Warcraft 3 is getting remastered



Warcraft 3 Is Getting Remastered


It has been revealed that Blizzard Entertainment will be making a remaster of Warcraft 3. However, what is interesting is that while interested individuals can expect both updated graphics and the quality of life improvements that are standard when it comes to remasters, there are indications that the upcoming release will include even more changes. Something that might be motivated by the difference in how the fandoms reacted to the prospect of a Starcraft remaster and the prospect of a Warcraft 3 remaster.


In short, what happened was that the fandom wanted the Starcraft remaster to be better-looking but otherwise remain unchanged, which is motivated by the fact that most people consider the title to be one of the best releases of all time. As a result, there is no real point in improving something that most people see as being complete, assuming that significant improvements are even possible. In contrast, while most people regard Warcraft 3 with fondness, there is more of a perception that it could be better.


Due to this, Blizzard Entertainment is planning to introduce tweaks to ensure better balance. Moreover, it will be changing the content to make it more reflective of the lore that has been introduced in the years since Warcraft 3‘s initial release. Something that is bound to make waves one way or another.


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