Cheat Codes We Wood Want For Samurai Shodown 2019




Samurai Shodown Is Making a Big Return


Recent times have seen a number of beloved franchises from the past making a comeback. One excellent example is the Samurai Shodown franchise, which is set to see a new release sometime in 2019. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that interested individuals have discussed their desired content at great length, which happens to include their most wanted cheat codes for the upcoming title.





What Are Some Cheat Codes that Would Be Fun to See in the New Samurai Shodown?


Here are some examples of cheat codes and other secrets that would be amazing additions for the new Samurai Shodown:


Character Unlocks


Character unlocks tend to be some of the most popular secrets of fighting games. In part, this is because character unlocks make more characters available to interested individuals, thus increasing their chances of finding someone who is suitable for their particular style. However, it should also be remembered that character unlocks serve as a very memorable way to reward interested individuals for playing through the fighting game, thus incentivizing them to continue on. As such, there are some people out there who might prefer having character unlocks to having the full roster of playable characters available right from the start.


Cheat Code Example: 

Play as Draco (Samurai Shodown Sen/Xbox 360)

Successfully complete Arcade mode with twelve characters to unlock Draco.




Play as Golba (Samurai Shodown Sen/Xbox 360)

Successfully complete Arcade mode with twenty four characters to unlock Golba.



Cosmetic Changes


Moving on, cosmetic changes make for very popular secrets for fighting games as well. This is particularly true because cosmetic changes encompass such a wide range of possibilities, which in turn, enables them to make fighting games even more fun for a wider range of interested individuals than otherwise possible. Sometimes, cosmetic changes can be simple as changing the color of certain effects in fighting games to provide them with an increased sense of realism, which is something that has shown up in previous titles in the Samurai Shodown franchise. Other times, cosmetic changes can consist of color changes and in some memorable cases even the Big Head mode.


Cheat Code Example:


Doll Transformation in Samurai Shodown 2 (Neo Geo)



Hidden Characters


SNK has an infamous reputation for making challenging bosses. In some cases, this means a character that has overpowered offensive capabilities, with examples including but not limited to moves that are inescapable, moves that hit much harder than those of their counterparts, and moves that occupy the entire screen.


Meanwhile, in other cases, this can mean bosses that can soak up more damage, shrug off hard hits that would see other characters interrupted, or even outright ignore fundamental components of the system that serves as the basis for the fighting game. Of course, the most memorable bosses would be the ones that combine all of these things and more besides, both because of the pure frustration that they can induce in the player and because of the exhausted sense of triumph when they have at least been felled by a combination of hard-earned skill and well-timed luck.


Naturally, these characters are not suitable for playing with other people unless they have been brought down to about the same level as the other characters on the roster level. After all, that would be very unfair, which tends to be a critical weakness for any kind of game that involves more than one person. However, it is nonetheless common for people to want to play these over-powered characters from time to time just to see what they are like, which is why some of the most popular cheats for fighting games have been for making said characters playable in their full glory.


Of course, it would be unreasonable to expect such characters to become available for standard play versus other players in the upcoming Samurai Shodown, but it would be amazing to see one or two of them become available to interested individuals through a cheat code in single player modes.


Cheat Code Example:

Play as Amakusa in 2-player mode Samurai Shodown (Super Nintendo)


When the Takara logo appears, press: A, Y, X, B. You will hear a strange sound. On the player select screen, hold down the L and R buttons on both controllers and press start when choosing a character.



Play as Kuroko (Neo Geo)

Go to Versus Mode. At the Character Select screen press Up, Down, Left, Up, Down, Right + A. 



Further Considerations


It remains to be seen what secrets will come with the new Samurai Shodown. Certainly, interested individuals can expect unlockable content of some kind for the purpose of incentivizing those who make good progress in it. However, anything more specific must remain the subject of pure speculation at this point in time for the simple reason that there is nothing solid that can serve as a basis for anything more.


Fortunately, the new Samurai Shodown isn’t that far off into the future. As a result, for people who have already been waiting for a new installment in the Samurai Shodown franchise for the better part of a decade, it shouldn’t be that much longer until they can get all of the information that they could ever want about the next title in it.