Katana Zero Cheats And Tips


Katana Zero Cheats And Tips


Curious About Katana Zero?


Katana Zero came out on April 19. As such, interested individuals can find a wealth of information out there about the issues that are troubling them. Furthermore, considering the content that has been packed into the platformer, it can be an excellent idea for them to do so.


What Are Some Katana Zero Tips to Keep in Mind?


Here are some Katana Zero tips to keep in mind:


Use Soft Checkpoints


Katana Zero isn’t the longest platformer that can be found out there. However, that doesn’t mean that getting through it will be a breeze, seeing as how much of it requires intense focus for minimal error-making. Under these circumstances, checkpoints are critical, which is why interested individuals will want to make good use of soft checkpoints as much as their hard counterparts. For those who are unsure, hard checkpoints are the checkpoints that are unlocked on a permanent basis, which happen whenever the player completes a significant stretch of the game. In contrast, soft checkpoints are the checkpoints that the player can create whenever they choose to exit the game while they are still in the middle of a stage.



Katana Zero Cheats And Tips




The next time that the player chooses to start up the game, they will be able to resume from the screen that they were on, thus making it that much easier for them to get over the challenges in their way. However, there are a couple of important points to keep in mind. First, they won’t be able to keep any of the progress that they have already made on the relevant screen, meaning that they won’t be able to brute force the challenges by save scumming. Second, if they start a new stage without completing the stage that they were on, they will lose the soft checkpoint, thus destroying the progress that they have already made on that stage.


Lots of Replayability


One of the most interesting features of Katana Zero is its replayability. Simply put, making different choices can unlock different outcomes, thus enabling interested individuals to unlock different content. Luckily, if the player wants to check the different consequences of a different decision, they can just go back to it using the hard checkpoints system to do whatever they want before proceeding further. As such, interested individuals might want to familiarize themselves with this system, particularly if they want to get all of the achievements, which will require them to go back and forth a fair number of times for 100 percent completion.






There Are a Lot of Secrets to Be Uncovered


Perhaps unsurprisingly, there are a lot of secrets that can be uncovered in Katana Zero. For instance, the first kill in the game is holding a Prism Key that can be used to unlock the Prism Sword, meaning that interested individuals might want to backtrack a bit to pick it up before proceeding further. Furthermore, the target in the Murdower Hotel has a key that can be used to secure a sword capable of unleashing a charge attack, but he needs to be killed with a bust that can be picked up and tossed at him before he starts talking.


Please note that some of the requirements for getting these secrets can be much more complicated than others, so much so that it can be difficult to figure them out without having read about them somewhere. One excellent example would be the Phoenix Key for the Phoenix Edge, which involves waiting so long that the robber will jump out the window while leaving the item behind to be picked up.


Don’t Be Afraid to Make Bad Decisions


There are some decisions in Katana Zero that make it very obvious that they lead to bad outcomes. However, interested individuals might want to make them anyways because some of them are needed to get all of the achievements that can be found in the game. For example, when the player is presented with the choice between “life” and “death” in Chinatown, they can choose “death” to unlock “The End.” Likewise, following the target off of the balcony in the Murdower Hotel will lead to “What a Bad Idea,” which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like.


With that said, there is at least one choice that makes the game more difficult in exchange for unlocking another achievement. In short, when the player is asked to give their sword to V in the introduction to Studio 51, they can start the stage without their sword, meaning that they are going to have to make good use of the throw-able items on the first screen to make it through. Luckily, their sword is on the second screen, meaning that they don’t have to make things too difficult on themselves in order to get the “Party Animal” achievement.


Observation Is Key


Observation is key for beating bosses in action games, with Katana Zero being no exception to this rule. In short, whenever the player comes up against a boss, they should be cautious so that they can get a good idea of what the boss can and cannot do before coming up with an approach that has been tailor-made for success. Granted, this is going to take up a fair amount of time as well as a fair amount of patience, but in exchange, it should minimize the chances of interested individuals just bouncing off of an obstacle that they can’t seem to get past because in this as in other things, knowledge is key to success.


Check Out Videos


Speaking of which, if the player is stuck on any particular segment, they might want to check out some of the videos that they can find about it. They won’t be able to duplicate what other people do just by looking at a video, but they will be informed about one potential path through their particular problem, thus giving them a direction to focus their efforts on instead of causing them to get frustrated by their potential lack of progress.


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