Wolfenstein Youngblood Trailer



A story trailer has been released for Wolfenstein: Youngblood. In short, B.J. Blazkowicz has vanished while out on a secret mission in occupied Paris, which has convinced his twin daughters Jessica and Sophia that they need to look for him. Naturally, this means teaming up with the French Resistance to kill lots and lots of Nazis. Something that should provide interested individuals with plenty of entertainment.


With that said, the story trailer revealed a lot of interesting information about the gameplay as well. For instance, Wolfenstein: Youngblood will be a co-op shooter in the sense that both Jessica and Sophia will be participating in the action at the same time, which presumably means that one twin will be controlled by the computer whenever a player is playing on their own.


On top of this, it is interesting to note that the Deluxe Edition will come with a Buddy Pass that lets a second person play the entire game so long as they are playing in two-player mode with the person who bought it in the first place. Something that is very much in the spirit of the co-op shooter.


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