Blaster Master Zero Cheat Codes And Tips



Now Is the Right Time to Play Blaster Master Zero


Blaster Master Zero 2 has come out. As a result, for people who are unfamiliar with the reboot of the classic series, now is the right time to play Blaster Master Zero before moving on to its follow-up.


What Are Some Blaster Master Zero Tips to Keep in Mind?


Here are some tips to keep in mind when playing through Blaster Master Zero:


There Is No Such Thing As a Dead-End Dungeon


Blaster Master Zero is a reboot of its predecessor. As a result, interested individuals might go into it with some bad assumptions based on its predecessor, which could wind up costing them. For instance, there is no such thing as a dead-end dungeon in Blaster Master Zero, which was a real problem that reduced the playability of the original version. Now, interested individuals should always go through the dungeons for the permanent upgrades that can be found therein, which should make them that much more capable of overcoming the title’s various challenges.




Blaster Master Zero Cheat Codes And Tips




There Is a Minimap


Speaking of which, there is a minimap, which is one of the permanent upgrades that can be picked up. Suffice to say that while minimaps have managed to become standard for a wide range of games in a wide range of genres, it is nonetheless something that can prove invaluable for those who are playing through Blaster Master Zero for the very first time.


Conserve Your Grenades


Grenades are now limited, which is an interesting change from the original version. Granted, the player should have no problems picking up more grenades as their supply runs low. However, more grenades aren’t so readily available that players can just toss them out with reckless abandon. Instead, the limited number of grenades means that players might want to save them for when they need to either kill a lot of enemies fast or deal a huge amount of damage to something that deserves it.


There Is a True Ending


As though Blaster Master Zero didn’t already have enough incentives for interested individuals to explore everywhere, it should be mentioned that the game comes with a secret ending that can be unlocked by getting everything. For those who are curious, this means five upgrades for their main gun, five upgrades for their sub-weapon, a couple of jump upgrades, a couple of movement upgrades, and a total of eight upgrades. Luckily, the player won’t have to literally fill out every square on the mini-map, meaning that they won’t be locked out of the secret ending by something so petty. In any case, interested individuals will know that they have unlocked the secret ending when a new area opens up after beating the final boss. Moreover, they should know that the secret ending isn’t just the secret ending but also both the good ending and the true ending rolled into one, meaning that it is very much worth getting.







Destroyer mode


After installing the Version 1.2 update or later, successfully complete Area 9 and get the True Ending to unlock Destroyer mode under the Extra menu. In Destroyer mode, Life Ups do not increase your maximum health and Energy Guard cannot be enabled. Enemies take more hits to destroy and their shots can go through walls. In top-down view, all enemies and bosses can only be damaged by specific main/sub weapons. In side view, when an enemy is destroyed, it fires a bullet straight towards you. All large refills for health, gun level, and Jason’s sub weapon ammo are replaced by small ones, and some upgrades for Jason and Sophia III are found in a different order.


Ultimate mode


Successfully complete Area 9 and get the True Ending to unlock Ultimate mode under the Extra menu. This mode allows you to replay the game using SOPHIA Zero, with all area maps and upgrades already unlocked.