Dangerous Driving Cheats And Tips



Dangerous Driving Cheats And Tips


So You Want to Get Better at Dangerous Driving?


Dangerous Driving has been released. As a result, there are a lot of people out there who will be interested in improving their times in what has been called the spiritual successor to the Burnout series. Fortunately, interested individuals should have no problems finding information by which to guide their improvement efforts in the most productive directions.


Keep These Dangerous Driving Tips in Mind


Here are some tips that might be useful to keep in mind when it comes to Dangerous Driving:


Get a Good Grasp of the Basics


A racing game is a racing game. However, it is important to remember that “racing game” is a general term that can encompass enormous differences from one title to the next. As such, while people who have played other racing games will have an easier time getting used to Dangerous Driving, they won’t be able to master it right from the start because their knowledge won’t carry over in a perfect manner.




Dangerous Driving Cheats And Tips



Due to this, interested individuals should do what they should always do when it comes to learn a new game of any kind, which is to say, they should familiarize themselves with the basics before building up on that solid foundation. Fortunately, this is no great burden, not least because most of this process will consist of play-time and nothing but play-time.


Master Takedowns


Some racing games won’t let players take direct action against their competitors. Considering its name, it should come as no surprise to learn that Dangerous Driving isn’t one of them, seeing as how it lets interested individuals take down their opponents with the right force under the right timing. This won’t send those opponents out of the race forever, but it will cause them to lose valuable time as their competitors continue to speed forward while they wait to respawn. As such, interested individuals need to master the art of the takedown. This is particularly true because even if they aren’t particularly interested in such aggressive driving tactics, their opponents won’t hesitate, meaning that they need to be prepared to meet them head-on.




Dangerous Driving Cheats And Tips




Unfortunately, mastering takedowns is very much something that interested individuals will need to learn by doing. However, it is important for players to remember one thing when examining their choices in the middle of a race. The goal of the racing game is to finish first rather than eliminate the competition, meaning that interested individuals should always be thinking whether the expected benefit of their maneuver will outweigh the expected cost of the same. After all, there are more than just two sides in a race, which is why a careless maneuver could very well wind up benefiting a third party more than the player who executed it.


Master Driving Stunts


On a related note, interested individuals will want to master various driving stunts as well. In part, this is because the right driving stunt at the right time can do wonders for a player’s time on the race track. However, it should also be noted that driving stunts can be used to build up Nitro, which is connected to another feature of considerable importance. With that said, the issue with driving stunts is that even if interested individuals have a pretty good idea of how to pull them off, they can still get thrown by the exact controls of Dangerous Driving when compared to those of other racing games. Due to this, they will want to practice each maneuver again and again until they can be sure that they can count on their skills when it matters the most.


Having said that, interested individuals should remember that there is an evaluation process for driving stunts as well. Simply put, pulling off a driving stunt feels great, but if it either doesn’t contribute to race progress or poses a serious risk of something going wrong, they might want to refrain from them.


Time Your Nitro with Care and Consideration


As mentioned earlier, driving stunts are one way to build up Nitro, while the other would be carrying out takedowns. This is important because the Nitro meter is used to provide a short-term speed boost that can enable interested individuals to overtake their competitors, leave their competitors behind in their dust, and otherwise gain an advantage in the competition.


Unfortunately, this is another thing that interested individuals will want to get a good grasp on by playing through Dangerous Driving again and again. In short, the issue with speed boosts is that their timing matters a lot. It is perfectly possible for someone to waste their Nitro meter at a moment that they didn’t actually need that much speed, thus leaving them short at a later point in time. However, it is also perfectly possible for someone to be so concerned about keeping their Nitro meter in reserve that they wind up never using it, which is even worse than the alternative. Due to this, interested individuals will want to get a better sense of each race track so that they can figure out the best places to use their speed boosts to the best effect.


Check Out Videos


Watching other people play through Dangerous Driving can be surprisingly useful. First, this is because it lets interested individuals see what they can expect, thus putting them in a better position to plan their approach. Two, this is because it lets interested individuals see how other people overcome the various challenges that they can encounter while playing through Dangerous Driving, meaning that they will be much better-prepared to handle them when their chance comes up. Third, it should be mentioned that seeing other people play can provide interested individuals with some useful inspiration of their own.






With that said, while watching is good, actually playing through the game is even better. Video footage tells interested individuals how they should be making use of their improvement efforts, but play-time is what will actually make up the bulk of their improvement efforts. In the end, when everything has been said and done, playing the best game is the best way to get good at it.