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition was released. However, that should make it even easier for interested individuals to find all of its secrets, seeing as how said information should be find-able with no more than a simple search.


What Are Some Examples?


One excellent example of Devil May Cry 4‘s unlockable content would be its difficulty modes. In short, beating the game on “Devil Hunter” unlocks the option for “Son of Sparda.” Once “Son of Sparda” has been beaten, both “Dante Must Die” and “Heaven or Hell” become available. Finally, the completion of “Dante Must Die” unlocks “Hell and Hell.” Suffice to say that these modes become more and more difficult, meaning that they can present quite a challenge for interested individuals.


Another excellent example would be the various pieces of art that can be unlocked by beating the game. For instance, going through the “Dante Must Die” mode unlocks the piece called Demon Invasion. Likewise, beating the game on “Devil Hunter” and “Son of Sparda” unlocks The Cast and The Demons and 12 Publicity Pictures respectively.








With that said, there are other unlockables that might interest players. One would be the alternate ending sequence featuring Dante, Trish, and Lady, which requires the player to protect Kyrie in the mini-game during the credits for at least 90 seconds. Another would be the Super Dante and Super Nero costumes, which can be unlocked by beating the game on “Dante Must Die.”


Finally, true completionists will want to make sure to secure all of the trophies. Luckily, most of these are rather straightforward in nature, though their challenge level can see a fair amount of variation. For example, “Smokin’!” needs nothing more than a Stylish S Rank combo, whereas “Never Say Die” will require the completion of all missions with a S ranking. Naturally, there is a trophy for getting all other trophies, which would be “Devils Never Cry.”