Falcon Age Trailer
Falcon Age Trailer

Falcon Age is a first-person action-adventure game from Outerloop Games that is set to be released in 2019 for the PlayStation 4. The upcoming title is planned to have PlayStation VR support, which should come as welcome news for those who are fans of that particular feature.


Regardless, Falcon Age is centered on a young woman named Ara who is seeking to reclaim a piece of her cultural legacy in the form of falcon hunting, thus explaining the name of the upcoming title.







However, this process will come with plenty of challenges, with examples ranging from the need to piece together a practice that has been lost for some time to the need to overcome the automated colonizers that caused the practice to become lost in the first place.


For those who are intrigued by this stand-out premise, they might want to check out the new trailer that has been released by Outerloop Games, which focuses on what the action-adventure game will actually play like.

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