star wars battlefront 2 cheats



Interested in Star Wars: Battlefront II Cheats(PS2 version)?


Star Wars: Battlefront II came with a surprising number of cheats built into it. As a result, interested individuals can use them to have a play experience that better-suits their personal preferences.


What Are Some Examples?


For starters, there is a cheat for invincibility in Star Wars: Battlefront II, which can be turned on and off in Story, Instant Action, and Galactic Conquest. In short, start by pausing the game before pressing Up three times, Left one time, Down three times, Left one time, Up three times, Left one time, and Right one time. If the cheat was entered in the correct manner, the player should have confirmation in the form of an unmistakable sound.


On a related note, there is a cheat for infinite ammunition as well, which should come as welcome news for people who love weapons that eat up limited ammunition at a ravenous pace. Once more, this is limited to the same three modes as its counterpart. However, its sequence is Up one time, Down one time, Left one time, Down two times, Left one time, Down two times, Left one time, Down three times, Left one time, and Right one time. Players will know that this cheat has been turned on when their ammunition refills whenever some of it is used to reload their weapon of choice.


Besides cheats, interested individuals should know that there are plenty of unlockables as well. For example, it is possible to start with various weapons such as the Elite Assault Rifle and the Flechette Shotgun by securing Legendary Status on Frenzy, Regulator, and more. Likewise, it is possible to unlock bonuses by collecting medals as well as unlocking special soldiers such as Dark Troopers and Wookie Warriors by collecting points in combat.


Repairing shields


You can always repair your shields. Just use the torch, but do not get too close to the glass or it will not work. This takes awhile, but is helpful. Also on ground battles you can use the torch to slice (hijack) enemy vehicles.


Break the ground with Mace Windi


Jump and press Fire. You should go down and break the ground, sending anyone around you flying.