Detroit: Become Human Cheats



Detroit: Become Human Cheats?


There are no cheats that can be found in Detroit: Become Human. However, that doesn’t mean that interested individuals can’t find value in looking up unlockables as well as other secrets that might improve their personal play experience. For example, Detroit: Become Human has multiple endings, which can have rather exacting requirements. As a result, interested individuals might want to look them up so that they can be sure of remaining on the right path.


Likewise, there are sites of interest such as Jericho Graffiti locations, which will be much easier to locate with some outside help. Summed up, it is clear that looking up unlockables and other secrets can be very useful for players who are about to get started with Detroit: Become Human.


All Jericho Graffiti locations


Search the indicated locations in Jericho to find all seven Graffiti locations:


1. After you get out of the train, look on the wall to the left.


2. Go down the escalator to see it right in front of you.


3. Go across the street to see it on a colorful building.


4. Go down the road, and look through a fence on the left. You can scan two icons when standing at the fence. For the third, crawl under the fence and remove the wooden planks leaning against the wall, blocking the view to the icon.


5. Stay behind the fence, and go to the junkyard. You can scan one icon from the ground. For the next two, you must pull the container to the wall to climb up.


6. Wall-jump to the other side and drop down to scan a large graffiti on the tall building.


7. Go inside the tall building, after simulating the best path to climb up. You must line up a part of the wall and part of a pillar to get the “X” icon.




Markus and North full romance


To get the most peaceful ending in the game, Markus must romance North. Always be nice to her, ask about her, kiss her whenever possible. Then at the end of the game when you choose to do a peaceful protest and the soldiers come to kill you, kiss her and they will let you live. This is required to get the “Survivors” (everyone survives) and “Moral Victory” (Markus makes the soldiers step back) trophies.


Good ending


To get the best ending and “Survivors” trophy, none of the character listed below are allowed to die over the course of the game. If any of them die, quit out to the main menu and replay the chapter from the last checkpoint. Never leave anyone behind — always help your friends, even if it puts you at risk, but never sacrifice yourself either. Deviants and police do not impact this.


It is fine to kill Deviants yourself, have them commit suicide, or have them massacre humans. It is also fine to kill police (and you will have to in order to save North and infiltrate CyberLife with Deviant Connor). Only the characters listed below must stay alive — nobody else matters to get the good ending and “Survivors” trophy.


Connor: Do not sacrifice him, and do not let him get shot.


Hank: Connor and Hank must remain friends.


Kara: When Kara and Alice run from the police in the “Crossroads” chapter, select the “PLAY DEAD, DON’T MOVE” option so they will not be brought to the recycling facility. If the police catches them, it becomes impossible to complete the game without sacrificing anyone.


Alice: In the “On The Run” chapter, make sure Kara and Alice make it across the highway alive.


Luther: Kara meets Luther in the “Zlotko” chapter. When the police shows up in the “Midnight Train” chapter, talk to Luther and tell him to go “UPSTAIRS”. You will get the “NOTHING TO SEE HERE” trophy. When Luther gets shot in the foot during the escape from Jericho in the “Crossroads” (Kara) chapter, choose “HELP LUTHER”. Get him safely to the next room and he will tell you to leave and he will catch up with you later.


Jerry: At the start of the “Battle For Detroit” (Kara Leaving Detroit) chapter, you must sneak behind some cars. After the first line of cars, you can see Jerry and Luther held at gunpoint by the police. Sneak up to the police and knock them out to free Jerry.


Markus: Do not lose any battles, and do not sacrifice yourself at the end of the Freedom March. Always choose the peaceful protest options, and do not attack/kill any humans or police. The only exception is when you have to save North at the end of the “Crossroads” chapter. Markus and Connor will kill some police to save her. To clarify, killing police does not actually impact the ending, but if you choose the violent Revolution option, some of your friends may very likely get shot. Make sure to keep it peaceful.


Simon (from Jericho): At the security checkpoint on the top in “The Stratford Tower” chapter, select the “RUSE” option. As you walk towards the guards, “DRAW GUN” at them. Select “ORDER” them, and then “KNOCK OUT”. If you choose the “ASSAULT” option, Simon will get shot and have to stay behind on the rooftop. It is important he escapes with you by skydiving down the roof.


North (from Jericho): If Markus went to place the detonation timer in the “Crossroads” (optional) chapter, North will get trapped in a corridor afterwards. You must choose to help her.


Josh (from Jericho): When Markus runs through the Jericho container ship in the “Crossroads” chapter, there is a part where a soldier attacks Josh in a corridor. Select the “INTERVENE” option.


Chloe (female robot in Kamski’s villa — the one seen at the main menu): In the “Meet Kamski” chapter, do not allow Connor to shoot her.




Bad ending


To get the worst ending (everyone dies), you have to lose all characters as early as possible. The following is the order in which they can die:



    1. Kara and Alice – Chapter: On The Run2. Markus – Chapter: Freedom March3. Hank – Chapter: Night Of The Soul (him and Connor must be hostile)4. Connor – Chapter: Battle For Detroit



This is also the shortest playthrough possible, as it skips chapters when someone is removed from the game. A normal playthrough is ten hours, but if you lose everyone at the earliest opportunity, it only takes approximately six hours.