Left Alive PS4




Left Alive PS4 Launch Trailer


The release of Left Alive is imminent. In fact, it is set to be released for Japanese fans on the PS4 on February 28. Meanwhile, interested individuals in the west will have to wait until March 5, though there is some consolation in the fact that the western version will be coming out for both the PC and the PS4. Regardless, for those who are unfamiliar with Left Alive, it is a new shooter set in the Front Mission setting, which tends to be better-known for mech-on-mech fighting.


However, while Left Alive will be putting a fair amount of emphasis on stealth as well as close quarters combat, mech-on-mech action is still very much part of the game, meaning that interested individuals will have the chance to take both a hammer and a scalpel to the situations that confront them.


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