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Looking for Secrets in Horizon: Zero Dawn?


Horizon: Zero Dawn is one of the more notable games to have come along in recent times. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that its secrets have been uncovered by a huge number of players, meaning that said information is readily available to those who are willing to look for it.


What Are Some Examples of Secrets in Horizon: Zero Dawn?


For starters, it should be mentioned that there are some secret or semi-secret items that can be picked up by players who look for them.


First, there is a special armor called Shield-Weaver, which comes with a rechargeable shield that can absorb incoming damage to prolong Aloy’s life. Remarkably, this includes falling damage, meaning that the Shield-Weaver is very valuable indeed. This is particularly true because the armor will start emitting a shrieking sound when its shield is low, thus keeping the player well-informed about its condition at all times.


As for how one can get one’s hands on Shield-Weaver, that involves completing the quest called “Ancient Armory” before collecting five power cells from the Underground Bunker, the All-Mother Temple, Maker’s End, the Grave Hoard, and GAIA Prime.







Second, it is interesting to note that there is a semi-secret weapon called the Tearblaster, which is unusual in that it can’t be purchased from merchants but instead has to be won by beating the side-quest called “Hunter’s Blind.” If the prospect of getting a new weapon isn’t enough for interested individuals to make the effort, it should be mentioned that the Tearblaster can be used to shoot compressed air that will strip machines of their armor as well as their components.








As a result, the Tearblaster can be very useful for players who are planning to take on a wide range of enemies, with excellent examples being those carrying powerful armaments on their backs. With that said, the Tearblaster does have a serious issue in that it is a short-ranged weapon that does next to no damage of its own.