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Interested in Darksiders 3 Secrets?


Darksiders 3 has been out for some time. As a result, people who are curious about its secrets should have no problems finding sources of information about them. Something that should make it much easier for them to unlock its secrets for a superior play-through experience.


How Can You Unlock the Secret Ending of Darksiders 3?


One excellent example of Darksiders 3‘s secrets would be its secret ending, which is a much more satisfactory conclusion to say the least. Luckily, unlocking the secret ending is a simple and straightforward process. However, interested individuals should know that it can be missed, meaning that being informed beforehand is the best method for preventing that particular outcome.


Playing through Darksiders 3 will result in the player meeting the Lord of the Hollows in the normal course of things. Later in the game, players can head to the Scar where they will be able to find a gust of wind. Using their Hollow power, they will be able to ride up the gust of wind, thus enabling them to come upon a new passage. Said passage will lead to a demon named Abraxas.


Upon meeting Abraxas, players will be presented with a choice between either betraying the Lord of the Hollows or killing Abraxas. Since the Lord of the Hollows is supposed to be the eventual gift-giver, it should come as no surprise to learn that the correct option is to kill Abraxas. Please note that Abraxas has a couple of phases. In the first phase, he will attack using variations on a standing combo as well as a one-two combination consisting of a charging attack followed up by a delayed ranged attack with thrown blades.








The easiest way to overcome this is to stay close to Abraxas, exploit his standing combos with well-timed dodges, and not getting carried away when the chance to cause damage comes up. When Abraxas hits 50 percent health, he will get a strength boost as well as new attacks. Once again, a similar strategy should prove useful, though interested individuals should know that being cautious is even more important here because his new attacks can inflict incredible amounts of damage. As such, if they are struggling, they might want to check out some videos to see what works and what doesn’t work before attempting the fight on their own.


Once Abraxas has been killed, collect the Soul of Abraxas and then return to the Lord of the Hollows using a Serpent Hole. There will be an option to either spare or kill said individual. Once again, since the Lord of the Hollows is the gift-giver, the correct option is to spare the character. Players will know that they have made the right choice for the secret ending when they get the achievement called “A Parting Gift.”


All Chunks Of Adamantine locations


Search the indicated locations to find all three Chunks Of Adamantine items, which are rare material that are required to fully upgrade a weapon to Level 10. You only need one chunk to fully upgrade a weapon, but you need to find three to get the “Purity Of Power” achievement.


1. Haven, North End: Face the church from the Serpent Hole and turn left. Go to the giant root and grapple to the root on the opposite side. Use the Fire Hollow and grapple-swing across two more roots to reach a balcony. There is a free Level Up (Luminous Visage) on the balcony. Swing from the balcony, then turn the corner and enter the building. Use the Force Hollow to break through the barrier to find a Chunk Of Adamantine down the stairs inside.


2. Bonelands, Cargo Ship: Cross the acid pool area nearby with the Storm Hollow. On the other side, go left and around to the back of the building with the squid jump pad. Proceed to the back corner of that building and wall-jump up the shaft using Stasis Hollow. Then, switch to the Force Hollow and roll across the magnetic surface. At the end, jump across the floating containers in the acid lake to reach the small island with a Chunk Of Adamantine.


3. Scar: Go up the conveyor belt section using Stasis Hollow, and reach the moving platforms you can ride. Ride to the end, then drop down to the grinders. Use Stasis Hollow to freeze the grinders, and slide down to find a Chunk Of Adamantine. There is also a human collectible on this path.


All Essence Of A Chosen locations


Search the indicated locations to find all Essence Of A Chosen items, which are required to fully upgrade enhancements. One can be purchased from the vendor after defeating the first six Deadly Sins. The other five drop from hidden mini-bosses.


1. Hollows, Molten Cave: Backtrack down the stairs and cross the lowered shortcut bridge. Proceed up the stairs to the left, then go left again to reach a hidden door. Use the crawlspace to reach a switch to open the secret door. Enter the secret door and defeat the mini-boss inside to get an Essence Of A Chosen.


2. Haven, West End: Enter the parking garage, and use Stasis Hollow to climb the elevator shaft. At the top, use Force Hollow to roll across the gap. Defeat the mini-boss inside to get an Essence Of A Chosen.


3. Bonelands, Cargo Ship: Use Storm Hollow to cross the acid lake. Knock down the squid-platform, and move it left to reach the rooftop. Enter the building to find a mini-boss. Defeat it to get an Essence Of A Chosen.


4. The Depths, Forgotten Lake: Enter the water, and sink to the lower left doorway. In this interior, press the switches to open the gate. Go inside and float up. Once you emerge, use Force Hollow to climb the crystal wall. Defeat the mini-boss in the arena to get an Essence Of A Chosen.


5. Scar: Ride the moving hanging platforms, then jump onto the balcony on the left and drop into the arena. Defeat the mini-boss in the arena to get an Essence Of A Chosen.