Iron Man Anthem Cheat (Cheat Codes We Wish Existed)



Cheat Codes Can Be Pretty Fun


Cheat codes aren’t very fair. However, they can be a lot of fun, particularly when releases have been built with a wide range of them so that their players can craft the perfect experience for their particular preferences. As such, one can’t help but wish that some games have particular cheat codes.


What Are the Cheat Codes that We Wish Existed for These Games?


Here are some examples of cheat codes that we wish existed:


Iron Man Cheat in Anthem


Anthem is set to come out very soon. For those who are unfamiliar with the premise, Bioware is making an online shooter in much the same manner as Destiny, which will see players putting on suits of power armor. In other words, Bioware is going to be stepping out of its comfort zone in order to go up against entrenched competition, which makes it no wonder that lot of people are looking at it with nervousness because a flop at this point in time could have a very negative impact on its continuing existence.


Regardless, when one sees power armor in modern times, it is a perfectly natural response for an image of Iron Man to pop into mind. Due to this, it would be nice if it was possible to play as Iron Man or rather as someone in the Iron Man suit in Anthem with something as simple as a cheat. Of course, that isn’t something that can happen in the real world, not when the licensing issues mean that it would make much more sense for it to be a piece of DLC, though it isn’t very probable in the first place to say the least.


Cel Shaded Cheat in Marvel’s Spider-Man


In some games, cheats have been used to create different looks for the graphics, which can make for very different feels. For example, Marvel’s Spider-Man already looks great, but it would be interesting if there was a cheat to give it a more cel-shaded look so that it would seem more like a comic book come to life. Once again, this isn’t something that can be realistically expected.







Certainly, it doesn’t have the same licensing issue as the previous suggestion, but a cel-shaded look would mean a lot of extra work in exchange for not a great of benefit. As a result, while a cel-shaded look could look amazing, the chances of something like it making it into a game as a cheat of all things aren’t particularly high because the expenditure of that much time and effort isn’t something that can be justified with ease.


Instant Kill Cheat in Pathfinder: Kingmaker


Pathfinder: Kingmaker is one of the recent releases that have been inspired by Baldur’s Gate and other classic isometric RPGs based on Dungeons & Dragons. Moreover, it can be contended that it might have inherited a bit too much of their fondness for challenging fights, particularly since its characters start out at Level 1. For full context, Level 1 characters in Dungeons & Dragons and related RPGs have very, very low HP, so much so that it is possible for the members of the more fragile classes to go down against angry cats in a fist fight.


Unfortunately, one of the first side-quests in Pathfinder: Kingmaker involves taking on several spiders as well as several spider swarms. For the most part, the spiders are a non-issue. Granted, they are big and they are poisonous, but that just makes them bigger targets. In contrast, while the spider swarms can’t do a lot of damage, their poisoned bites can make their victims weaker by causing stat damage.







Even worse, their nature as a swarm means that they can’t be defeated unless the player has brought either Alchemist’s Fire or something else that can inflict area damage, meaning that it is very easy for an unprepared Level 1 party to get party wiped one stat point at a time. Something that is particularly true because there is actually a second group of spiders that will go on the attack as soon as their predecessors have been dealt with.


As such, one can’t help but wish that Pathfinder: Kingmaker had an instant kill cheat built into it like there was in Baldur’s Gate II. It might not be very sporting, but it was nonetheless a very useful way to skip needlessly difficult fights. Still, Pathfinder: Kingmaker does come with a lot of options that can be tweaked the adjust the difficulty level, which isn’t as good but remains serviceable nonetheless.


Secret Unit Cheat in Total War: Warhammer


Back in Rome: Total War, there was a cheat that could be used to spawn a unit of Oliphaunts, which were pretty much super-sized elephants. Considering that even normal-sized elephants were formidable opponents that could tear through most infantry formations under the right circumstances, it should come as no surprise to learn that Oliphaunts were even more ridiculous in that regard. Due to this, they were pretty fun as far as secret units went, though it helped that their sheer size made them more memorable than otherwise possible.








One can’t help but wish that Total War: Warhammer and its follow-up had something similar. Certainly, Creative Assembly could come up with something interesting on its own, but it should be noted that Warhammer Fantasy Battle had a number of units that weren’t bound to a single faction but could instead be taken by a number of them under the right circumstances.


One excellent example would be the Truthsayers, which were magic users from the pre-Roman Britain-inspired Albion that were opposed by their Chaos-corrupted counterparts in the Dark Emissaries. However, it should be noted that there were a fair number of potential candidates from books such as the Monstrous Arcanum as well. The chances of such a thing happening are either none or next to none, but adding these units as secret units unlockable by using cheats would be a neat way to add them to the Total War: Warhammer games.