Far Cry New Dawn Cheat Codes




No Cheats But There Are Unlockables


There are cheats for Far Cry: New Dawn. However, there are plenty of unlockables as well as other pieces of information that might interest players.


What Are Some Examples of Information of Interest?


Here are some examples:


Two Endings


This time around, Far Cry: New Dawn has a couple of endings, which can be considered the “Good Ending” and the “Bad Ending.” Fortunately, choosing between these endings is as simple as choosing to either shoot Joseph Seed to get the “Good Ending” or refuse to shoot him to get the “Bad Ending.”







Sam Fisher Outfit


People who remember Splinter Cell might be interested in the Sam Fisher outfit. In short, head out on the Government Plane Wreck expedition. Look for a plane wreck that has rusted brown but still has a blue ladder leading up to it. Head inside, interact with a laptop that can be found on the ground level, and then head up to the upper level to find the outfit in the vault.







Focus on Ethanol


Players who want to upgrade their base of operations are going to need ethanol, which is one of the most important resources in the entire game. The most common method for securing more ethanol would be liberating outposts. However, interested individuals should pay close attention to two other sources. First, there are tanker trucks that can be destroyed for some ethanol, though the better option would be capturing them and returning them to either Prosperity or a liberated outpost. Second, watch out for planes dropping off fresh supplies of ethanol, though be warned that this will mean a fight because the Highwaymen will be heading towards said supply drops as well.


Loot As Much As Possible


Perhaps unsurprisingly, Far Cry: New Dawn encourages players to loot as much as possible. This is because there are a lot of potential upgrades out there, meaning that interested individuals are going to need a lot of materials to cover them. As such, if they see something, they shouldn’t hesitate to pick it up so that they won’t be short on supplies when they have a particular upgrade in mind.


You Can Follow Animals to Their Den


In Far Cry: New Dawn, it is possible to track animals back to their dens. On its own, this is neat. However, the real reason that players will want to do so is because some of these dens contain the loot that the animals have picked up, thus making them nice catches of supplies for interested individuals. On top of that, players might want to take out the animals as well. Hunting animals isn’t the most efficient option that can be found in the game. However, animal meat as well as animal pelts can nonetheless be exchanged for crafting materials via traders.


All animal locations


Search the indicated locations to find all 25 animals required for the “Master Skinner” trophy. You can buy maps for the animals at the Cartography center. However, there are no maps sold for the following seven animals: Skunk, Rattlesnake, Hare, Cattle, Crocodile, Shark, and Bull. Those animals are mostly found during expeditions.


Always bring “Timber” (companion dog) with you to the hunt, as he will mark nearby animals for you. Make sure to skin the animals after killing them for it to count towards the “Master Skinner” trophy. In the inventory menu, you can check which skins you have collected. Note: Birds and some animals that do not give skins (goats, sheep, turkeys) are not required.




    1. Deer – 0:05
    2. Pronghorn – 0:31
    3. Skunk – 0:53
    4. Rattlesnake – 1:50
    5. Hare – 2:17
    6. Wild Dog – 3:51
    7. Cattle – 4:12
    8. Elk – 5:18
    9. Caribou – 5:35
    10. Boar – 5:56
    11. Wolverine – 6:21
    12. Wolf – 6:44
    13. Crocodile – 7:06
    14. Shark – 7:44
    15. Demon Fish – 8:33
    16. Bull – 8:55
    17. Bison – 9:12
    18. Moose – 9:37
    19. Black Bear – 10:15
    20. Grizzly Bear – 10:31
    21. Cougar – 10:53
    22. Monstrous Bison – 11:19
    23. Monstrous Boar – 11:42
    24. Monstrous Bear – 12:11
    25. Monstrous Cougar – 13:04