Mortal Kombat 11 Cheats And Tips




Mortal Kombat 11 Has Been Released?


There is a lot of interest in Mortal Kombat 11. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that there is plenty of useful information that can be found out there even though it has been released for no more than a short period of time.


What Can Be Unlocked in Mortal Kombat 11?


For starters, Mortal Kombat 11 has a lot of unlockables. Playing through the game is the simplest and most straightforward method for getting these unlockables. However, there are some important pieces of information that can help interested individuals get exactly what they are looking for sooner rather than later.


First, there is one unlockable character in Mortal Kombat 11 at this point in time, who would be Frost. To unlock her, interested individuals will have to choose Sub-Zero for each of the fights that let them choose between Sub-Zero and Scorpion in Chapter 4. This is the most notable of the bonuses that are handed out for choosing certain characters in the story mode, but it is important to note that other choices come with customization options. As such, while interested individuals should feel free to play the characters that they like the most in story mode, they will have to play everything with everyone if they want to unlock the full list of content that can be found in Mortal Kombat 11.






Second, Mortal Kombat 11 has not one, not two, not three, but four currencies that can be used to buy new items through various means. For those who are curious, these four currencies would be Koins, Hearts, Soul Fragments, and Time Crystals. Generally speaking, just playing through the game should enable interested individuals to pick up a supply of these currencies. However, interested individuals should know that Koins can be earned using various methods, Hearts can be earned by performing Fatalities and Brutalities, Soul Fragments can be earned by getting better scores in the Tower of Time, and Time Crystals can be earned by leveling up as well as straight-up buying them using real world money.


Be warned that Mortal Kombat 11 is set up so that the initial deluge of currencies will dwindle to a trickle over time, thus incentivizing spending. Some people might be tempted, but others will not be. In any case, please note that more expensive chests come with a higher chance of containing the best loot, meaning that interested individuals might want to save up before embarking on a spending spree.


Third, it is worth mentioning that there are three endings for the story mode, which are determined by the player’s performance in the fight against Kronika. In short, losing the fight results in the bad end, losing one round but winning the fight results in the good end, and winning the fight without losing any rounds results in the best end.


What Are Some Useful Tips for Mortal Kombat 11?


Moving on, here are some tips that interested individuals might find useful for Mortal Kombat 11:


Play Through the Story Mode


For starters, interested individuals should play through the story mode. It won’t give them a perfect understanding of each character, but it should at least give them a general idea of what they should and shouldn’t expect, thus providing them with a solid foundation to build upon. Better still, the story mode isn’t that long, meaning that picking up this basic knowledge shouldn’t take interested individuals that long.


Understand Each Move


Once people have made up their minds to become better with a particular character, said individuals will have to put serious effort into understanding each of their moves. For example, knowing the exact reach of the basic moves can help interested individuals understand exactly where they can and cannot threaten their opponents, thus making it easier for them to maintain proper spacing at all times. Likewise, knowing the trigger conditions for each of the Krushing Blows can help interested individuals get in some extra damage whenever they can capitalize on those conditions.






Don’t Be Too Predictable


Basic pattern recognition is a common skill for not just human players but also the AI. As a result, interested individuals should avoid using the same approach over and over again because that is a good way for them to get punished by a keen-eyed opponent without mercy. With that said, whenever players notice repeating patterns on their opponent’s part, a keen understanding of what the opposing characters can and cannot do can enable them to teach their opponent a very painful lesson on why becoming too predictable is bad in fighting games.


Watch the Pros


Some players have already managed to distinguish themselves as being better at Mortal Kombat 11 than others. Due to this, it can be worthwhile to check out videos of how said individuals play their favorite characters, which can provide interested individuals with useful insights into what they should and shouldn’t do with specific characters. For that matter, watching said videos can give interested individuals a good understanding of how the player base as a whole is approaching the game, thus making it easier for them to counter their opponents as well.


Take Advantage of the Tutorials


With that said, interested individuals will get the most benefit out of watching the best players if they have already mastered what the tutorials have to teach them. Simply put, Mortal Kombat 11 has a very robust tutorial system, which covers more than what they might have expected based on their experiences with the tutorials of most other fighting games. Certainly, the game offers lessons on the most fundamental mechanics of the game. However, Mortal Kombat 11‘s tutorials go up to strategies for each character at a competitive level, meaning that they can be very useful for people even if they already have some proficiency with their character of choice. For that matter, it should be mentioned that playing through the tutorials enables interested individuals to earn Koins, thus making for one more bonus to the whole thing.






Team Battle mode


At the main menu, select “Konquer” then “Towers Of Time”. Successfully complete the four tutorial towers to unlock the main towers. These change every few days. One of them is usually a boss tower. You can tell because it only has one opponent in it. Select the boss tower, and it will display the “Group Battle” screen. Select “Search For Players” or “Invite Players”. Once the match begins, you will unlock the “Teamwork” trophy.


Mercy finisher


Mercy is a special move that revives a dying opponent and gives them a bit of health back. It can only be used in the last round of the match. When the game says “Finish Him/Her,” stand at mid-distance and quickly press L2 + Down, L2 + Down, L2 + Down. To make it easier, just spam L2 + Down in quick succession. Additionally, by performing a Mercy finisher, you will get two hearts instead of one.


Easy towers and rewards


AI Fighters can be used as substitutes for almost every Tower Of Time challenge. To use them, simply toggle on the “AI Fighter” option after selecting a character, but before entering a battle. Using an AI Fighter will earn you the exact same rewards as a standard fighter. All you need to do is press continue between fights. For most battles using AI Fighters, put most points in the “Combo” and “Reversal” stats. To change AI Fighter settings, go to “Kustomize” and select a character. Then, choose any “Kustom Loadout” and go to the AI Fighter tab. All loadouts can be customized with AI Fighter settings —- you do not need to create a new loadout.


The best AI Fighters are Noob Saibot against anyone, and Skarlet against fast rushing characters and powerful zoning. Some bosses and hard battles cannot be completed with just the Combo and Reversal stats. If your AI Fighter is losing, try switching tactics. Select a “zoner”, or a long-range character that is good at using projectiles and other abilities. Skarlet is a powerful zoner —- equip projectile skills to her loadout, and boost the “Zoning” and “Runaway” stats to 30. Additionally, hearts are one of the rarest currencies in the game. To get hearts, you need to kill opponents with a fatality or brutality.


You only get one per fight, so it can take awhile to get 250 —- which is required to open a Shao Kahn chest. To easily grind hearts, enter the Klassic Endless Tower and use an AI Fighter. They will continuously fight, using finishers, and climb the ladder until they are defeated. You will get lots of hearts using this method — without having to do much of anything.


Unlocking skins


Successfully complete a character tutorial (go to the “Learn” menu, scroll down to the bottom, and complete the series of tutorials) to unlock a skin for the character used. This can be done for every character in the game.


Go to the Tower Of Time, and check the left-corner to find Character Towers. Spend 25,000 koins to unlock these towers. Character Towers are tower challenges tied to specific characters. You will earn gear for your preferred character —- and you can get two extra skins if you complete them. They are very difficult — so it is recommended to wait until you have leveled up before attempting these challenges.


The rest of the skins can be unlocked randomly as rewards for completing Tower Of Time or Klassic Tower challenges. These rolls are completely random. If you want better chances, visit the Krypt. At the Krypt, open chests that cost between 10,000 to 15,000 koins. These chests usually contain a skin for a random character. Chests that cost between 12,000+ or 14,000+ almost always contain a skin inside. 


Note: If you have opened all the chests on the island, you can reset the rewards by finding the blue/white orb in the main Courtyard near the entrance and use a special key to reset all the chests in the area. There are two of these reset icons — one is underground, and one is above ground.


Unlocking all areas of the Krypt


Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding area of the Krypt. The Krypt is Shang Tsung’s island that can be explored from a third-person perspective. The island contains many puzzles and locked doors. The Krypt allows you to unlock new fatalities and brutalities, alternate costumes, character art, and more. Note: Not all key items can be found in the Krypt. Some of the key items are randomized, and rewarded for completing challenges or unlocking containers.


Shao Kahn’s Hammer: The hammer is located near the start of the Krypt. It gives access to most of the above-ground areas of the island.


Motaro’s Horn: Go to the Warrior Shrine, and break the meteorite (that lands in a cutscene) to collect the Gem Of The Living. Return to the Courtyard and smash through to the gong-room on the east side. There is a locked door that requires the Gem Of The Living. Return to the Vault through this door and use the switch to find Motaro’s Horn. Use it to unlock the Underground area.


Ermac’s Soul Amulet: In Goro’s Lair, search the southwest corner for a hall leading to a circular room. Take the elevator down to reach the Lower Pit. Ermac will drop into the spikes. Grab his Soul Amulet to unlock the power to control souls. With the amulet, you can then unlock the glowing-green Krypt objects. You can also reach new areas by spending souls. Use the Soul Amulet to fix the bridge at the Pit for 1,000 souls.


Spear Of Hanzo Hasashi: This item can be found in The Armory, through the hallway behind Goro’s corpse in Goro’s Throne Room. You can throw the spear at unreachable objects to unlock new paths. For example, use the spear to break the lanterns at the Wooden Bridge. You can also use the spear to pull hanging corpses. You will rip them in half and collect the heart inside.


Kenshi’s Blindfold: This special blindfold gives you sight into the realm of spirits, making once invisible locations/items visible. To find the blindfold, travel to the Jails through the right-most hallway in Goro’s Throne Room. Use the blindfold in previous areas, and to reveal new weak walls.


One Being Door: This door is located in Goro’s Lair, in one of the first rooms of the Great Hall. It is to the right -— there are three indentations. To open the door, collect three orbs by completing three special challenges in Tower mode: Mind Of The One Being (get 10 fatalities in the Tower), Soul Of The One Being (get 10 brutalities in the Tower), and Heart Of The One Being (get 10 Mercy finishers in the Tower). Unlock the One Being door to find a Scorpion heart chest.


Dragon Amulet Door: This door is located in the Courtyard, along the mountainside pass from the Forge leading to the Shrine. Unlocking the Dragon Amulet door requires reaching Goro’s Fortress. To reach Goro’s Fortress, you need a Skeleton Key and two other key items. The first item is the Amulet Of Earth’s Protector. When you reach the Warrior Shrine, a meteorite will crash through Raiden’s statue, destroying it. Place the amulet item on the Raiden statue to repair it and get Raiden’s Broken Staff.


Then, travel to Goro’s Lair. Go to the Dining Hall, and unlock the Skeleton Key door in the back-left. Skeleton Keys can be earned randomly by opening chests. Navigate the Torture Halls, and go left at the fork to reach a locked door. Use the Broken Staff to unlock the entrance to Goro’s Fortress. From here, take the first left to find a 20,000 koin chest. Open it to obtain the Dragon Amulet. Use the Dragon Amulet key item to unlock the door in the Courtyard.


Remaining items: Many of the other items required to progress in the Krypt are earned randomly. These items appear when opening chests/containers in the Krypt, or as rewards for completing Tower Of Time challenges.


All Krypt character chest locations


In the Krypt, there are special chests that require hearts to open. The chests have a bust of Shao Kahn (250 hearts) or Scorpion (100 hearts). To open them, you need to smash the bust with Shao Kahn’s hammer, then you will be able to use hearts to open the chest. To earn hearts, you must perform a fatality or brutality on an opponent to get one heart for each battle you complete this way. Unlike other chests, heart chests always contain the exact same rewards. The following is a list of which items for a specific character each chest unlocks. The chest always contain at least one skin, one brutality, and one augment, as well as six other items for a specific character.


Baraka: Gardens (5646, 5216)


Cassie Cage: Courtyard Cave, Dragon Amulet Door (-3071, -2738)


Cetrion: Hall Of Heroes, Behind Puzzle Shrine Door (-788, -9370). Use Kenshi’s Blindfold —- there are four lanterns around the shrine. Pull one, and then put on the blindfold to pull the other three chains.


D’vorah: Goro’s Lair, Kytinn Hive (5205, 1184)


Erron Black: Wooden Bridge (-1055, -7033)


Frost: Lower Courtyard (-7550, -5528)


Geras: Goro’s Lair, Jails (-7748, -13987)


Jade: Dead Woods (3465, -1136)


Jaqui Briggs: Courtyard (8020, -4958)


Jax Briggs: Courtyard (-70, 3835)


Johnny Cage: The Dojo (3076, -4092)


Kabal: Over 2,000 Soul Fragment Bridge, Behind Skeleton Key Door (-8642, -6393)


Kano: Courtyard, Accessible From Goro’s Lair Elevator From Goro’s Dining Hall (-2984, 4718)


Kitana: Lower Pit (-7470, -975)


Kotal Khan: Goro’s Lair, Near Goro’s Throne Room, Behind Key Door


Kollector: Goro’s Lair, Kollector’s Room (5422, -1445)


Kung Lao: Goro’s Throne Room (-1545, -3414)


Liu Kang: Kytinn Hive, Behind Dragon Key Door (-5487, -1830)


Noob Saibot: Goro’s Lair, Goro’s Dining Hall (-3464, -2183)


Raiden: Goro’s Lair, Treasure Chamber (13228, 4965)


Scorpion: Goro’s Lair, The Jails (-6864, 1181)


Shao Khan: The Torture Halls (1767, 6455)


Skarlet: Chamber Of Suffering (-5208, 4919)


Sonya: The Vault (5085, 1618)


Sub-Zero: Goro’s Lair, Armory (-5426, -5804)


All hidden fatalities


Each character has a hidden fatality. These extra fatalities are available at any time —- you will find the code for the fatality when opening chests in the Krypt, but you can still perform the hidden fatalities if you know the correct code. Enter the indicted code to perform the corresponding fatality for the listed character:


    Baraka (Close): Back, Forward, Back, X
    Cassie Cage (Far): Back, Down, Down, Back, Triangle
    Cetrion (Mid): Back, Down, Back, X
    D’vorah (Mid): Back, Down, Down, Circle
    Erron Black (Mid): Down, Forward, Down, Triangle
    Frost (Mid): Back, Forward, Down, Forward, Circle
    Geras (Close): Down, Forward, Back, Square
    Jacqui Briggs (Mid): Back, Forward, Back, Circle
    Jade (Close): Back, Forward, Down, Forward, Square
    Jax Briggs (Close): Back, Forward, Back, Down, Square
    Johnny Cage (Close): Forward, Down, Forward, Square
    Kabal (Close): Down, Down, Down, Circle
    Kano (Close): Back, Down, Forward, Triangle
    Kitana (Mid): Down, Back, Forward, Square
    Kollector (Close): Down, Forward, Back, Square
    Kotal Kahn (Close): Back, Forward, Back, Forward, Square
    Kung Lao (Close): Down, Forward, Down, X
    Liu Kang (Mid): Back, Down, Back, Forward, Triangle
    Noob Saibot (Close): Down, Down, Down, Square
    Raiden (Close): Down, Forward, Back, X
    Scorpion (Far): Down, Forward, Back, Triangle
    Shao Kahn (Close): Back, Forward, Back, Square
    Skarlet (Mid): Down, Down, Forward, Circle
    Sonya Blade (Close): Back, Forward, Down, X
    Sub-Zero (Mid): Forward, Down, Forward, Circle

All fatalities




Easy “Total Disrespect” trophy


Bug-Vorah is the “Mother Bug” special ability for D’Vorah that you must first equip in character customizaton. At the main menu, select “Kustomize”, “Characters”, “D’Vorah”. After selecting her, choose “Create Kustom Variation”. Select the default icon. Select the new custom variation (press R1 twice to switch to “Abilities”). Unequip the pre-selected abilities, and equip the last ability on the list called “Mother Bug”. This ability triggers automatically and summons Bug-Vorah when your health has depleted in the last round. To make the match shorter and getting this trophy easier, go to the main menu and select “Gameplay”, “Rounds To Win”, and set it to “1”.


At the main menu, select “Fight”, “Local”, select D’Vorah, and press Left to choose your custom loadout. Make sure the two Mother Bug icons are showing to ensure the loadout saved correctly. If these ability icons are not showing, it means you must go back into the ability customization and save it again to ensure Mother-Bug is properly selected. Set the match to the Very Easy difficulty. Damage the opponent until they have only a little health remaining. Then, allow them to defeat you. As soon as your health is gone, it will summon Bug-Vorah. You can now fly around as a little bug and hit the opponent with it to win the match. It automatically turns you back to D’Vorah after defeating the opponent. Hit the opponent once more to win the match and get the “Total Disrespect” trophy.


All character endings



All fatal blows