Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus Cheat Codes




Are There Cheat Codes in Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus?


There are no cheat codes that can be found in Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. However, there are other secrets that can be unlocked in it, which might interest those who are curious about the exact contents of the game.


What Are Some Interesting Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus?


Here is some information that is sure to prove useful for people seeking to uncover as much of Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus as possible:


Secret Mission


There is one secret mission of sorts called “Riverside.” In short, interested individuals will have to complete all of the Ubercommander missions as well as collect all but one of the Death Cards. In exchange, they will get the chance to pick up that last Death Card by heading into a bunker complex. On the whole, the mission is situated in a rather unusual setting, which is very barebones in most respects.


However, players should nonetheless expect to go up against an Ubercommander guarded by a giant robot. Once they have come out on top, they will be able to look out on the ruins of the Statue of Liberty, which is perhaps the single most interesting sight that the mission has to offer.







Grinding Enigma Codes


Speaking of which, players are going to need a fair number of Enigma Codes, which can be collected from commanders in the stealth sections of the game. For a convenient way to grind these items, go to the “Manhattan, Penthouse District” mission on the war map after beating it for the first time. Be sure to choose the lowest difficulty.


After which, go straight to the two commanders that can be found on the mission, kill them for their Enigma Codes, and then leave the map without having to care about taking damage from the other enemies found upon it. It is still going to take some time to collect enough Enigma Codes, but out of the potential methods, this is one of the most time-efficient.


Be Willing to Switch Difficulties


On a related note, interested individuals would do well to switch difficulty whenever they run into a section of the game that frustrates them. After all, they can switch difficulty at any time. Moreover, they can always come back to that section later once they have managed to get a better grasp on the gameplay.


Wolfstone 3D


In the Eva’s Hammer hub, there is Club Kreissau, which contains the Wolfstone 3D game. Whenever the player returns between missions, they will be able to play a new level in it. Please note that that game has the player taking on the role of a Nazi agent fighting “anarchist” rebels. For playing Wolfstone 3D, interested individuals can expect to collect the “Retro” achievement. Those who are unfamiliar with the original game should know that Wolfstone 3D is the original Wolfenstein but with some adjustments made to suit its in-setting circumstances.


Easy “First Loser” trophy


The Killhouse is found on the top floor of the shooting range in “Eva’s Hammer” (hub area). You can do this after completing the story, as it is not accessible from the start. To view the target time, check the board at the entrance of the shooting range (should be 0:48, but it can differ). Pull the sparking lever (upstairs in the shooting range) to start the Killhouse.


It is an obstacle course with training targets. Shoot all the training targets and complete the course as quickly as possible. Hit the screen at the end to lock in your time. If you miss a target, you get a time penalty. It is easiest to use a shotgun, but any weapon will work. There is an unlimited supply of ammo in the shooting range (pistol ammo is downstairs, all other ammo upstairs). You can restock before each try.


All contraption locations


Search the indicated locations to find all three Contraptions (Battle Walker, Ram Shackles, and Constrictor). Approximately halfway through the story, you can choose one of the three contraptions (the other two have to be found through the world map on Eva’s Hammer). Once you have one of the three contraptions, you can do a side mission for it to unlock its special ability.






Fergus’ Arm location


If you chose to save Fergus Reid, you will have to find his arm after a party during the story. To find Fergus’ Arm, walk around Eva’s Hammer and talk to people until you can narrow the arm’s location down to the hangar. Walk up to the top floor and look for two boxes that block the way to a vent. Use your energy weapon to shoot holes into the boxes, then follow the vent until you find Fergus’ Arm. Return to Fergus Reid and give him back his arm to complete the quest.


Stuck on Venus with Constrictor Harness solution


If you chose the Constrictor Harness come to Venus, it is likely that you will get stuck during “Enter The Oberkommando” on the 10th floor. The last part on Venus requires the use of one of the contraptions in the game. Battle Walker and Ram Shackles are very obvious, but if you only have the constrictor harness, it can get a bit confusing because the crouching solution is a bit off. The solution is to just crawl through the narrow spaces, either left or right from the breakable door. This can easily be missed due to the faulty crawling detection in this area. You have look a bit to the side in order to trigger the constrictor harness crawl. If you crouch and look straight ahead, you just walk against the wall.


All record locations


Search the indicated locations to find all ten records and get the “Audiophile” achievement. Unlike Max’s Toys, the records can all be collected during the main story. If you do miss a record, you can use the Enigma Machine to unlock areas to replay and collect missing items, like the records.





    1. Harbor – 00:31
    2. Ruins – 01:11
    3. Penthouse – 01:43
    4. Bunker – 02:10


    5. Downtown – 02:56
    6. Underground – 03:30

New Orleans

    7. Wall – 03:58
    8. Lakeview – 04:36



    9. Habitat – 05:10
    10. Oberkommando – 05:32





Weapon upgrade kit locations


Search the indicated locations to find the weapon upgrade kits, which allow you to improve each standard weapons three times. Almost all weapon upgrade kits can be collected during the main story.





    1. Harbor – 00:03
    2. Subway – 00:57
    3. Ruins – 01:24
    4. Penthouse – 02:01
    5. Bunker – 02:18
    6. Bunker – 02:39


    7. Downtown – 03:09 (only in Uberkommandant mission)
    8. Underground – 03:55


    9. Farmhouse – 04:17

Eva’s Hammer

    10. Shooting Range – 04:36 (after first contraption)

New Orleans

    11. Wall – 05:05
    12. Ghetto – 05:37
    13. Bienville – 06:11
    14. Lakeview – 06:40


    15. Habitat – 07:20
    16. Transporthalle – 07:43
    17. Oberkommando – 08:24