Dying Light Cheats And Tips



There Are No Dying Light Cheats


There are no official cheats for Dying Light. At one point in time, there was an exploit that could be used to duplicate weapons, but since that has been patched out, it isn’t particularly relevant to players in the present. Instead, people who are curious about Dying Light cheats might want to check out some Dying Light tips instead.


Instead, There Are Dying Light Tips to Keep In Mind


For example, one simple but nonetheless important recommendation is to unlock the backpack upgrades as soon as possible. First, this is because carrying more weapons means more combat options. Second, this is because carrying more weapons means earning more money by selling them.


Moving on, there are certain weapons that are better-suited for certain enemies than others. For example, guns might be an efficient solution for zombies, but players should minimize their use versus zombies because the sound will call in more zombies. Certainly, zombies are no match for players one on one, but there is a limit to the number of zombies that even the best players can take on. Instead, reserve the guns for Rais’s soldiers, which tends to be a more valuable use for them anyways.


Finally, players should make sure to master the full range of capabilities that are available to them. For instance, it is very easy to forget about the kick button, but that would be a mistake because kicks can be surprisingly useful. For example, when fighting zombies, a good kick can cause them to stumble, thus making it that much easier to follow up with a more impactful attack in close quarters. Likewise, even when zombies are already down on the ground, kicking them can buy precious time by making it that much more difficult for them to scramble up.


Duplicating items


Invite a player into your game. Drop any items that you want to duplicate. Have the invited player pick up all items you dropped. Then, have the invited player back out of the game with the quit option in the pause menu. This will save the invited player’s inventory. Invite the player back into your game, and have them drop the items you previously dropped for them.


Next, have the invited player close the game without it saving his or her inventory. There are two methods to doing this. The first method requires you to have a game or demo installed on the hard drive, but it is quicker than the second method.


1. Press the middle PS button to display the dashboard. Then, select a game or demo to auto close Dying Light with your inventory intact.


2. Hold the middle PS button, and turn off the console. Then, unplug the power cord on the back of the console, and plug it back in. This will keep your inventory intact.


Invite a player back into your game, and repeat the process a few more times. When the host’s inventory is large enough, give the invited player your larger inventory, and have him or her leave with the quit option in the pause menu to save the invited player’s now larger inventory.


Then, invite a player back into your game, and repeat the process again to multiply the drop items. Sell unwanted items to get an unlimited amount of money. To have unlimited health, keep duplicating the med kit.



Duplicating weapons and infinite money


First, buy the “Melee Throw” skill (Power Level 4 and Stun prerequisites) at the Power Skill menu. Then, equip the your most valuable melee weapon (or buy one from a merchant), and throw it. While the weapon is in mid-air, open your inventory, and drop the thrown weapon to duplicate it (one thrown and one dropped). Repeat this process as many times as desired. Sell all the extra duplicated weapons for unlimited money. 


Note: If you buy the two backpack upgrades, you can carry more weapons and farm much quicker. Always keep a repaired version of your favorite weapon in the inventory. Use the duplicates to kill enemies, and when the weapon is about to break you can make a new duplicate. Thus, you will never run out of weapons. If you want to farm for money, you should stay in a quiet area near a safe zone, as the noise may attract enemies.


Easy Agility XP


Level up the “FreeRunning Adept” and “FreeRunning Expert” skill to gain 40 XP per climb. Go to the Tower, and sleep until it is night (XP doubles during the night). Leave the Tower, go down the stairs, and look to your left to see two barrels in front of a small building. Climb the barrels and then the building with R1. When you are at the top of the building, fall backwards, and repeat climbing the barrels and building again to get 120 Agility XP per second.


Easy Power XP


Proceed through the main missions until you escape “The Pit” to unlock a small floating safe house. You can use this area to easily level up your Power skills. Before starting, make sure you have a good weapon. If it is not night, sleep to change it to night, as you will gain extra XP for killing enemies at night. Leave the floating safe house, and kill the first zombie while using camouflage.


Killing zombies when camouflaged gives bonus XP (Level 9 Survival skill is when camouflage becomes available). Then, kill the two giant zombies and all of the surrounding ones to gain a lot of Power XP. Make sure you are hitting the zombies in the head to gain bonus XP. After killing all of the zombies, go back to the bed in the safe house, and sleep until it is night. Repeat this process until your Power skill level is maxed. Note: Having another player sit at the bed will make this process faster.



Plants vs. Zombies mini-game


In the Antenna area, climb the large antenna until you reach the zip lines. Use the zip line that takes you towards the mountains (northeast), then search for a Toxic Lichen plant on one of the rocks, on the south side of the hole. It will teleport you to a Plants vs. Zombies mini-game where zombies are fighting plants.


9mm pistol


There are two ways to get a 9mm pistol. The easiest is to pick it up from the cottage in the bottom right corner of the Slums. The pistol always spawns at this location, and you can get it right after the game starts or at any other time desired. The second way is to lock pick police vans. Look for them on highways, and bring some lockpicks.


You cannot get a pistol from human enemies, as they only have rifles and melee weapons. The pistol is a crucial part for completing the Gunslinger side quest from the upper tower in the Slums. The Gunslinger side quest gives you access to a pawn shop that contains two text collectibles.


Secret loot cave


There is a secret underwater cave at the far northeast corner of the Slums. Start at the safe house found along the eastern border, closest to the north edge of the shore. Follow the river north until you see a small boat that is flipped over to your left. Go left and proceed until you reach a small barricade blocking off the area. Jump over the barricade, and swim through the submerged tunnel until you reach the cave. When you search the cave, a message will appear saying “Your destiny is to build your legend (and get loot).”


You will then be attacked by spawning zombies for approximately four minutes. Once you defeat the zombies, you can search the bodies to collect the loot. After collecting the loot, a message will appear saying “Enough! Patch 1.0.2 activated. Better do some quests.” These messages and cave are a reference to the original loot cave in Destiny, which eventually got patched. Look along the wall on the right side of the cave to find another path leading to more water. Jump in and swim along the left wall to reach a second open-air cavern that contains a treasure chest. Then, turn left and climb up the rock wall at the dead end to find a second duffel bag.