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How Can You Master Nier Automata?


There is a simple and straightforward solution for mastering Nier Automata. In short, interested individuals can play it until they have seen everything, which should be more than enough time for them to hone their skills to perfection in the process. However, there are plenty of tips that can be used to make said process more efficient than otherwise possible.


What Are Some Useful Nier Automata Tips?


Here are some useful tips for Nier Automata:


The Beginning Might Be the Biggest Challenge


For a lot of people, the beginning might be the biggest challenge that can be found in the whole of Nier Automata. Sure, there are bigger challenges to come, but players will be in a much better position to handle them when that happens. Meanwhile, newcomers are going to get tossed into a lot of action with a lot of unfamiliar mechanics, which can be particularly brutal because they are going to need to restart if they manage to get killed in this first phase of the game. As such, if players can get to the first save point, they should have faith that they will be able to get through the rest of the game just fine so long as they make enough of an effort.


Have Different Chip Configurations for Different Purposes


Skills come in the form of chips that take up precious space. Unfortunately, this is true for even basic functions such as health status and the markers for mission objectives on the map, meaning that there are some serious trade-offs when choosing between these chips. With that said, there is one consolation in that Nier Automata has the option to save multiple chip configurations, which is why at the very least, interested individuals should have one saved chip configuration for combat and one saved chip configuration for exploration. Suffice to say that this will make their play experience much smoother than otherwise possible.


Patience Isn’t Always a Virtue


Patience is often a virtue in action games. After all, one of the most common patterns for boss battles is observing the boss to learn their patterns, avoiding their painful but very telegraphed attacks, getting in to do some damage, and then getting out before the boss can retaliate. Patience can be very important in Nier Automata, but there are some cases in which the correct response is to launch an all-out assault as fast as possible, whether because players need to kill a swarm of enemies before they are overrun or because players need to beat their enemies into the ground before they become too powerful for that to be practical.


Exploration Is Important


On a final note, RPGs being RPGs, it should come as no surprise to learn that exploration is a must for people who want to uncover more loot and more missions. Said process can be time-consuming, but in the end, it will prove to have been more than worth it.


Arcade mode


Successfully complete the game and start a second playthrough on Route B after returning to the Bunker. Then, go to the access point to unlock the Arcade, which allows you to replay hacking mini-games.


Debug mode


Successfully complete all three stories (2B, 9S, and A2) to unlock Debug mode. A confirmation message will appear with the command to enter Debug mode after completing the A2 story.


Alternate endings


Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding ending. There are a total of 26 endings, with endings A-E being the normal endings and endings F-Z the comical endings.


Ending A – One Battle Ends: Successfully complete the game.


Ending B – Or Not To Be: Load the save date after getting Ending A, then complete the game again.


Ending C – Meaningless Code: Load the save date after getting Ending B. When A2 and 9S confront one another in the final battle during your third playthrough, select A2. Defeat 9S, then traverse the area to reunite with him. Watch the credits play.


Ending D – Childhoods End: Load the save date after getting Ending B. When A2 and 9S confront one another in the final battle during your third playthrough, select 9S. Defeat A2, then select “I’ll go with you” in the text section. Watch the credits play.


Ending E – End Of Yorha: This is a continuation of Ending C or D. When A2 and 9S confront one another in the final battle, select 9S or A2. Complete the battle and watch the credits play. Select “Yes” for all the questions that appear, then complete the credits mini-game.


Ending F – Mission Failed: During the battle against the Goliath in Chapter 01-03_2 on your second playthrough, hack the machine with attack units and wait until the time runs out.


Ending G – Hungry For Knowledge: After gaining control of 9S for the first time during your second playthrough, instead of entering the Flight Unit, jump on the crane past the chest. Then, jump onto the catwalk to the right.


Ending H – A Mountain Too High: When approaching the Goliath in Chapter 05-03, do not enter the Flight Unit. On the bridge, retreat from the battle to escape.


Ending I – No I In Team: After the battle against Adam in Chapter 08-01_2, do not approach 9S on the ground. Instead, go toward the Copied City exit.


Ending J – Bad Judgement: Attack the priest that leads you through the factory in Chapter 09-02_3.


Ending K – Aji Wo Kutta: At the Desert Camp after meeting with Jackass, fish at the coast until you catch a mackerel, then consume the mackerel from your item menu.


Ending L – Lone Wolf: When the Sphere boss fight begins in Chapter 10-02, run into the crater in the center of the area.


Ending M – Break Time: While playing as A2 in Chapter 14-03, do not enter Pascal’s Village. Instead of following the objective, retreat toward the bridge.


Ending N – No Man’s Village: Destroy all the machines in Pascal’s Village in Chapter 07-02.


Ending O – Just You And Me: After landing in Chapter 11-04 during your third playthrough, do not help the YoRHa. Run away toward the middle of the area.


Ending P – Corruption: During your third playthrough in Chapter 11-06, let 2B die while having the virus.


Ending Q – Questionable Actions: At the start of Chapter 11-07 during your third playthrough, do not go toward 2B and instead retreat.


Ending R – Maverick: Destroy the last robots at the Abandoned Factory in Chapter 14-05. This includes attempting to destroy Pascal.


Ending S – City Escape: During your third playthrough in Chapter 17-01, run away from Popola and Devola after the tower section begins.


Ending T – Fatal Error: At any point during the game, open your menu and select the “Skills” tab. Select “Plug-in Chips”, “Destroy Chip”, “Equipped Chip”, “OS Chip”. Selecting this will display the following warning: “An android’s central system. Removal means death.” Remove the OS Chip to reboot.


Ending U – Debunked: At any point once you gain access to the Bunker, use the self-destruct command (press L3 + R3) inside the Bunker.


Ending V – Reckless Bravery: In Chapter 17-01, help Devola and Popola, but do not hack the tower. Just wait and do nothing.


Ending W – Broken Wings: Let the robots kill 9S during Chapter 01-03_02 (Ace Combat Arcade).


Ending X – Time To Relax: At the end of Chapter 11-06, ignore the YoRHa when you control A2. Run away from the fight across the bridge.


Ending Y – Heady Battle: Make Emil self-destruct during “Emil’s Determination”.


Ending Z – Overzealous: After rescuing Pascal in Chapter 14-01, choose to destroy her.





Secret Dragoon Lance spear


After completing the main story quest in the Forest area (Chapter 6_3) and are traveling towards the castle, you can find the hidden Dragoon Lance spear inside a chest in a secret cave next to a waterfall and Lunar Tear, at the following location. Its stats at Level 1 are 250-260 attack and Lt 3 Hv 2 combo.





Secret Engine Blade from Final Fantasy 15


The Engine Blade from Final Fantasy XV can be found in the Factory during the “Twisted Religion” mission, near the end of the main story. After entering the Factory with Pascal, fight through a large portion of the underground factory. Follow the straight forward path until you reach a conveyor belt with hydraulic presses. Proceed through it and run up the first set of stairs. You will then see a small platform (before the second set of stairs) where you can jump onto the tops of the same hydraulic presses. Jump all the way to the left to find the Engine Blade in a chest. The Engine Blade stats at Level 1 are 160-200 attack and Lt 5 Hv 3 combo.





Secret Phoenix Dagger sword


Travel to “City Ruins: Near The Tower”, and turn right just before you cross the bridge, at the following location. There is a narrow way down the rocks to an elevator that takes you to the bottom. You will encounter lots of enemies at the bottom, but none of them are too difficult and you can just run past them. Once the elevator reaches the bottom, proceed left until you reach the water to find a couple of chests on the right side. One of them contains the hidden Phoenix Dagger small sword. Its stats at Level 1 are 130-190 attack and Lt 4 Hv 2 combo.





Secret Virtuous Dignity samurai spear


Not far from the Resistance Camp in the Amusement Park area (Chapter 4_1) is a ladder that goes down into the sewer. Proceed straight forward from the following location to find the sewer entrance. After sliding down the ladder into the sewer, process forward and turn right. Continue forward and take the second left. Proceed forward and climb up the first ladder on the right to find the hidden Virtuous Dignity samurai spear at the top in a small cave. Its stats at Level 1 are 220-240 attack and Lt 3 Hv 2 combo.





Extra weapon slots


Collect the two additional Assault Pods from the indicated locations to unlock extra weapon inventory slots and get the “Pod Hunter” trophy:


1. From the Desert: Center vendor, travel toward the Desert: Camp location. While moving northwest, look on the side of one of the dunes at the following location to find it in the sand. It is difficult to spot. On the map, it is on the outer edge of the “Desert: Center” circle, along the northeast edge.


2. In the Flooded City: Coast area, travel to the water’s edge around the following location to begin fishing. Cast your line a few times and reel in as soon as the pod dives underwater to eventually get an Assault Pod instead of a fish.


Secret Level 4 blacksmith


To find the only blacksmith (Masamune) that can upgrade weapons to Level 4, you first need access to the Forest Castle. This area can be revisited later. In the Forest Castle: Royal Chamber, go right to find the exterior broken bridge. Drop down through the hole in the bridge to land on the walkway below. Move left and interact with the wall to discover a hidden block.


Pull it back to reveal a secret path to the blacksmith. This blacksmith can upgrade Level 3 weapons to Level 4 for 10,000 per upgrade. His store carries the following three weapons: Machine Sword, Machine Axe, and Machine Spear. These are all weapons wielded by machine lifeform enemies.


Secret Emil battle


Emil is one of the surviving characters from the original NieR. He returns in NieR: Automata as a traveling item shop on wheels. He is located near the Desert Zone entrance from the City Ruins: Center area. Shoot him once with your blaster to stop him and purchase items. Go to Emil’s house near the City Ruins: Center crater. There is a large sewer pipe sticking out of the crater wall, with water flowing out of it. Jump inside and use the elevator to find Emil’s house. Emil’s house will only open after you have completed the “Lunar Tears” side quest. The solution to that side quest can be found under the “Easy “Lunar Tear” trophy”.


Loot the treasure chest in the final room of the black cave. Once you reach the house with all the Emil faces, take one of the masks on the display. Return to Emil and talk to him. You can find him driving around the Desert Zone entrance from the City Ruins: Center area. After exiting his shop, Emil will complain that someone is stealing from his house. Go back to his house a second time with 9S to find a treasure chest inside. Hack into it with 9S to take what is inside. As you leave, Emil will ambush you in the dark chamber outside his house to start the secret Boss battle. Emil is Level 99 — so you must be high level to damage him. You also cannot access Emil’s treasure without 9S — so you will need to complete the game at least once to earn 9S and his hacking ability.