Dirt Rally 2.0


Dirt Rally 2.0 Tips


Interested in Getting Faster Times in DiRT Rally 2.0?


DiRT Rally 2.0 has managed to get much praise. Unfortunately, while it appeals to a lot of people, it isn’t the friendliest title for newcomers. As a result, interested individuals might want to look up information to help them over that initial hurdle, starting with these useful tips:


Expect Realism


It is interesting to note that DiRT Rally 2.0 went for increased realism when it came to the handling of its rally cars. As such, interested individuals with expectations based on other racing games might want to review their understanding of the basics, which will provide them with the foundation that they need to get good at the game. For instance, holding down the accelerate button at all times is not a good idea because DiRT Rally 2.0 is a racing game that demands more variation from the driving of its players.



Dirt Rally 2.0 Tips




Expect Loose Surfaces


One of the most interesting features in DiRT Rally 2.0 is that loose surfaces will become more and more difficult to maneuver on over the course of a race. Due to this, if interested individuals don’t have a good grasp on how to handle such terrain, they might want to slow down as they head in. Certainly, they will lose some speed because of their caution, but that still makes for a better choice than running the risk of encountering something much more disastrous in nature.



Dirt Rally 2.0 Tips




Eventually, interested individuals will get a better understanding of what they should and shouldn’t do under such circumstances, which is when they will be ready to take on more risks because they will be prepared to handle them.


Listen to Your Co-Driver


The co-driver says a lot of things that can provide interested individuals with useful information. However, what they say might need some interpretation. For example, when they say either “Left” or “Right” followed by a number that runs from 1 to 6, they are referring to the direction of an upcoming turn as well as its severity.






Number-wise, a 1 means a very sharp turn, whereas a 6 means something that is better-described as being a very gentle curve. Likewise, a crest means a rising slope that will make it difficult to see what is coming up, while an over crest means a crest situated on a turn. Something that comes with additional challenges to say the least.


Focus on the Internals When Repairing


Going over the repair time at the stations between stages results in a time penalty. As a result, interested individuals need to prioritize certain repairs over others. Generally speaking, this means focusing on any kind of internal damage while leaving the superficial damage on the body of the rally car for when there is enough time to accommodate those fixes.


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