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Interested in Mega Man 11 Cheats and Tips?


Mega Man 11 came out in October of 2018. As a result, there has been more than enough time for players to uncover its secrets. Something that interested individuals might want to check out sooner rather than later.


What Are Some Examples of Mega Man 11 Cheats and Tips?


For starters, Mega Man 11 is pretty classic in the sense that its initial bosses are weak to particular weapons. As a result, once someone has beaten one of the bosses, there is a natural order for them to beat the rest. However, there is still the issue of choosing the first boss.


One recommendation would be starting with Block Man, which is based on a number of reasons. First, while Block Man is weak to Blast Man’s C. Blast, the nature of the fight means that the C. Blast isn’t actually that much better than charged Buster shots. Second, Block Man’s weapon is pretty useful, meaning that it is a good idea to pick it up sooner rather than later. Third, the natural order for boss beating means that starting with Blast Man will led to Impact Man’s weapon relatively early on, which is a big help for tough platforming sequences.


Regardless, someone who chooses to start with Block Man can proceed to use the B. Dropper to beat Acid Man, the A. Shield to beat Impact Man, the P. Driver to beat Bounce Man, the B. Ball to beat Fuse Man, the S. Thunder to beat Tundra Man, the T. Storm to beat Torch Man, and the B. Torch to beat Blast Man. Besides this, it should be mentioned that some of the bosses have semi-weaknesses, with Bounce Man being semi-weak to Tundra Man’s T. Storm and Blast Man being semi-weak to Impact Man’s P-Driver.







With that said, if people are struggling against the bosses, they should remember the basic rules for beating tough action game bosses. In short, they should check out a video of what the bosses can do, which should enable them to figure out attack patterns as well as various ways to beat those attack patterns. After which, they should give the boss another shot using what they have learned.


If they ever become frustrated, they shouldn’t just ram themselves into the problem over and over. Instead, they might want to take a break, wait until they are in better condition the next day, and then give it another shot because it is a well-known fact that sleep can help people learn.


Finally, it should be mentioned that the Nintendo Switch version of Mega Man 11 lets players scan a maximum of 20 amiibos on a daily basis for a chance at various items. There are reports that the Mega Man amiibo will consistently give out a 1-up, which is the best item out of the potential options.


Infinite lives


Go to Dr. Light’s lab and purchase a Mystery Tank, then go to Acid Man’s stage and shoot the first spider twice with the Mega Buster. This will cause it to spawn six mini-spider bots. After they land, immediately open the menu and select the Mystery Tank for all eight of the spiders to transform into 1-ups. Repeat this as many times as desired.


Infinite weapon energy


Successfully complete the game to unlock the Awakening Chip for purchase in the shop for 3,000 bolts. The Awakening Chip gives unlimited weapon energy.


Infinite double gear time


Successfully complete the game to unlock the Cooling System for purchase in the shop for 3,000 bolts. The Cooling System gives unlimited double gear time.