Dead or Alive 6 Adds New Fighter NiCO



Dead or Alive 6 Adds A New Fighter Called NiCO


More information has come out for Dead or Alive 6. This time, it has been confirmed that both Kokoro and La Mariposa will be making a return. Moreover, two new stages have been revealed, with one being a research facility called Zero and the other being small Japanese town called Miyabi.


However, the most interesting piece of information is the second new character to be shown to interested individuals so far, a so-called “Lightning Technomancer” called NiCO. Unsurprisingly, players can expect plenty of sci-fi tech from said character, but style-wise, she is said to use pencak silat, which is an entire class of martial arts from Indonesia that incorporates strikes, grapples, throws, and the use of weapons.


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