Crackdown 3 Cheat Codes




Looking for Crackdown 3 Cheats?


There might be no cheat codes for Crackdown 3, but there are plenty of useful tips that might prove useful for people seeking to get the most out of their play-through experience.






What Are Some Useful Tips for Crackdown 3?


Here are some examples:


The Decimator, the Homing Rocket, and the Mass Driver


It is possible to pick up some very powerful weapons from the start of the game. First, there is the Decimator, which can be found behind the bargain store on the east side of Picker’s Pen. Second, there is the Homing Rocket, which can be found under the Containment Zone open containers that are situated on the border of the Dumping Grounds. Third, there is the Mass Driver, which can be found between a couple of billboards to the north of the covered road in the Dumping Grounds. Please note that players should head to these locations in vehicles instead of going on foot. Should they choose to go on foot, there is a good chance that they will be swarmed by enemies that are more powerful than what they can handle at the start of the game.







Bring a Balanced Mix of Weapons


Crackdown 3 is designed so that each weapon has both strengths and weaknesses when used against particular enemies. For instance, an energy weapon might be a great option when going up against robots, but it isn’t going to be as efficient as a shotgun if the player is planning to tear through a cluster of human enemies. Due to this, interested individuals might want to bring a balanced mix of weapons with them instead of becoming too reliant on a single one, thus ensuring that they will be prepared for a wide range of scenarios. For that matter, they might want to memorize which weapons are most suitable for which enemies, though chances are good that they will automatically memorize that information as they play through the game.


Go Orb Hunting


Going Orb hunting is something that Crackdown 3 players should get to sooner rather than later. In part, this is because Orbs can be found in some pretty unexpected places, meaning that Orb hunting can help interested individuals familiarize themselves with the full range of their character’s capabilities in the game. However, it should also be noted that Orbs are used for upgrades, meaning that Orb hunting has a very direct pay-off in the form of a stronger and otherwise more capable character.


Choose Between Different Agents


On a final note, it can be worthwhile to look through some of the other agents that are available in Crackdown 3. Their bonuses can make specific agents much better-suited for players with compatible play-styles than the rest, meaning that some experimentation can produce excellent improvements in player performance.


All characters


Collect the indicated DNA Orbs found throughout city to unlock all 15 agents in the game. Each unlockable agent has special enhancements that are unique to them. Note: All DNA Orbs can be collected at the start of the game.


1. Marshall – The Exchange: It is found on a rooftop in the southwest corner.


2. Anderson – Founder’s Footsteps: It is found east of the Exchange Station, on the eastern shore.


3. Nikias – Khan’s Scar: It is found on the tall southwestern edge of the huge base facing the ocean.


4. Varma – Dumping Grounds: It is found under a greenhouse dome along the shore.


5. Hicks – Picker’s Pen: It is found on the eastern side, next to the “Bootleg Bargains” store.


6. Lazar – Sulphur Spits: It is found at the top of the dirt mound in the center of the zone.


7. Petrov – The Refinery: It is found inside the giant statue on the tall pavilion.


8. Schmidt – Ashwood Marina: It is found on one of the glowing red structures near the shoreline.


9. Baresi – Ashwood Marina: It is found on the large overhang above the race track bleachers.


10. Cuan – Ashwood Marina: It is found on the toxic island in the middle of the small lake bordering the race track.


11. Mensah – The Vision: It is found on the tallest building. Climb to the top of it, then look for a smaller structure you can drop down to from above that is not possible to scale.


12. Walker – Southern Heights: Spawn at the Supply Point and look on the shore, past the bridge.


13. Gadise – Southern Heights: It is found on a tall building on the west side of the zone. Climb to the top of the tall Media Center building, then jump to the smaller rooftop from above.


14. Ramos – New Pantheon: At the Terranova HQ Supply Point, turn left and look down to see three buildings far below. Drop down on to the tallest of the three buildings, and cushion your fall with double-jumps to reach the building with the DNA Orb.


15. Bartrom – Oasis Precinct: It is found near the highway tunnel.