The Swords Of Ditto Cheats And Tips




The Swords Of Ditto Cheats And Tips


Interested in The Swords of Ditto?


The Swords of Ditto is an interesting title in that it combines top-down, Zeldastyle gameplay with a procedurally-generated world, thus making for incredible replayability. However, it should be mentioned that this means plenty of challenge as well, meaning that interested individuals might want to read up on useful tips to provide themselves with a boost at the start.


Keep These Tips in Mind for The Swords of Ditto


Be sure to keep these tips in mind when playing through The Swords of Ditto:


Don’t Be Too Upset About Getting Killed


It is perfectly natural for people to get upset about getting killed in video games. After all, no one likes the feeling that they have been beaten by a video game no matter how short-term it is bound to be. However, it is important to note that death is just a part of the learning process, even more so for The Swords of Ditto than for most other video games. This is because the quest to defeat Mormo isn’t supposed to be completed in a single generation, meaning that getting killed just means moving on to the next hero who will be retaining some of their predecessor’s capabilities. For that matter, considering the changes that will be wrought upon the world with each death, this process is something that can provide interested individuals with a lot of good opportunities.



The Swords Of Ditto Cheats And Tips




Explore, Explore, Explore


Perhaps unsurprisingly, exploration in The Swords of Ditto is very important for providing the player with the coins as well as the other resources needed to prepare for the Mormo fight. Sometimes, this means heading into the dungeons to plunder their contents. Other times, this means checking signs and mailboxes for the small coin reward that comes with each one. Sure, some of these opportunities might not seem very impressive, but over time, they can add up to significant boosts, thus putting the player that much closer to defeating Mormo.


Master the Roll


The roll is one of the most critical movements that players can master for The Swords of Ditto. In part, this is because the roll will be their single most useful way to escape danger under most circumstances, meaning that they will want to get a very good feel for how far they can roll as well as how fast they roll. However, it should also be noted that the roll comes with an offensive component as well, meaning that people who want to do their absolute best at The Swords of Ditto will want to practice the movement until they know how best to attack while moving out of the way. This can be particularly important when players are going up against enemies that can’t be damaged until they choose to reveal their vulnerability, seeing as how they could very well end up encountering these formidable foes embedded in a swarm of other enemies.



The Swords Of Ditto Cheats And Tips




Get the Bow


Ranged combat can be pretty useful in The Swords of Ditto. This is because most enemies won’t attack the player character until they have come within a certain distance, meaning that the skillful use of the bow can enable players to pull off a rough approximation of a stealth sequence. As such, the bow is one of the items that players should be going for as soon as possible, not least because it is something that they can expect to continue finding useful throughout the entire game. In contrast, the popper that players start out can be used to solve ranged weapon puzzles but lacks the power for anything more, meaning that it is of zero use for ranged combat.


You Want Stickers


The importance of stickers cannot be emphasized enough when it comes to The Swords of Ditto. This is because stickers are the simplest and most straightforward method for powering up the player character, thus making them that much better-prepared to tackle the challenges coming their way. Furthermore, even if players already have all of the capabilities that they want from the stickers that they have already collected, they should persist in this regard because they can still pick up stronger and stronger versions of the right stickers.




The Swords Of Ditto Cheats And Tips




With that said, it should be mentioned that there are some sticker that players will find to be more useful than others, though this is something that can see some variation from person to person based on their particular preferences. For example, a sticker that can speed up health regeneration is very nice to have, particularly when the effect is strong enough that the player character is actually healing faster than they are taking damage. Likewise, interested individuals might want to look into stickers that are helpful for crowd control, with one example being the stickers that enable spin attacks and another example being the stickers that offer ranged attack immunity.


Sell the Excess


With that said, seeing as how there are stronger and weaker versions of the same stickers, it should come as no surprise to learn that players are going to wind up with an excess if they are diligent in their sticker collecting. Fortunately, there is a very easy solution to this particular problem, which would be selling the excess stickers for extra coins. Suffice to say that those extra coins can be used to buy useful tools, upgrades, and expendable items, which can be much more helpful than hanging on to old and outdated stickers.


Use the Dojo


The Swords of Ditto has a dojo in which interested individuals can go up against waves and waves of enemies. Its location is randomized, but the player can encounter a bird character in the starting town who can point them in the right direction. As for the best way to make use of the dojo, well, suffice to say that a source of EXP and coins can be very useful from the start. In fact, there are some people who believe in making as much progress in the dojo as possible right from the start even if that means getting killed so that their next hero can use the collected EXP and coins for a headstart in regards to the rest of the game.