One Piece World Seeker Tips




Need Some Tips For Becoming the Best Pirate that You Can Be?


One Piece: World Seeker lets interested individuals take up the role of Luffy in the world of the One Piece manga. Considering the enemies that players can expect to face, it makes sense for them to brush up on tips and tricks before getting started.


Keep These Suggestions in Mind?


Here are some suggestions that players might want to keep in mind for One Piece World Seeker:


Avoid the Water


Luffy is a Devil Fruit user. As a result, he is rendered helpless by water, meaning that players should be avoiding the water sections as much as possible. Fortunately, falling into the water won’t actually kill them like it should, but it nonetheless uses up valuable time that can be put to much more productive uses elsewhere.





One Piece World Seeker Tips




Naturally, One Piece: World Seeker has a huge setting that is packed full of loot. This means that interested individuals should be exploring as much of it as possible to uncover its secrets, thus putting themselves in a much better position to handle the challenges that they can expect to come upon. For that matter, they should make sure to smash everything that they can to collect the contents of various containers.


Get Explore Skills


On a related note, it can be very useful to pick up the so-called “Explore” skills sooner rather than later for increased ease while moving about the map. For instance, the Gum Gum UFO skill is a cheap buy at just 100 SP, but in exchange, it provides the player with the ability to get more jumping height than otherwise possible, thus making it that much easier for them to loot everything that can be found in the game-world.


Spend Your Earnings


The resources that players collect can be used to make Luffy stronger and stronger. This means that they shouldn’t be hoarding their resources but should instead be making use of it. For example, if they have been earning skill points, they should be spending those to pick up more and more skills. Likewise, if they have been diligent about collecting materials, they should head to the Thousand Sunny from time to time to check in with Franky to see what items they can cobble together using the crafting system. With that said, interested individuals should know that they can’t make something unless they have the recipe for it, which is why they should be completing every side mission that they can find.


Use Fast Travel 


The Fast Travel skill is unlocked early in the game and will allow you to jump to certain points of the map almost instantaneously. There is no limit for using it and you will not be penalised in any way so make sure you take advantage of it as soon as you have it. The points that you can use Fast Travel to get to will usually be centers of towns and cities on the map, they will however only be available for Fast Travel if you have already visited the area. 


Use Luffy’s Grappling Ability 



One Piece World Seeker Tips



Don’t forget to use Luffy’s grappling ability to pick up hard to reach items and traverse environments easier. Luffy has the ability to use his stretchy long arms to reach high up ledges and even catapult across distances by reaching a wall far in the distance. Luffy’s grappling ability becomes possible when there is a surface that he is able to grapple towards. A marker will appear on the screen indicating that the move is possible and it is performed by pressing the right shoulder button on your controller.


How to Grapple


Luffy has a grapple ability using his arms which enables him to traverse around the island quickly. To unlock this ablilty you must first play through the tutorial of the game. Once the grapple ability has been unlocked, triangular lock-on markers will appear on man-made surfaces to indicate that it can be used as a grappling point. To use the grappling ability you just need to look at the point and press R1 (RB) to stretch out Luffy’s arm and make him grapple over to the point. Luffy’s grappling ability can be particularly effective when combined with other exploration abilities such as Gum Gum Rocket. 


As well as allowing Luffy to traverse around the island quickly Luffy’s grappling ability can also be used as a close-range combo to take down enemies. However before you can do this you will need to unlock the ability by unlocking a couple of skills at the ‘Skills’ menu. At the very bottom of the ‘Exploration’ section you need to spend 200 Skill Points to unlock the Lunge skill which will enable Luffy to grapple to enemies and then 300 Skill Points to buy the Lunge + Body Bash skill which will let him hit the enemy with devastating bash when he grapples to them. It is recommended that you invest in these two skills as having this close-range combo will make getting around the combat areas of One Piece: World Seeker easier. 


How To Fly




One Piece World Seeker Tips



One Piece World Seeker has a large open world environment to traverse and knowing how to fly using Luffy’s Gum Gum abilities is a must when exploring it. Luffy’s ability to fly is really gliding which is achieved by him being propelled through the air at high speed so that he covers a lot of distance. To be able to perform this feat you will first have to unlock the Gum Gum Rocket ability which is found under the exploration section of your Skills menu and costs 200 Skill Points. 


To use the ‘Gum Gum Rocket’ ability hold R1 (RB) when you grapple to a point. This will launch Luffy through the air at high speed. Although he will not be able to maintain flight there are ways that you can increase the distance which Luffy is propelled. In the exploration section of the Skills menu you will find the ‘Gum Gum Rocket Flight Increase’ which you can buy for 300 Skill Points and it will increase the length of Luffy’s flight. Also there is the ‘Gum Gum UFO’ for 200 Skill Points, which lets you repeatedly press X (A) when Luffy is in the air and enable him to hover. Just like with Gum Gum Rocket, the next ability for 300 Skill Points and lets you extend the amount of time that Gum Gum UFO can be used. 


It is advised that you purchase these Gum Gum abilites as soon as possible so you can take advantage of the easiest and quickest way to get around the island in One Piece World Seeker. 


Mix up Attacks in Combat 


Whenever Luffy finds himself in combat you should look to mix up his attacks to find out which work best against certain enemies. You can change between Luffy’s fighting styles by pressing ‘Down’ on the d-pad and you can perform his special attacks by pressing the right shoulder button, and use the left stick to select the attack. New special attacks will become unlocked as you play. 


One Piece World Seeker Tips