My Hero Academia Game, One's Justice, DLC Characters



My Hero Academia Game, One’s Justice, DLC Characters


My Hero Academia: One’s Justice hasn’t been released in the west, but it’s been out for long enough in Japan for there to have been information released about its DLC characters. One of the two DLC characters will be Shoot Style Izuku Midoriya, who will use a much more kick-oriented fighting style compared to his counterpart. Meanwhile, the other DLC character will be the second-ranked Flame Hero Endeavor, the rather abusive father of Shoto Todoroki.


For those who are curious, Shoot Style Izuku Midoriya will be available to interested individuals free of charge, whereas Endeavor will have to be paid for by those who want him. The English version of My Hero Academia: One’s Justice is set to be released on October 26.


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