Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Cheats And Secrets



Interested in Metal Gear Solid V Secrets?


There are people who see Metal Gear Solid V as being incomplete, which isn’t as unreasonable as it sounds on initial consideration. However, it is important to note that the title is packed with features that can provide interested individuals with some rather interesting possibilities. In other words, Metal Gear Solid V might not have cheats, but it comes with lots and lots of unlockables and other secrets.


What Are Some Things to Keep in Mind for Metal Gear Solid V?


Here are some examples:


You Can Drop Supplies on Quiet’s Head


Quiet can be a serious challenge for people who aren’t used to sniper duels in Metal Gear Solid V. As a result, it might be helpful to mention that it is possible to beat her by dropping supplies on her location, which becomes possible using the iDroid once she has been spotted. In total, it takes two supply drops to take her down, meaning that this can be a rather expensive but nonetheless effective method for someone who is running low on cash. Please note that supply drops are not viable for the Extreme version of the Quiet mission.


You Can Jog the Wandering Mother Base Soldiers’ Memories


The Wandering Mother Base Soldiers are pretty out of it, but it is possible to job their memories, thus making recovering them that much easier. In short, playing the song “Koi No Yokushiryoku (Love Deterrence)” on the iDroid with the speakers turned on should lure them in. This makes the Wandering Mother Base Soldiers much easier to subdue, but if players can’t be bothered to put in even that much effort, there is the option of approaching them in the cardbox box. Suffice to say that this makes for a pretty distinctive sight that will remove all desires of resistance on the part of the Wandering Mother Base Soldiers.


You Can Find a Special Room on the Medical Platform


It is possible to enter one of the doors on the Medical Platform to gain access to a special room containing a special character from a previous installment in the Metal Gear Solid series. Interested individuals should be able to find the door by checking the color of the light, which should be blue-lit rather than the standard red. It is possible to make progress in the special character’s story by retrieving the Wandering Mother Base Soldiers.


Collect Key Items


Metal Gear Solid V contains a total of 20 Key Items that make it possible to unlock special upgrades. Out of the 20, 12 are acquired by playing through the story, while the other 8 need to have special requirements met. For example, Fulton-ing 1,000 enemies makes it possible to unlock the F-Ballista. Likewise, marking 500 enemies using the binoculars makes it possible to distinguish between decoys and real enemies.


Hand Of Jehuty teleport weapon


The Hand Of Jehuty is a teleport upgrade for your Prosthetic Arm. When you shoot someone with it, they will be teleported to your location, and you can use CQC to take them out silently. Even though the range is quite limited, it is a really fun tool to use and will keep your enemies wondering what just happened. It is perfect for taking out heavily armored enemies with a single hit (especially in multiplayer). You can also upgrade it to increase range and battery life.


To unlock it, you must successfully complete Side Op 49: “Capture The Legenday Ibis”. This side op only becomes available after completing story Mission 31. If it does not appear after Mission 31, it is because only a limited number of side ops can simultaneously be active per area. Just keep doing other side ops, and it will eventually appear. You must then develop the Hand Of Jehuty at Mother Base in your iDroid. Development requires 340,000 GMP, 120 Precious Metal, and your R&D Team must be Level 28 or higher.


Wormhole Fulton Extraction Device


The Wormhole Fulton Extraction Device is a very useful upgrade. Other than the normal fulton, this one cannot be shot down, making it perfect for extracting enemies and their vehicles mid-combat. You can even use it in buildings or when there is something overhead, as it always has a 100% extraction chance. To unlock it, successfully complete Side Op 50: “Capture The Legenday Jackal”, which only becomes available after completing story Mission 31.


If it does not appear after Mission 31, it is because only a limited number of side ops can simultaneously be active per area. Just keep doing other side ops, and it will eventually appear. You must then develop the Wormhole Device at Mother Base in your iDroid. Development requires 850,000 GMP and your R&D Team + Support Unit must be Level 40 or higher. Everything you can extract with the normal fulton can also be extracted with the wormhole.


Raiden costume


To get the secret Raiden suit, you must complete all story missions with an “S” rank (excluding duplicate missions with Extreme, Subsistence, and Total Stealth mods). Only the 38 unique missions and prologue must be completed with an “S” rank; the 12 duplicates can be ignored. This will then give you the “Grand Master Certificate (Elite)” key item, which allows you to develop the Raiden suit through your iDroid at Mother Base. Development requires 1,190,000 GMP, 70 Digitalis Purpurea, 20 Digitalis Lutea, and your R&D Team must be Level 53 or higher.


The main strength of this outfit is the increased sprinting speed and jump distance, as well as the nice cosmetic look of the suit. It allows you to run at the speed of your horse. When you run into enemies, it will knock them down. Usage costs 8,400 GMP per deployment. It also comes with the following disadvantages: you cannot use your prosthetic arm, it cannot be used during FOB missions, and you are limited to an “A” rank when playing main missions. The suit is best used for open world exploration and side ops.


Recruiting D-Dog


Fulton extract the puppy at the start of Mission 4 (he is at the landing zone where you leave the helicopter). If you missed this, you can replay the mission. Alternately, he can be found at the landing zones of Mission 3 and 5. Return to Mother Base (either complete the mission or call back the helicopter to abort) to view a cutscene with the dog when you arrive at base.


Then, successfully complete Missions 7, 8, 9, 10, and any other two missions of your choice. Next, return to Mother Base, and the puppy will be grown up; you will see a cutscene when you arrive. D-Dog will now be available as a buddy, and you will get the “Cry Havoc” trophy. Note: If he is not grown up yet, play a few more missions, and return later.