Resident Evil 2 Cheats And Tips (2019)



The Resident Evil 2 Remake Has Been Released


The Resident Evil 2 remake came out on January 25. As a result, interested individuals have had a fair amount of time with which to uncover its secrets. Unfortunately, there are no indications that the Resident Evil 2 remake comes with cheat codes. However, it comes with plenty of unlockables and other secrets, which should content those who want to find out as much as they can.


What Are Some Unlockables and Other Secrets in the Resident Evil 2 Remake?


For starters, it should be mentioned that the Resident Evil 2 remake has a true ending. Moreover, this true ending can be unlocked in much the same manner as its predecessors, which is actually something that started up in the original version of the game. In short, interested individuals have a couple of methods for unlocking Second Run Mode for the playable characters.


One would be beating the other character’s story on any difficult setting as well as with any rating, while the other would be beating the other character’s Second Run Mode. Regardless, if someone wants to see the true ending, they are going to need to beat Second Run Mode, which means a tougher run that comes complete with an extra boss battle at the end. This can take a fair amount of time and effort, but for most players, it seems safe to say that it will be worth it in the end.


With that said, while there is the satisfaction of seeing the true ending, there is one more reason that people might want to beat Second Run Mode. In short, seeing the true ending is the condition needed to unlock the Fourth Survivor Mode, which is a minigame of sorts that stars the character named Hunk. For those who are unfamiliar, Hunk is an elite member of the Umbrella Corporation’s mercenaries who has a notorious reputation for being the one person to return from his missions but is nonetheless shown to be a consummate professional who is willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of his mission if need be.







The Fourth Survivor Mode sees Hunk moving through the police station as well as the sewers for the purpose of reaching his extraction point, which is complicated by a ridiculous number of zombies as well as some of the toughest enemies in the Resident Evil 2 remake. As such, it can be considered a true test of the player’s skills that have been honed by Second Run Mode because they will need everything that they can bring to bear.


As for the rewards of beating the Fourth Survivor Mode, well, suffice to say that there is one more unlockable mode called Tofu Survivor Mode. In this mode, players take on the role of Mr. Tofu, who is well, a beret-wearing block of tofu that is around the size of a human being. Beating Tofu Survivor Mode will unlock the characters Konjac, Uiro-Mochi, Flan, and Annin, who can be described as brown, green, yellow, and white versions of Mr. Tofu. Amusingly, each of these characters start out with different weapons.


For example, Mr. Tofu has close to an entire inventory of knives, thus enabling him to continue stabbing even when he either breaks or loses them. In contrast, Konjac has heavy weapons, Uiro-Mochi has grenades, Flan has a rocket launcher, while Annin has a gun as well as some extra herbs. Besides this, it should be noted that this particular version of Mr. Tofu is much luckier than his predecessor, seeing as how he escapes his predecessor’s fate of being eaten by Hunk. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for Uiro-Mochi, who winds up becoming lunch instead.


Moving on, there are three special weapons that can be unlocked by meeting certain conditions in a play-through. Securing these special weapons can be pretty important because they are unbreakable weapons that will never run out of ammunition, meaning that they can be indispensable or going through the tougher difficulties. With that said, unlocking these special weapons is not easy, which is why interested individuals might want to unlock them in the order of the Combat Knife, the Samurai Edge Handgun, and the LE-5 Submachine Gun. This is because the unbreakable version of the Combat Knife is the easiest option because it needs nothing more than destroying all of the Mr. Raccoon toys that can be found in the Resident Evil 2 remake.


In contrast, the Samurai Edge Handgun requires a S rank on Standard difficulty, while the LE-5 Submachine Gun requires a S rank on Hardcore difficulty. Since the former can be very useful for unlocking the latter, it makes sense to prioritize its acquisition before moving on to the acquisition of the next special weapon. Besides this, interested individuals might want to complete a few runs before they make the attempt to get a S rank, seeing as how those play-throughs will be invaluable for enabling them to memorize relevant information. Moreover, if they wind up getting killed, they should know that the timer won’t reset if they restart, meaning that if they are using up too much time, they should consider quitting the game and then loading the right save for the best results.


Speaking of secrets, it should be mentioned that the Secret Photo of Rebecca Chambers has managed to make a return in the Resident Evil 2 remake. However, interested individuals shouldn’t expect the original method to work this time around. Instead, they will have to execute a more complicated routine, though considering that the original method consisted of checking Wesker’s desk again and again, this might be the less frustrating version.


Regardless, the process starts with using the T-Bar Handle to open the way to the Worker’s Lift in the Lower Waterway. After which, it will be possible to pick up Film Roll: Hiding Places by proceeding onward. Once the film has been developed, it will become possible to interact with a couple of hidden locations, which will otherwise remain hidden until this step has been completed.


In short, head to the S.T.A.R.S.Office by going through the Library before checking the desk for a Wooden Box that should contain a useful upgrade. Afterwards, look once more for the Film Roll: Rising Rookie, which can be developed for the Secret Photo of Rebecca Chambers from the first Resident Evil.






Other than unlockables and secrets, interested individuals might want to look up some tips as well, which should put them in the right state of mind needed to make good progress in the Resident Evil 2 remake. For starters, while the Resident Evil 2 remake looks a lot like Resident Evil 4 to 6, it is more of a horror game than an action game. As a result, while both Leon and Claire are very competent people, they are not quite capable of tearing through hordes and hordes of zombies at this point in their respective stories.


Gameplay-wise, this means that players should move through areas with care and consideration because rushing in without looking is a good way to get attacked by a surprise zombie from what can seem like nowhere. For that matter, it should be mentioned that ammunition is nowhere near as common as what most players would like, which is why they should ration its use for when the benefit is worthwhile. One example would be zombies in closed-in spaces that will need to be traversed again and again. In contrast, if a zombie is just standing in a wide open space, it might be best to leave them alone in preference for focusing on something much more dangerous in one sense or another.


Moving on, there are a couple of enemies that deserve additional consideration. One would be the Lickers, which have managed to get a buff in the Resident Evil 2 remake. Luckily, they have a serious weakness in that they are blind, meaning that it is possible to sneak past them by walking rather than running. However, if necessary, players shouldn’t hesitate to take them on with grenades, shotguns, and even magnum shots because they are one of the few enemies for which those are perfectly acceptable trade-offs.


Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for handgun ammunition because Lickers are ridiculously durable even by the standards of this game. Speaking of which, the other enemy of note would be the Tyrant (Mr. X), whose appearance should cause the player to choose between fighting, fleeing, and hiding. Between the three, fighting is the worst because the Tyrant can’t be permanently incapacitated by the player, meaning that it should be an option of last resort.







Meanwhile, fleeing for the closest safe room tends to be a better option, though please note that the Tyrant is both relentless and ruthless in its pursuit. Theoretically, it is possible to lose the Tyrant by breaking line of sight in certain rooms, which is very challenging but comes with the bonus of providing the longest Tyrant-free time out of the three options if it can be executed successfully.


All weapon locations


Search the indicated locations to find all 11 collectable weapons in RE2 (2019). Leon and Claire have different weapons. You will find them in the exact same locations, but a different weapon will be there. Claire has one more weapon than Leon (she has an extra in the Parking Garage, where Leon only finds a Weapon Upgrade Part). The weapons can be missed. If you progress past the point of no return (Cable Car ride in Sewers), you cannot obtain the weapons any longer. One weapon with each character is tied to their “B” scenario (“New Game 2nd Run” at the title menu).




    1. [Leon] W-870 Shotgun – 0:05
    2. [Claire] GM 79 Grenade Launcher – 0:44
    3. [Claire] JMB HP3 Pistol – 1:05
    4. [Leon] Lightning Hawk Magnum – 2:07
    5. [Claire] MQ 11 SMG – 5:05
    6. [Leon] Chemical Flamethrower – 5:40
    7. [Claire] Spark Shot – 6:37
    8. [Leon] Anti-Tank Rocket – 7:55
    9. [Claire] Minigun – 8:11
    10. [Leon B Scenario] M19 Pistol – 8:27
    11. [Claire B Scenario] Quickdraw Army Revolver – 8:54

All puzzle solutions


The following video shows the solution to all 18 puzzles in Resident Evil 2 (2019). Each character has two stories (A and B scenario). The solutions are different in each scenario — so this video shows both versions. The Leon A and Claire A scenarios have the same solutions, but the Leon B and Claire B scenarios are different from the A scenarios. These are all story-related puzzles that are mandatory to advance in the game. If you are unsure where to go in between puzzles, refer to the walkthrough or collectibles videos, which includes all key items.




Leon A


      • 1. Lion Statue Medallion Puzzle – 0:05
        2. Unicorn Statue Medallion Puzzle – 0:43
        3. Maiden Statue Medallion Puzzle – 1:13
        4. Goddess Statue Solution – 2:10
        5. [Leon Only] Switchboard (Jail / Generator Room) – 2:47
        6. [Leon Only] Electric Door Panel Circuit (Jail) – 3:03
        7. Queen Plug + King Plug (Sewers) – 3:48
        8. Chess Plugs Socket Puzzle (Monitor Room) – 5:38
        9. Greenhouse Lab Code Puzzle – 7:2210. Drug Testing Lab Herbicide Synthesis – 8:02


Claire A


      • 11. Electric Door Panel Circuit (Private Collection Room) – 9:01
        12. Sherry Bedroom Puzzle – 9:45


Leon and Claire B


    • 13. Lion Statue B – 10:27
      14. Unicorn Statue B – 10:46
      15. Maiden Statue B – 11:10
      16. Chess Plugs Socket Puzzle – 11:32
      17. Greenhouse Lab Code Puzzle – 12:26
      18. Drug Testing Lab Herbicide Synthesis – 13:04





Claire B scenario: Successfully complete the Leon A or B scenario on any difficulty.


Classic Claire and Leon costumes: Successfully complete either the Leon A or Claire A scenario.


Infinite Combat Knife: Destroy all 15 Mr. Raccoons.


LE 5 Submachine Gun with infinite ammo: Successfully complete the game on the Hardcore difficulty with an “S” rank. Note: The time requirement for an “S” rank on the Hardcore difficulty is 2:30:00 for Leon A and Claire A, and 2:00:00 for Leon B and Claire B.


Leon B scenario: Successfully complete the Claire A or B scenario on any difficulty.


Samurai Edge pistol with infinite ammo: Successfully complete the game on the Normal difficulty with an “S” rank. Note: The time requirement for an “S” rank on the Normal difficulty is 3:30:00 for Leon A and Claire A, and 3:00:00 for Leon B and Claire B.