Dead or Alive 6 Cheat Codes and Tips




What Are Some Unlockables for Dead or Alive 6?


For starters, Dead or Alive 6 has a Legend difficulty for its arcade mode, which can be unlocked as soon as the player reaches Level 35. Furthermore, once the player has completed Command Training with Kasumi, they can change the system voice to use Kasumi’s voice rather than the standard voice.






What Are Some Tips for Dead or Alive 6?


Here are some tips for Dead or Alive 6:


Check Frame Data in Training Mode


It is possible to check frame data for various moves in the training mode. As for why players would want to look up such information, well, it can be very useful for them to know which moves have the shortest start-up time as well as the shortest cool-down time. Generally speaking, these moves are one and the same, but there are exceptions to this rule, which is why scrutinizing the frame data can be so important.



Dead or Alive 6 Cheat Codes and Tips




There Is a Standard Combo Sequence


There is a standard combo sequence that can be summed up as stunner, filler, launcher, filler, and ender. Essentially, this means hitting the opponent with a stunner, pummeling them until the stun bar is on the verge of running out, launching them into the air, pummeling them until the opponent is on the verge of falling to the ground, and then smashing them with the most powerful or otherwise advantageous move that can be found. By following this basic sequence, players should be able to get much more damage in than if they just resort to pummeling the opponent while they are stunned.







Heavier Characters Fall Faster


Be warned that different characters with different weights will fall at different speeds. As a result, there is a real trade-off between lighter and heavier characters. On the one hand, a lighter character is faster; on the other hand, a lighter character will spend more time in the air when the player messes up. Due to this, players should have different fillers for different weights so that they can get the most damage out of their combo opportunities.


Don’t Stick to the Same Wakeup Option


Humans are good at basic pattern recognition. Due to this, using the same wakeup option again and again is just asking to get punished by the other player. Instead, players should use different wakeup options to make themselves less predictable. However, if they can predict what action their opponent will take, they should go with whatever wakeup option is best for taking advantage of their prediction.




dead or alive 6 wake up option




Moving Isn’t Always the Best Option


No one likes staying still in fighting games. However, there are times when the best move is to make no move because moving will play right into the opponent’s plans. When this is the case, wait for the opponent to move out of their advantageous position before moving to punish them for their mistake.


Legend difficulty in Arcade mode


Reach Player Level 35 to unlock the Legend difficulty in Arcade mode.


Character system voices


Successfully complete Command Training with any character to unlock his or her voice as the game’s system voice (announcer).


Getting desired unlockables


Successfully complete the first two star marked reward missions for any desired trial in Quest mode, but do not complete the third star marked mission. After completing the trial, the game will automatically autosave after you exit the battle results/victory pose screen. Then, replay that trial again and complete the three star mission.


Once the battle win victory screen appears, do not exit the screen. Check to see which costume patterns were unlocked. If it is for a character you do not care about, immediately exit/reset the game. Start the game again and repeat this process until you get the desired quest rewards. Note: This is possible because the game does not autosave on the victory win screen and costumes are random.