The Division 2 Cheat Codes And Tips




Use These Tips For Better Progress in The Division 2


The Division 2 has come out. As a result, people who want to make better progress might find it worthwhile to look up relevant information such as these tips:


Some Skills Are Better Than Others


Of course, some skills are more useful than others. Unfortunately, it is rather challenging to choose between them without seeing them in action, which is why guides can be very useful in this regard. First, interested individuals will want to pick up chem launchers, which come with a number of useful options. For example, the riot foam version is excellent for immobilizing enemies. Meanwhile, the oxidizer version is excellent for stripping the armor off of tougher enemies.




The Division 2 Cheat Codes And Tips




With that said, it is important to note that the best choices can see significant variation depending on what the other players on the team are bringing to the table. As such, while there are some skills such as the Hive Restorer and Reviver that can keep a team fighting for much longer than otherwise possible, interested individuals should always check what their friends are choosing so that they won’t overlap on too many things while leaving others as potential vulnerabilities for their enemies to exploit.


Some Perks Are Better Than Others


On a related note, some perks are more useful than others. As such, interested individuals should make sure to prioritize. Generally speaking, the most useful perks are the Accolade perks, which provide bonus XP for performing certain actions such as head-shots and multi-kills. The sooner that players pick up these perks, the sooner that they will make it to the end-game grind.



The Division 2 Cheat Codes And Tips




After the Accolade perks, there are the Deconstruction perks, which are expensive but provide more resources in exchange for scraping items. Consider the number of items that will have to be scrapped, the cost of these perks will be more than repaid.


Bring Buddies


If players are stuck with a particular problem, there is no shame in them calling for back-up. In fact, this is true even when players have friends who are far beyond their current level because what happens is that they will get autoscaled on an automatic basis to one level below that of their friend.


Loot and Explore


As always, when playing either a RPG or something with RPG elements, remember to loot and explore. For example, players will want to check out every crate and suitcase that they can find. Sure, there is no guarantee that those containers will have anything of immediate use, but one of the nice things about The Division 2 is that useless items can be either sold or scrapped for more useful things. Likewise, interested individuals should make sure to explore to get side missions as well as other useful bonuses.


Secret masks


Successfully complete the indicated tasks to unlock secret masks. Note: The secret masks are also displayed downstairs on a wall at the Base Of Operations.


Ghoul mask: Defeat the secret Hunter boss to get the special Ghoul mask. To unlock the secret Hunter boss fight, first go to the following location in West Potomac Park. Interact with the “MB3” laptop found in the sewer tunnel at the SHD mission to activate the map above the laptop. There is also an SHD Tech Cache in this area. After activating the map, an “X” will appear on the map with a crescent moon symbol above it. Go to the “X” location shown on the map. The location is east of the Lincoln Memorial. Shoot the lightbulb hanging from the platform in the reflecting pool to spawn a secret armored Level 35 Hunter boss. Defeat the boss to get the Ghoul mask. Note: This can only be done at night.


Wraith mask: Go to the following location in the far southeast of the map, just to the right of the Safehouse. There will be a memorial wall with lots of veteran names on it. First, shoot the light that is illuminating the names on the wall. Then, face the wall and select the “Salute” emote approximately six times (if anyone else is with you, they may need to salute as well) to spawn a Level 35 Hunter boss. Defeat the boss to get the Wraith mask. Note:This can only be done at night.


Crimson mask: Go to the following location in Downtown East (northeast of the map), next to the Stronghold. Stand in the middle of the courtyard, and enter each of the two open office buildings. There is a laptop you can interact with on the desk in each building. Interact with both computers to spawn a Level 35 Hunter boss in the courtyard. Defeat the boss to get the Crimson mask. Note: This can only be done at night.


Cross, Death, Diamond, and Phantom masks: Go to a park in the East Mall at the following location. Locate the hidden switch next to the coffee machine in The Pavilion Cafe. Activate the switch, then run around the Christmas tree in the middle of the park a few times to spawn three Level 35 Hunter bosses. Defeat all three Hunter bosses to get the Cross, Death, and Diamond masks. There is a fourth Level 35 Hunter boss that spawns just east of the park, at the following location. Defeat this Hunter boss to get the Phantom mask. Note: This can only be done at night.


Demon mask: Go to the following location in Downtown East (northeast of the map), just to the right of the Control Point. Enter the large glass atrium by going down the escalator and wrapping around to some stairs you ascend to reach the area. There will be four small black and white targets in four windows to the west. Shoot them from top to bottom to spawn a Level 35 Hunter boss. Defeat the boss to get the Demon mask. Note: This can be done during the daytime.





Secret WW2 uniform


Travel to Foggy Bottom (west area of the map). Follow the road directly west of the safe house to find a point-of-interest. Travel up the road and enter the open doorway to find a ladder leading to the sewers underground, at the following location. Enter the sewers and look for a woman in a bunker. Talk to her, and she will send you to a nearby observatory, where you will unlock a bonus mission. Successfully complete this mission to unlock a WW2 uniform. The uniform can be found in the apparel menu, under the full-body outfit option. Note: If you get lost in the observatory, go upstairs and interact with the painting to reveal a secret passage.







Easy loot and money


This trick allows you to collect a lot of loot daily that you can either keep (rarely), or sell/deconstruct for parts. As you progress through the story, complete every Control Point. Note: Control Points become harder at Level 30, after finishing the story. As you capture Control Points, you will unlock Supply Rooms, which contain multiple chests. There is one weapon and one piece of gear in every supply room. There are 2-4 Control Points in every region of the map, which you can fast travel to. The Supply Rooms will resupply every 24 hours (real time). Fast travel to as many Supply Rooms as desired and collect the loot. Then, repeat the process after the Supply Rooms resupply in 24 hours.


Unlocking and joining clans


To unlock the Clan menu at your base, successfully complete two Theater Settlement main story missions. Then, return to the Theater Settlement and talk to Larson to recruit her. She will then be sent back to your main base at the White House. You can fast travel back to the White House to talk to her, or access the Clan tab from the main menu. The menu unlocks after she has been recruited. To join a clan, access the Clan menu from the main menu. Select “Options”, “Search Clans”, enter the name of the clan you want to join, and apply. You can get special rewards like items and cosmetics for joining a clan.


Easy “Dark Zone: Blackout Hijack” achievement


Go to the daily Occupied Dark Zone (red dagger icon). Each day one of the three possible Dark Zones will be occupied — this randomly changes every calendar day (not in-game day). During an extraction at an extraction point, a robot dog with a purple health bar can spawn (approximately 30% chance). Destroy it to cause an EMP Blackout and prevent players in the area from using skills. After another player has attached their loot to the helicopter, cut the rope to get the “Dark Zone: Blackout Hijack” achievement. To easily get this achievement, invite another player that is willing to help.


Kill enemies in the Occupied Dark Zone until they find contaminated gear. During the extraction, kill the robot dog together. Then, have the other player leave the group, attach their loot, and you cut the rope. This method allows you to not have to wait for random players to extract their gear. If the robot dog does not spawn, let the helicopter leave, and then immediately call for an extraction again. Repeat this until the robot dog spawns. You can also lure a robot dog from another enemy group to reduce the randomness.


Easy “Negative Ramos!” achievement


A good place to get the “Negative Ramos!” achievement early is in the “American History Museum” main mission on the Story difficulty. During the “Reach the archive room” objective, a medic with a purple health bar will spawn. Medics have a “+” sign above their health bar. They carry a defibrillator on their backs. While a medic revives a dead enemy, shoot his backpack to make the defibrillator explode, thus shocking the medic. It only works while the medic is in the process of reviving an enemy. You will be fighting a lot of medics throughout the game, and this achievement will most likely come naturally.


Easy “Resourceful Agent” achievement


Fast travel to “The Theater Settlement”. Run around the streets (outside settlement) once, and look for a group of friendlies that has “En Route to Gather” above their heads when you aim at them. If you cannot find anyone, fast travel back to “The Theater” and run around the settlement again. Repeat this until you find a group that is on their way to gather something. Then, follow them to their destination. Wait for them to enter the location.


One of the looters will have the option to press a button prompt. This will give them materials and unlock the “Resourceful Agent” achievement. You can also encounter groups of friendly gatherers randomly while exploring the world. By following them from the settlement, it is less random. If you cannot find anyone around the settlement, just keep playing normally and watch for friendlies running across the streets. Aim at them to check their status. If it says “En Route to Gather,” follow them.


Easy “TV Cop” achievement


Simply run towards the hood of a car and hold B to slide over it and get the “TV Cop” achievement.


Easy “Undressed To Kill” achievement


Tanks are heavily armored enemies. They are the biggest enemies in the game. They have armor around every body part. Shoot off the armor around the arms, legs, upper body, and head. This is best done in solo play. While playing with others, they may kill the tank before shooting off all the armor. After one piece of armor is destroyed, focus on the next armor part. Do not shoot unprotected body parts, as it will result in the tank dying before you can shoot off all armor. Fully automatic weapons (machine guns, assault rifles, SMGs) work best for this. An easy place to do this is in the “American History Museum” main mission on the Story difficulty.


During the “Defeat True Sons reinforcements” objective, you will encounter one tank that shoots grenades at you. While playing solo, first take out all other enemies. Then, dodge his grenades until he needs to reload. Get really close to him so you can aim precisely and shoot a body part with a fully automatic weapon. Dodge his next grenades until he needs to reload again and repeat. Be careful to only hit armor, never any unprotected parts. If you defeated him but missed an armor part, kill yourself with a grenade to restart the checkpoint.