Batman: Arkham Origins Cheats



Does Batman: Arkham Origins Have Cheats?


Batman: Arkham Origins was released in 2013. As a result, its secrets have been uncovered for some time, meaning that said information is readily available to interested individuals through a wide range of sources. There is one cheat built into it, which coexists with a number of unlockables.


What Are Some Examples of Cheats and Unlockables?


First, there is a Big Head cheat, which will inflate the heads of both Batman and his enemies. To use it, bring out the cryptographic sequencer. After which, hold down both L1 and R2 before rotating right analogue in a clockwise manner. Continue this until Batman’s head swells up.


Second, there are a couple of new modes that can be unlocked. By beating the game on something besides the Easy setting, it will unlock the New Game Plus mode. On this, the challenges will be tougher, but players will have the full range of items unlocked for their use from the start. Once the players have beaten New Game Plus mode, they will unlock the I Am the Night mode, which essentially means that they will be forced to start all over again if they ever get a game over in it.


Third, interested individuals might want to check out a list of the seven skins that can be found in Batman: Arkham Origins, each of which possesses its own unlock condition. For example, if players want the Dark Knight skin, they are going to need to complete all of the Dark Knight challenges.


Likewise, if they want the Injustice skin, they are going to need to earn all of the medals in Challenge Mode, while if they want the New 52 Graphic skin, they are going to need to complete all of the Most Wanted side missions. Please note that a fair number of the skins are going to need online interactions of some kind or another, which might be an issue for some people out there.


Finally, interested individuals might want to look up a list of the trophies that can be found in Batman: Arkham Origins. Some of them might be pretty simple and straightforward in nature, meaning that they can be unlocked just by playing through the game. However, others are not, which is why a list of trophies can be very useful. For example, there is a Flawless Display trophy that can be earned for beating Shiva without taking any damage whatsoever, which is the kind of thing that could require some practice time.


Another very similar example is the Point Counter-Point trophy that can be earned for finishing up Deathstroke without failing a single counter. However, there are also others such as Point to Point, which requires gliding across the Bridge without ever touching the ground.


Infinite XP and all upgrades


To get 120,000 XP in 15 minutes and be able to buy all upgrades at the beginning of the game, go to Burnley. Go to the indicated location on the rooftop, and let the enemy kill you so you are saved at this location. When you spawn after dying, use the grappling hook to go back to the rooftop, and silent takedown the first three enemies.







Then, silent takedown the fourth enemy with a Knockout Smash (press Square) to get a total of 8,000 XP. After getting the XP and the “Saving…” icon disappears at the bottom of the screen, pause the game and select “Restart” to start from the last checkpoint. Repeat this process as many times as desired.