Assassin's Creed: Rogue Remastered Cheat Codes And Tips



Did You Get Your Hands on the Assassin’s Creed: Rogue Remaster?


Recently, Assassin’s Creed: Rogue received a remaster. As a result, now is the right time for interested individuals to check out the Seven Years’ War installment of the action-adventure franchise.


What Are Some Tips to Keep in Mind?


Here are some useful tips for Assassin’s Creed: Rogue:


You’ll Want to Board Ships


In Assassin’s Creed: Rogue, the single best method for earning more money is boarding ships. Certainly, interested individuals can earn resources by sinking ships, but since that yields just half of their cargo, boarding those same ships is the much superior option in spite of the additional expenditure of time and effort. Besides items that can be sold for a handsome profit, boarding ships will produce other resources such as wood, cloth, stone, and metal that can be put to excellent uses as well.




Infinite money and resources




You Need to Spend Money to Make Money


Speaking of which, spending money to make money is tried and true advice in a wide range of contexts. In Assassin’s Creed: Rogue, a more capable ship makes for a much easier time boarding ships, thus enabling the player to earn money and other useful resources faster than otherwise possible. As a result, it makes sense for the player to pour their hard-earned money and other resources into improving their ship so that it will become a true terror of the sea. For that matter, interested individuals will want to pour their money and other resources into other upgrades as well, which will make their play-through that much easier for them.


Consider Lateral Solutions


It is perfectly possible to brute force most encounters in Assassin’s Creed: Rogue. However, this tends to be a suboptimal solution, not least because most players can handle no more than a limited number of enemies before they start making serious mistakes. Something that can spiral when those initial mistakes cause said individual to become flustered, thus increasing their chances of making more. Rather than brute force encounters, it might be better for the player to consider lateral solutions. Generally speaking, this process means scouting out the location, finding the target that must be interacted with in order to “win” the encounter, and then finding the various obstacles standing in their way before coming up with a strategy for either eliminating them or bypassing them.



Assassin's Creed: Rogue Remastered Cheat Codes And Tips




Sometimes, this means using stealth to whittle down the number of enemies at the scene until the encounter becomes manageable for the player using a brute force approach. Other times, this means finding a path with minimal fighting that will still lead to what they are looking for, which can be worthwhile because most Assassin’s Creed enemies aren’t famous for giving great loot. Whatever the case, a little planning can make a big difference in how an encounter will proceed from start to finish.


Infinite money and resources


Go to any outpost that has two or more key holders. Kill all key holders except one. Then, loot the warehouses. Once you are finished looting the warehouses, press Start, select the “Shay Upgrades” option, then back out of the menus to save your inventory. Next, find an enemy, and let him kill you to start back at the beginning of the outpost with all the stolen resources from the warehouses. Repeat this as many times as desired.



Bonus weapons


Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding weapon:


Melee weapons


    Admiral’s Lion Sword: Successfully complete the Gothenburg fleet mission.
    Altair’s Sword: Successfully complete all fleet missions.
    Bastard Sword: Purchase for 18,000 after completing the “Armour And Sword” mission.
    British Cutlasses: Purchase for 5,000.Colonial American Cutlasses: Purchase for 3,000.
    Cuttoe Sword: Purchase for 10,000.
    English Infantry Hanger Sword: Purchase for 13,000.
    Governor’s Sword: Successfully complete all renovations.
    Hanger Sword: Purchase for 12,500.
    Hunting Sabre: Successfully complete all hunting quests.
    Katana: Redeem 30 Uplay points.
    Officer’s Short Sword: Purchase for 14,000.
    Pirate Scimitars: Purchase for 1,200.
    Privateer Cutlasses: Purchase for 6,500.
    Scottish Broadsword: Purchase for 8,000.
    Spanish Sword: Successfully complete the Gibraltar fleet mission.
    Viking Sword: Successfully complete the “Viking Sword” quest.



    • Admiral’s Lion Pistol: Successfully complete the Barbados fleet mission.
    • Belgian Engraved Pistol: Purchase for 7,000.
    • Edward’s Pistol: Redeem 40 Uplay points.
    • English Percussion Flintlock Pistol: Successfully complete all Abstergo Tablets, then go to River Valley.
    • Indian Flintlock Pistol: Successfully complete the Yanaon fleet mission.
    • Pirate Flintlock Pistol: Purchase for 800.
    • Queen Anne’s Pistol: Purchase for 8,000.
    • Scottish Flintlock Pistol: Successfully complete all Forts, Gang Headquarters, and Settlement activities.
    • Standard Wheelock Pistol: Purchase for 5,000.


Blueprint locations


Search at the indicated coordinates to find a blueprint that can be used to upgrade Shay Cormac’s ship, the Morrigan:


    Aquila Figurehead: River Valley, Dekanawida (484, -664)
    Aquila Sails: New York (493, -724)
    Aquila Wheel: New York (555, -491)
    Blackbeard Figurehead: New York (594, -476)
    Blackbeard Sails: New York (315, -284)
    Blackbeard Wheel: North Atlantic, Le Chameau (68, -480)
    Elite Burning Oil: River Valley, Otetiani (95, -367)
    Elite Burning Oil Storage: North Atlantic, Gros Morne (499, -311)
    Elite Explosive Shot: River Valley, Riviere Aurifere (577, -300)
    Elite Heavy Shot: North Atlantic, The Apphire (915, -337)
    Elite Heavy Shot Storage: North Atlantic, Pearl Island (948, -928)
    Elite Hull: River Valley, Genessee (365, -14)
    Elite Icebreaker Ram: North Atlantic, Fogo (921, -77)
    Elite Mortar Storage: North Atlantic, Terra Nova (782, -479)
    Elite Mortars: North Atlantic, HMS Miranda (729, -178)
    Elite Puckle Gun: New York (500, -608)
    Elite Puckle Gun Cylinder: North Atlantic, Nerepis (132, -744)
    Elite Round Shot: New York (504, -348)
    Elite Set Of Cannons: River Valley, Aarushi (959, -66)


Broken computer locations


Exit the Animus, then search for the 20 broken computers. Fixing them will reward you with background files on various characters, factions, or events in the world. Repairing some of these computers is required to progress the storyline. In the repair sequence, you must light up sections of a sphere. Use the outer circles to move lines of power around until every section of the sphere gets a single point of power.


The computers that require repair are highlighted on game map. However, most of them are behind security doors that will only unlock after progressing far enough in the storyline. Note: You cannot repair the computers after the game is completed.


Location Reward
Second Floor: Server Room, Upper-Left Inspiration: Al Mualim
Lobby: Server Room, Left Side Vidic’s New Recruit
Lobby: Upper-Left Florence goes FUBAR
Second Floor: Near Elevator Inspiration: Haytham Kenway
Second Floor: Locked Room on Right Side The Soldiers
Second Floor: Center of Cubicle Farm The Ankh
Lobby: Just outside of elevator hallway Inspiration: Daniel Cross
Second Floor: Upper-left Meeting Room The Leaders
15th Floor: Entrance Area Sigma Team’s Most Wanted: The Cult
Second Floor: Locked Room on Right Side The Koh-i-Noor
Basement: Server on Left Side Sigma Team’s Most Wanted: Cross Training
Basement: Top Side of X Room Inspiration: Duncan Walpole
15th Floor: Server Room on Upper-Right Side Inspiration: Baptiste
Second Floor: Locked Room on Left Side New Orders
Second Floor: Locked Room on Upper-Right Sigma Team’s Most Wanted: The Dead
Second Floor: Left side of Cubicle Farm Lindsifarne
Second Floor: Locked Room on Upper-Right Cairo Debrief
Lobby: Top Side, on Right The Box
Lobby: Just past elevator hallway Paris
Basement: Right side of X Room Sigma Team’s Most Wanted: The Support


Native pillar locations


Travel to the indicated coordinates, and complete the mini-game at the totem shrine to get a native pillar artifact. After collecting all seven artifacts, travel to the Native American village near Orenda, River Valley at coordinates 271, -393. Turn in the artifacts to get the Native Armor outfit, which reduces incoming melee damage.


    River Valley, Dekanawida (494, -658)
    River Valley, Otetiani (109, -374)
    River Valley, Genessee (369, -23)
    River Valley, Aarushi (936, -48)
    North Atlantic, Fogo (915, -67)
    North Atlantic, Gros Morne (497, -309)
    North Atlantic, Terra Nova (787, -480)

Viking sword locations


Dig at the indicated coordinates to find a Viking sword. After collecting all the swords, fast travel to Pearl Island in the North Atlantic. Travel to the ancient site on the island at coordinates 949, -928 to get the Viking Armor outfit.


    • North Atlantic, Yarmouth (190, -906)
    • North Atlantic, Pearl Island (944, -933)
    • North Atlantic, Burgeo (549, -588)
    • North Atlantic, Grande Entree (364, -476)
    • North Atlantic, Harbour Deep (584, -358)
    • North Atlantic, Port Meinier (298, -142)
    • North Atlantic, Fogo (916, -67)
    • North Atlantic, Anticosti (188, -144)
    • River Valley, Vieille Carriere (555, -42)
    • River Valley, Old Growth (288, -531)
    • River Valley, Twin Snake Path (662, -588)
    • River Valley, Ash Creek (267, -879)
    • River Valley, Or du Nord (945, -135)
    • River Valley, Lac Eternel (427, -370)
    • New York, North Medium (386, -249)


Cave painting locations


Search the cave at indicated coordinates using Eagle Vision to find the corresponding cave painting:


    Evil Remnants: North Atlantic, Grande Entree (367, -482)
    Harmful Things: North Atlantic, Fogo (920, -66)
    Humanity: North Atlantic, Tera Nova (790, -484)
    Laughter And Tears: River Valley, Aarushi (931, -38)
    Lightning In The Sky: River Valley, Aarushi (946, -47)
    Mischief: North Atlantic, Anticosti (184, -152)
    Shadows: North Atlantic, Gros Morne (491, -308)
    Stubbornness: North Atlantic, St. Johns (866, -638)
    Swans: River Valley, Black Ridge (77, -771)
    The Challenge: North Atlantic, Pearl Island (944, -933)
    The End And Beyond: North Atlantic, Le Chameau (73, -472)
    The First Humans: North Atlantic, HMS Miranda (732, -178)
    Victory And Banishment: North Atlantic, Nerepis (126, -743)


Assassin Interception missions


Successfully complete all Assassin Interception missions to get the Templar Enforcer armor, which allows Shay to mark Stalkers from a greater distance. To start an Assassin Interception mission, look on the map for an Assassin Intercept quest icon. This indicates the location of a pigeon that is used by the Assassins to communicate. Pigeons are usually found perched high on buildings. Climb up and slowly make your way towards the bird. Moving too fast will cause the pigeon to fly away. Once close enough, follow the onscreen prompts to capture the bird. If you fail, the pigeon may fly off. If that happens, you can either chase it to where it lands or retry later.


After capturing the pigeon, you will know where the Assassins plan on attacking their target. Quickly travel to that area. The Assassins will be hiding in multiple locations around the victim. Each location will be marked by a circle to indicate their presence. You can find the Assassins using Eagle Vision or by looking for someone dressed in yellow. A person in a yellow outfit that does not appear on the mini-map without the use of Eagle Vision is a confirmed Assassin. You must kill a certain number of Assassins before the timer expires. Kill all Assassins to get a bonus, and make the next part easier. After the timer ends, the Assassins will attack the target, usually from rooftops or by sprinting through the streets.


Watch both of those areas and the mini-map to determine which direction the next attack is coming from. The victims are weak and will not survive for too long. Instead of climbing up to the rooftops to fight, shoot Assassins from below. You will successfully complete the mission once all Assassins are killed.