Spider Man Cheat Codes (PS4)




Are There Cheats in Marvel’s Spider-Man?


There are no cheats that can be found in Marvel’s Spider-Man for the PS4. However, there are plenty of unlockables, which should become much easier to unlock when interested individuals have looked up the unlock conditions. For that matter, there are tips that can be used to make the play experience much more manageable, which is something that some players are bound to be interested in.


What Are Some Suit Unlockables in Marvel’s Spider-Man?


For most players, the most exciting unlockables are bound to be the various Spider-Man suits that can be unlocked by playing through it. Some of these suits come with special abilities that can prove to be very useful under the right circumstances. In contrast, others are more useful because of their visuals, which to be fair, is a perfectly good reason to go for them.


Whatever the case, playing through Marvel’s Spider-Man should enable interested individuals to get these suits eventually, but knowing exactly what they need to do in order to get them should make unlocking specific suits happen sooner rather than later.


Once the beginning mission has been completed, players should be able to start the “Something Old, Something New” mission. Completing this will secure them the damaged version of the Classic Suit, which is an automatic unlock but comes with nothing special to it whatsoever. However, it should be mentioned that an intact version of the Classic Suit is available as well in exchange for two backpacks and two crime tokens.


Some people might be interested in the unlock for its, well, classic look, but there are others who will be more interested because of the ability to jump straight up before webbing everything in sight for effective and efficient crowd control.


Moving on, there are other suits that can be unlocked once the “Something Old, Something New” mission has been completed. For example, the Advanced Suit offers the ability to speed up the generation of focus for a short period of time in exchange for one backpack and two crime tokens.








Likewise, the Scarlet Spider comes with deployable holo decoys that can be used to stun the enemies foolish enough to attack them in exchange for three crime tokens and two landmark tokens, while the Noir Suit will prevent enemies from calling for backup so long as the player is willing to trade two backpacks and two base tokens.


Besides these, there are various suits with very distinctive unlock conditions. One example would be the Dark Suit, which can be had by finding all Black Cat stakeout collectibles but won’t come with any special abilities. Other examples range from the Homemade Suit that is unlocked by collecting all backpacks to the Anti-Ock Suit that is unlocked by completing the “Pax in Bello” mission. The first one has no special ability, but the second has a notable one that will continuously fill up whatever gadget that the player is currently using.


Finally, there are a lot of suits that have level requirements in addition to other unlock conditions, which can come with some pretty useful special abilities. This can be seen in the Spider-Armor Mk. II, which offers temporary immunity from bullets so long as the player is willing to trade in a landmark token as well as a couple of research tokens. However, there are much more impressive suits than that with much more entertaining specials.


One would be the Stark Suit at Level 10, which can be used to call in a Spider-Bro for mid-combat help; while another would be the Iron Spider Suit at Level 31, which comes with four artificial arms for extra pummeling. Please note that the higher the level at which the suit is unlocked, the more tokens that players will need.


With that said, there are a couple of other suits that merit mention as well. First, there is the ESU Suit, which can be unlocked at Level 50 once all 50 secret photo spots have been found. Second, there is the Undies, which can be unlocked upon 100 percent completion. On the whole, the Undies isn’t exactly the most glamorous suit that can be found in the game, but it is interesting in that it comes with the Equalizer.


In short, said special ability makes everyone go down in one hit, which is something that might interest those who are seeking to hone their ability to dodge to absolute perfection as well as those who are looking for a new challenge.


All Suits List


Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding suit for purchase:


Classic Suit (Damaged)


How To Unlock: Successfully complete the “Something Old, Something New” mission, which becomes available after completing the beginning mission.


Special Ability: None.


Advanced Suit (standard costume)


How To Unlock: Successfully complete the “Something Old, Something New” mission (1 backpack, 2 crimes).


Special Ability: Battle Focus – Hybrid biomembrane rapidly generates focus for a short amount of time.


Classic Suit


How To Unlock: Successfully complete the “Something Old, Something New” mission (2 backpacks, 2 crimes).


Special Ability: Web Blossom – Leap into the air and web-shoot anything in sight.


Scarlet Spider


How To Unlock: Successfully complete the “Something Old, Something New” mission (3 crimes, 2 landmarks).


Special Ability: Holo Decoy – Experimental AR tech spawns multiple Holo Decoys that stun attacking enemies before decaying.


Noir Suit


How To Unlock: Successfully complete the “Something Old, Something New” mission (2 backpacks, 2 bases).


Special Ability: Sound Of Silence – Enemies no longer call for backup when alerted.


Anti-Ock Suit


How To Unlock: Obtained during the “Pax In Bello” mission.


Special Ability: Resupply – Distributed nano-mesh continuously refills current gadget’s shots.


Homemade Suit (Homecoming)


How To Unlock: Complete the first Backpack, then find all Backpack collectible in New York.


Special Ability: None.


Dark Suit


How To Unlock: Find all Black Cat stakeout collectibles in New York.


Special Ability: None.


Spider-Armor Mk. II


How To Unlock: Reach Level 5 (1 landmark, 2 research).


Special Ability: Bullet Proof – Magnetically polarized armor plating makes suit temporarily bullet-proof against all enemies, including snipers.


Secret War Suit


How To Unlock: Reach Level 7 (2 backpacks, 1 base, 2 research).


Special Ability: Arms Race – Discharge amplified EMP build-up to stun enemies and disable their weapons.


Stark Suit (Homecoming costume)


How To Unlock: Reach Level 10 (3 crimes, 1 base, 1 research).


Special Ability: Spider-Bro – Call in a Spider-Bro to temporarily aid in combat.


Negative Suit


How To Unlock: Reach Level 11 (2 landmarks, 1 research, 1 base).


Special Ability: Negative Shockwave – Synchronizes nano-mesh particles to unleash a devastating wave of negative energy.


Electrically-Insulated Suit


How To Unlock: Reach Level 13 (1 research, 1 base, 3 crimes).


Special Ability: Electric Punch – Kit bashed high-discharge capacitors temporarily electrify gauntlets, electrifying enemies.




How To Unlock: Reach level 16 (3 crimes, 2 backpacks, 2 landmarks).


Special Ability: Rock Out – Blasts enemies with waves of righteous sound.


Wrestler Suit


How To Unlock: Reach Level 19 (2 base, 2 research, 2 backpacks).


Special Ability: King Of The Ring – Web throw enemies without having to web them up.


Fear Itself Suit


How To Unlock: Reach Level 21 (6 challenges, 2 base, 3 research).


Special Ability: Quad Damage – Assistive nano-musculature temporarily deals massive damage.


Stealth (“Big Time”) Suit


How To Unlock: Reach Level 23 (2 base, 3 landmarks, 4 challenges).


Special Ability: Blur Projector – Create a distortion field that can obscure you from non-alerted enemies’ vision.


Spider-Armor Mk. III Suit


How To Unlock: Reach Level 27 (4 crimes, 2 base).


Special Ability: Titanium Alloy Plates – Dynamic semi-liquid smart metal plates crystalizes to reflect all bullets, except for sniper rounds, back at shooters.


Spider-Man 2099 Black Suit


How To Unlock: Reach Level 29 (4 research, 2 base, 2 crime).


Special Ability: Low Gravity – Decrease gravity while in the air.


Iron Spider Suit (Infinity War)


How To Unlock: Reach Level 31 (4 crimes, 3 bases, 3 challenges).


Special Ability: Iron Arms – Wreak havoc with four artificial arms made from rapidly grown mono-atomic iron alloy crystal.


Velocity Suit


How To Unlock: Reach Level 33 (4 challenges, 2 backpacks, 2 landmarks).


Special Ability: Blitz – Micro-gyros allow for faster sprinting, and real-time momentum-transfer knocks down enemies.


Spider-Armor Mk. IV Suit


How To Unlock: Reach Level 35 (4 challenges, 4 base, 3 landmarks).


Special Ability: Defense Shield – Experimental magnetic weave generates an energy shield that temporarily absorbs all damage.


Spirit Spider


How To Unlock: Reach Level 37 (6 crimes, 6 challenges, 6 base).


Special Ability: Spirit Fire – Channels unstable waves of damaging ethereal fire from… somewhere.


Spider-Man 2099 White Suit


How To Unlock: Reach Level 39 (4 challenge, 4 base, 4 crime).


Special Ability: Concussion Strike – Ventilated concussive technology temporarily sends enemies flying with every attack.


Vintage Comic Book Suit (Cell-Shaded)


How To Unlock: Reach Level 41 (4 challenge, 4 crime, 4 backpack).


Special Ability: Quips – Insult your enemies’ pride.


Last Stand Suit


How To Unlock: Reach Level 45 (20 crimes).


Special Ability: Unrelenting Fury – Enemies cannot block or interrupt your attacks, even if they have shields.


ESU Suit


How To Unlock: Reach Level 50, then find all 50 secret photo spots.


Special Ability: None.




How To Unlock: Reach 100% completion.


Special Ability: Equalizer – Everyone goes down in one hit, including you.







All Black Cat Stakeout locations and solutions


There are 12 Black Cat Stakeouts in Marvel’s Spider-Man. The video below shows the locations and solutions to all of them. The first one is part of the story and unmissable. The remaining 11 get marked on the map. However, the hard part is finding Black Cat’s hidden dolls that are scattered around the city.


Once you reach the photo spot, you must find the hidden doll in the viewable area. After collecting all of them, you must find Black Cat’s hideout, which is shown on the map from a quest marker. Once you find Black Cat’s hideout, you will get the Dark Suit and “Cat Prints” trophy.









All lab puzzle solutions


In Marvel’s Spider-Man, you can go to the lab at Octavius Industries and complete ten Spectrograph Research Projects and ten Circuit Projects. These are short puzzles that require you to find DNA sequences and wire electric circuits. You earn XP, Research tokens, and the “A Bit Of A Fixer-Upper” trophy as rewards. Additional projects become unlocked throughout the main story. Complete all story missions to unlock all projects. After completing the story, you can still go back to the lab in free-roam mode to complete the missing projects.




    Spectrograph Project 1: Material Candidate Test L37 – 0:48
    SpectrographProject 2: Material Candidate Test X23 – 1:17
    Spectrograph Project 3: Material Candidate Test B62 – 2:10
    Spectrograph Project 4: Material Candidate Test V13 – 2:57
    Spectrograph Project 5: Material Candidate Test C06 – 3:51
    Spectrograph Project 6: Material Candidate Test V77 – 4:57
    Spectrograph Project 7: Material Candidate Test S12 – 5:43
    Spectrograph Project 8: Material Candidate Test R80 – 6:38
    Spectrograph Project 9: Material Candidate Test X09 – 7:32
    Spectrograph Project 10: Material Candidate Test P12 – 8:31
    Circuit Project 1: Actuator Precision – 9:16
    Circuit Project 2: Minimal Grip Force – 9:51
    Circuit Project 3: Spatial Mapping – 10:15
    Circuit Project 4: Balance Compensation – 10:36
    Circuit Project 5: Power Efficiency – 11:30
    Circuit Project 6: Microbable Calibration – 12:23
    Circuit Project 7: Machine Learning Sub-System – 13:06
    Circuit Project 8: Stage 1 Intracranial Interface – 13:57
    Circuit Project 9: Stage 2 Intracranial Interface – 14:53
    Circuit Project 10: Precision Targeting – 15:28






What Are Some Tips and Tricks for Marvel’s Spider-Man?


Other than unlockables, players might want to check out some of the tips that can make their play experience that much easier. They aren’t as good as actual cheats, but they should nonetheless help speed up things.


For starters, there is a faster way to grind XP than just playing through the game. It isn’t as good as some of the other XP grinding tricks that can be found in other games, but it is still much better than nothing at all. In short, once the Fisk Hideout Construction mission has been completed, it is possible to replay the mission as many time as desired by going to Greenwich. Each completion should result in the mission XP, which comes with an additional 2,500 XP after speaking with Yuri. The bonus objectives are not necessary for securing this XP, which should help interested individuals cut down their time use to some extent.


There are other tips and tricks that might prove useful. For example, sending enemies into the air can be a good way to avoid getting swarmed on the ground. Likewise, it might be a good way to avoid fast travel via the subway because going the long way can be useful for picking up various collectibles. More information is available out there for those who want it, meaning that if people are still desirous of help for Marvel’s Spider-Man, they shouldn’t hesitate to conduct a quick search for it.