Overwatch Cheats And Tips




Want to Get Better at Overwatch?


Overwatch can get pretty competitive. As a result, it is perfectly understandable for even casual players to want to get better by using these tips and more.


Keep These Tips in Mind


Here are some important tips to keep in mind:


Learn to Play More Than One Role


Learning to play more than one role can be very helpful for more than one reason. First, it makes interested individuals more familiar with various characters’ strengths and weaknesses, thus making them better at countering said characters as well as working with said characters. Second, an Overwatch team should be more than the sum of its parts, which is very much reliant on various players in various roles being capable of coming together.




Overwatch Cheats And Tips




When someone else wants to stick with their favorite character no matter what, interested individuals might have to step up to take one for the team. Third, being capable of playing more than one role makes the team stronger by opening up more options, thus making it that much more difficult for it to be countered by its opponents.


Go Around


Sometimes, Overwatch teams will get stymied at a particular location by their enemies. It can be tempting to smash through such opposition with brute force, but that tends to be suboptimal because it means playing into the other team’s hands. Instead, interested individuals should use an alternate route to attack their enemies from another angle.


In fact, they should be seeking to flank their enemies as much as possible because surprised enemies make for very poor opposition. Naturally, flanking is much, much easier when interested individuals have memorized the maps, meaning that this should be something of a priority for those who want to improve.


Bring Friends


One of the core principles of strategy is bringing more people to the fight than the other side. As a result, interested individuals should do their best to outnumber their enemies while avoiding being outnumbered themselves, which is why they shouldn’t head out on their own. For that matter, even when people are playing characters that are meant to operate on their own, they should still be coordinating their efforts with their allies because distracted enemies make for much easier targets.




Overwatch Cheats And Tips




Never Stand Still


Snipers are very, very dangerous in Overwatch for much the same reason that they pose such a threat in other online shooters, which is to say, interested individuals can never be confident that they are not in someone else’s sights. There are a number of potential solutions for this particular problem, but the simplest and most straightforward is for people to keep on moving.







The more that they keep moving, the harder it will be for their enemies to take the shoot. Moreover, interested individuals might want to mix up their movement patterns as well because predictability isn’t that much better than standing still.


Peeking around corners without getting shot


Go into an emote for third person to peek around corners without getting shot.


Hiding behind turret shield


If a Bastion is on your team, you can hide behind their turret shield. It can be a good place for Torbjorn’s turret, or crouching snipers.


More effective rockets with 76


While playing as 76, aim rockets at feet for splash damage instead of missing.


More effective ultimate with D.Va


While playing as D.Va, shoot your ultimate into the air over an objective or enemies instead of straight into an objective or enemies so they cannot dodge it as easily. Make sure it rains down and explodes mid-air.


Attracting attention of enemies with Lucio


While play as Lucio, you can wall ride to reach high points in the map, making enemies look up at you while your team kills them.


Engaging effectively on offense


Use the following tips to more effectively engage enemies on offense and give your team an advantage:


  • Always try attacking enemies as a team and not alone. Especially avoid 1v2 and 1v3 engagements against the enemy.
  • If multiple players are killed on your team and you are still alive, retreat and regroup with your team before attacking again.
  • If you are at an enemy choke point, try focusing on killing just one or two enemies and then immediately attack so you have a 6v5 or 6v4 advantage. Do not hesitate on attacking and pushing forward when you have the one or two player advantage.
  • If you are having trouble getting past a certain point while on offense, try waiting until one or two of the players on the team have a strong ultimate available that can help your team push past the point.


Engaging effectively on defense


Use the following tips to more effectively engage enemies on defense and give your team an advantage:


  • Do not attack the enemy right outside their spawn. If you die, they will be back in the fight much quicker than you due to you having to spawn further away. This is especially important at the beginning of a match.
  • Engage the enemy at a choke point where you have the advantage. It is best to also have the height advantage while defending a point. For example, while on defense on the Route 66 map, do not defend the payload near the enemy spawn. Setup and initially defend around the corner on top of and around Big Earl’s Gas. The enemy will then be further from their spawn and you will be closer to your spawn and have a better overall advantage compared to defending near their spawn.