Games That Wood Look Great As VR Games
Games That Wood Look Great As VR Games

VR Has Enormous Potential


VR possesses enormous potential when it comes to video games. Granted, there are still numerous issues that need to be resolved before said tech can realize the true extent of its potential, with an excellent example being how VR use can lead to symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, and vomiting.


However, that doesn’t stop people from dreaming about all of the games that could make a smooth transition to VR tech, particularly since said tech is advancing by noticeable margins before our very own eyes.


What Are Some Games that Wood Look Great As VR Games?


Here are some examples of games that wood look great as VR games:


Far Cry 5


Far Cry 5‘s story provoked a fair amount of outrage from the players. As it turns out, a lot of people don’t react well when the brutal cult leader has what looks a lot like divine backing, particularly when he has made matters between him and the player character very, very personal.







However, whatever can be said about the story of the latest installment in the long-running Far Cry series, its mechanics are solid. As a result, a Far Cry 5 in VR could make for an exciting experience, not least because Ubisoft has done similar things in the not so distant past.


MechWarriors 5


MechWarriors 5 is an upcoming title that is expected to come out in September of 2019. It is interesting in that it will see players taking up the role of a mech-warrior, meaning someone who pilots one of the giant robots that dominate the battlefields of the interstellar, post-apocalyptic, neo-feudalistic setting of BattleTech.


In other words, players won’t be just taking control of a vehicle but one of the biggest, baddest vehicles in the setting that has been armed to the teeth.






Suffice to say that this is a premise that is packed with promise when it comes to VR. For starters, there is the sheer thrill of striding over urban landscapes as well as other settings as the king of the battlefield.


However, there is the prospect of facing off against other mechs as well as other threats that can be found in the BattleTech setting, which is sure to make quite an impact when one experiences it in so intimate a manner.


Fortunately, it seems that the people behind MechWarrior 5 recognize its potential when it comes to VR, which is why VR support is one of the features that have been promised for it. Assuming that it looks as good as the footage that has been released so far, interested individuals might want to make a note of MechWarrior 5‘s release date on their calendars.


Mount and Blade


Mount and Blade is a big contrast from MechWarrior 5. In short, it sees players taking the role of a customizable character in a low-fantasy setting that takes considerable inspiration from pre-modern cultures in the real world. By default, players will build up a following by taking on bandits, raiders, and other low-level threats before becoming strong enough to participate in the wars that are being fought on a constant basis between the various nations of the setting.


With that said, much of Mount and Blade‘s charm lies in the fact that they can participate in the fighting themselves, whether by standing in the front-line with their followers or riding outwards to skirmish while mounted with a bow. Player characters do not have inherently greater capabilities than the enemies that they can expect to encounter, meaning that it is perfectly possible for them to got taken out of the fight by a very well-aimed arrow out of what seems like nowhere.






However, instead of discouraging players, this fairness tends to just make them more eager because each victory becomes that much sweeter and thus that much more rewarding.


So far, there hasn’t been more than one installment in the Mount and Blade series. However, the people behind that first game are busy with making a follow-up, which will be called Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord.


There is no indication that said follow-up will have support for VR, meaning that it isn’t something that interested individuals should expect. However, it is important to note that the fan base for the Mount and Blade series are very, very enthusiastic when it comes to making mods, as shown by how the first game has mods for everything from Star Wars to A Song of Ice and Fire as well as a number of original creations.


Due to this, it isn’t impossible that someone will come up with a VR mod for Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord at some point in the future, which could be particularly amazing if the fan base proves to be as enthusiastic when it comes to mod-making for it as they were for its predecessor.


Space Harrier


There are a number of classic games that could be promising if they received modern remakes with VR compatibility. For example, there was Space Harrier, which is a name that should be familiar to a lot of people who remember the 1980s.


For those who are unfamiliar, Space Harrier was perhaps the first big success when it came to third-person rail shooters. Originally, it was meant to be a more realistic military-themed shooter, but technical limitations meant that the people decided to turn it into something much more fantastical instead.






Regardless, Space Harrier was a hit, so much so that it sold numerous arcade units as well as numerous copies of multiple ports to multiple platforms. As a result, one can’t help but wonder what a modern remake of Space Harrier would look like when using VR.


Certainly, the aesthetics of the 1980s are a bit unusual and perhaps even garish by modern standards, but fantasy is exactly the sort of thing that benefits from VR, seeing as how the very nature of VR can make even the unreal seem much more authentic than otherwise possible.