God Of War Walkthrough And Cheat Codes



God Of War Walkthrough And Cheat Codes


God Of War Walkthrough And Cheat Codes Introduction

God of War is one of the most lauded releases of recent times. Generally speaking, interested individuals should have no problems making progress in the game so long as they are willing to put in the necessary time and effort. However, it can nonetheless be useful for them to look up some relevant information from time to time to provide them with some beneficial guidance.

Understanding the Fundamentals of Combat (God Of War Walkthrough And Cheat Codes)

By the time of God of War, Kratos has become a much more complicated character than in the previous installments. The change is reflected in the combat, which has become less frenetic in favor of something that calls for more cool-headed consideration. As a result, it can be worthwhile for interested individuals to read up on some of the most important points even if they are confident in their ability to handle whatever challenges God of War can throw at them.

For starters, Kratos has three main tools with which to wreak havoc in combat. First, there is the Leviathan Axe. Second, there is the Guardian Shield. Third, there are Kratos’s fists. Fourth, there will come a point in God of War when Kratos will retrieve the Blades of Chaos, thus making those available for use once more. It isn’t uncommon for interested individuals to have favorites, but if they want the best results and nothing but the best results, they will need to master the full set because each one has certain characteristics that make it better-suited for certain circumstances than the others.

First, the Leviathan Axe is very versatile. In part, this is because it can be used to ruin enemies in close quarters combat. However, it should be noted that it can be hurled at enemies before being recalled to the hand of its owner, thus making it a way to target otherwise unreachable enemies as well as a way to strike unsuspecting enemies from the back. On top of this, the single biggest upside to the Leviathan Axe is that it can do the most damage, thus making the weapon of choice for a wide range of enemies under a wide range of circumstances.







Second, while the Guardian Shield can be used to hit enemies, its real value lies in its protective capabilities. Sure, it falls short of providing the player with true invulnerability, both because it is limited to frontal protection and because there are some serious limits to what it can and can’t handle. However, it nonetheless has some very useful capabilities packed into it. For example, it can be used to reflect certain projectiles. Likewise, when it is used in the instant when enemies attack, it can be used to unleash some brutal parries as well. As such, while the Guardian Shield can’t be considered the epitome of either offense or defense in God of War, it still has a valuable role for interested individuals.




God Of War Walkthrough And Cheat Codes




Third, there are Kratos’s fists, which are formidable weapons in their own right. They aren’t as good as the Leviathan Axe when it comes to the simple and straightforward dealing out damage, but they do have an upside in that they are better for building up the stun meters of enemies. Since it is possible to perform powerful execution moves on stunned enemies, this makes the fists more than worthwhile. After all, execution moves might not be capable of killing the most powerful enemies with one use, but they can provide a lot of progress towards that particular end.

Fourth, there are the Blades of Chaos, which come with a number of important benefits. For instance, they can be used to attack in multiple directions, thus making it that much easier for the player to handle entire swarms of enemies. Furthermore, the Blades of Chaos are quite good for dealing out damage, meaning that they are an effective as well as efficient option for beating down tougher targets.

On top of this, the Blades of Chaos are even medium-ranged weapons that can be used as harpoons, which combines with the rest of their capabilities to make them more versatile than what most people might expect on initial consideration. However, there is one serious issue with the Blades of Chaos that interested individuals must keep in mind. In short, it is much easier to cancel out animations with the Leviathan Axe than with the Blades of Chaos, meaning that interested individuals need to be careful about launching into attacks with the latter unless they are sure that they want to commit to said course of action.





God Of War Walkthrough And Cheat Codes




Moving on, it is worth mentioning something about the kinds of attacks that are available to interested individuals. In short, players have access to both light attacks and heavy attacks, which they should be mixing up as the situation dictates. Generally speaking, light attacks are fast, which makes them well-suited for creating combos. In contrast, heavy attacks are slow but powerful, which make them excellent when players want their blows to have a real impact but not so much so when they need to remain moving. At this point, it should be mentioned that runes can be put on the Leviathan Axe for special moves that can be separated into light attacks and heavy attacks as well. These runic attacks can come with a wide range of effects, meaning that interested individuals will want to experiment with various match-ups to see which ones work the best for them in various situations.

Besides this, players should know about the Spartan Rage mechanic, which can be used to provide Kratos with a short-term boost once his Rage Meter has filled up. There are a couple of main benefits to this mechanic, meaning that it is well-worth mastering. First, Spartan Rage enables the player to deal out considerable amounts of damage within a short period of time. It isn’t quite as good as outright invulnerability, but the sheer amount of damage plus the associated staggering effect mean that most enemies won’t be getting the chance to do much of their own.

Second, Spartan Rage enables the player to regenerate while dealing damage, thus making it a potential life saver for someone whose health is at either critical or near-critical levels. As for the issue of whether players should be saving up their Spartan Rage or not, well, that can be a bit complicated in some cases, meaning that more consideration is needed. There can be no doubt about the usefulness of Spartan Rage, but the Rage Meter builds up fast enough that it can’t be considered too precious a resource, meaning that the choice to use it or save it should be very much influenced by whether the player thinks that they are going to have imminent need of it or not.

With that said, while offensive capabilities might have dominated in previous installments, God of War is interesting in that players need to have a good grasp on their defensive capabilities as well. As stated earlier, the Guardian Shield can’t protect against all of the attacks that players can expect to come their way over the course of the game. Due to this, they will need to master the fine art of dodging as well, which means understanding when to dodge as well as where to dodge.

First, players need to know when they should be taking defensive measures. For instance, when they see their enemies making a move, they should be prepared to make the appropriate counter-move. When their enemies are showing either a yellow ring or a red ring when about to attack, that is an indication that blocking with the Guardian Shield might not be such a good idea. In the case of the yellow ring, it means that the player will be staggered if they choose to block the incoming attack without parrying it, thus exposing them to the follow-up. However, such attacks can still be parried, meaning that the choice to use the Guardian Shield or not is very much reliant on interested individuals’ confidence in their ability to get the timing right. Meanwhile, the red circle indicates that the incoming attack can’t be either blocked or parried, meaning that interested individuals have no choice but to move out of the way unless they want to be struck. Fortunately, red circle attacks tend to sacrifice speed in exchange for more power, thus making it that much easier for players to avoid them so long as they keep a cool head on their shoulders.

Second, Kratos being Kratos, it should come as no surprise to learn that he has a fair amount of situational awareness even if the player can’t see the enemies that surround him. In short, players should pay close attention to the arrows that point off-screen, which are a rich source of information about the location of threats as well as the nature of those threats. For those who are curious, white arrows indicate the presence of enemies, meaning that they are soon-to-be threats rather than imminent threats. In contrast, red arrows indicate enemies that are launching melee attacks, while purple arrows indicate enemies that are launching ranged attacks. Between these arrows, interested individuals should have more than enough information to work with so long as they continue paying attention.

Third, there is still the issue of figuring out where to dodge. Simply put, a dodge offers interested individuals a very short moment of invulnerability. However, the important part is “very short” because this means that a bad dodge can leave players in a position that is no better than before the dodge. As a result, those who aren’t sure that they have a perfect understanding of their enemies’ attacks shouldn’t attempt to dodge by the narrowest margins so that they can resume attacking as soon as possible. Instead, it might be better for them to take a more cautious approach by dodging in the safest direction in order to get a better feel for what their enemies can and can’t do before switching over to a more aggressive attitude. After all, while dodging into an attack can be pretty funny, it tends to be pretty annoying as well, meaning that it is better for interested individuals to avoid it as much as possible.

Speaking of which, crowd management should make up a considerable part of God of War defense as well. In short, God of War is very fond of throwing multiple enemies at the player, which is important because there is no faster way to get killed than to get surrounded by enemies launching attacks from all directions. Theoretically, players can attempt to prevent such an outcome by killing their enemies faster than they can move into position, but in practice, players shouldn’t count on always being able to do so. Instead, players should prioritize not getting surrounded over other considerations, while making use of various crowd management methods to buy time for them to focus on their enemies one by one.

For starters, interested individuals should have plenty of moves that can be used to break up the cohesion of their enemies. Common examples range from how heavy attacks from the fists can be used to push enemies back to how heavy throws from the Leviathan Axe can be used to pin enemies in place. Moreover, it should be mentioned that the right throw in the right place can be used to hinder enemies as well, whether that means sweeping an enemy’s legs from beneath them or interrupting an enemy about to launch a heavy, un-blockable attack. Unfortunately, while the Leviathan Axe is very useful for buying time for the player to eliminate their enemies, it is also very useful for the actual process of elimination, meaning that there is a real trade-off between these two priorities.

Luckily, interested individuals should remember that God of War is centered on a father-son journey, meaning that Atreus has a real part to play in the combat as well. Yes, Atreus’s arrows aren’t going to do as much damage as Kratos’s attacks. However, it is important to remember that isn’t the point of Atreus’s contributions. First, Atreus’s arrows can interrupt enemies about to launch a heavy, unblockable attack, thus making him a very convenient way to handle those when Kratos either can’t use his Leviathan Axe or has a better use for his Leviathan Axe in hand. Second, Atreus’s arrows can attract enemies towards him rather than Kratos, thus making it that much easier for the player to avoid getting swarmed. Third, Atreus’s arrows can be used to contribute to Kratos’s combos, which isn’t even considering the additional ways that he can help as the game progresses. Summed up, interested individuals should make sure that they have a solid grasp for how to use Atreus, seeing as how his contributions can make the difference between life and death in the toughest battles in God of War.

On a final note, the more tools that interested individuals unlock in God of War, the more that they should experiment with those tools to figure out fluid, fast-paced combos that will enable them to do a great deal of damage while minimizing their exposure to their enemies as much as possible. There are a lot of options, which in turn, means that there are a lot of possibilities. As such, it would be a real shame for players to miss out on the combos that they could be devising, particularly since those combos will enable them to make much smoother progress through the game than otherwise possible.

Understanding the Fundamentals of Upgrades (God Of War Walkthrough And Cheat Codes)

Upgrades have been included in the God of War franchise for a long, long time. However, God of War takes upgrades further than its predecessors, thus making them that much more important for those who want to make good progress through it. Generally speaking, there are two kinds of upgrades that people should be interested in. One would be the skills for their characters. Meanwhile, the other would be the upgrades for their characters’ equipment. Both kinds of upgrades should be considered very important, meaning that interested individuals should do their best to get their upgrades as soon as they come in for the smoothest progression through the game possible.

Interested individuals can get plenty of experience with which to upgrade their characters’ skills in God of War by just playing through the game. However, if they want to get as much experience as possible as fast as possible, they are going to have to keep some basic tips in mind. First, the standard way to accumulate experience in games is very much applicable in God of War, meaning that interested individuals will want to hunt down all of their enemies for the most experience from their encounters. However, there is another rich source of experience in the form of favors as well as side-quests, which can provide some variety for those who are getting exhausted by grinding their way through their enemies.




God Of War Walkthrough And Cheat Codes




On top of this, it should be mentioned that the player’s Luck stat influences the amount of gains that can be gotten from each enemy, meaning that good use of equipment can make for a surprising difference in this regard. Sure, the increased gains from each enemy might not seem like that much in the grand scheme of things, but given time, those small increments can save interested individuals a great deal of time and effort, particularly if they are diligent about keeping their Luck up as much as possible.

Meanwhile, the upgrades for equipment are just as important if not more so. Unfortunately, while the collection of hacksilver and other resources will be critical for making equipment as useful as possible, interested individuals need to keep in mind that there are other requirements in that regard as well. For instance, if players want to upgrade their Leviathan Axe to its highest level, they are going to have to get certain items from various enemies, which won’t be available until certain parts of the game.

This can be seen in how the second upgrade won’t be available until the player has managed to escape from the Ruins; how the third upgrade won’t be available until the player has managed to get the Frozen Flame from the Ogre in the Foothills; how the fourth upgrade won’t be available until the player has managed to get the Frozen Flame from the Jarn Fotr in the Heart of the Mountain; how the fifth upgrade won’t be available until the player has managed to get the Frozen Flame by beating both Magni and Modi at Thamur’s Corpse; and how the sixth upgrade won’t be available until the player has managed to collect 5,000 Mist Echoes by checking out the Legendary Chest in the Center Chamber of Nilfheim.

Other weapons have similar requirements. This can be seen in how upgrading the Blades of Chaos will take four Chaos Flames as well as the Raging Inferno of Muspelheim, which must be earned by beating five powerful enemies in five locations. In short, the full list consists of the Mattugr Helson in Helheim, the Trolls in Tyr’s Vault, the Hel-Traveler in Helheim, and the Valkyrie Gondul in Muspelheim. Finding these encounters should be a pretty simple and straightforward process, but be warned that the Hel-Traveler must be faced while the player is fleeing from Helheim.

Moving on, it should be mentioned that Atreus’s Talon Bow can be upgraded as well. Once again, interested individuals are going to have to carry out various tasks to make it possible for them to purchase these upgrades. However, the upside to upgrading the Talon Bow is that interested individuals can meet the unlock conditions by just playing through God of War‘s story, meaning that it should be a relatively simple though very expensive process. The same is true for Atreus’s quiver, though the sheer cost of everything needed means that interested individuals are going to want to start saving up for the upgrades sooner rather than later.

Speaking of which, upgrading weapons will make more and more skills available to interested individuals. Unlocking these skills is a very important process in God of War as well. In part, this is because more skills make for a more powerful Kratos and Atreus, which in turn, makes for a much more satisfying play-through. However, it should also be noted that some of the later battles can be very challenging, meaning that having the right skills will prove critical for enabling interested individuals to get through them.

Generally speaking, interested individuals should focus on the skills that are most compatible with their particular play style. After all, everyone has their own particular approach when it comes these kinds of games, meaning that it is better for them to go with something that they find fun rather than chase some kind of nebulous ideal of optimization. This is particularly true because God of War has been balanced well enough that interested individuals have a lot of very useful options, meaning that it would be a real shame to miss out on some of the opportunities that are available to them.

With that said, there are some options that are considered to be a cut above the rest, meaning that interested individuals might want to focus on them before really getting involved in the experimentation to find their best match. For example, Permafrost is one of the most common recommendations because it provides the player with a meter that fills up as they hit their enemies while avoiding being hit in the process.

Once the meter has been filled, Permafrost will enable them to do frost damage with every swing, which is very useful because that enables them to slow down their enemies while also juggling them for longer periods of time for more damage than otherwise possible. As such, while Permafrost is an excellent tool for beating down enemies as fast as possible, it is also great for keeping combat-distance enemies at a manageable number so long as players are capable of predicting their attacks and making the appropriate dodges as necessary.

Besides Permafrost, there are Countering Strike and Countering Blast, which are exactly what they sound like in that they are the skills that let players counter close-range attacks and long-range attacks with their shield. As such, while these two skills won’t come cheap, they are critical, so much so that interested individuals should pick them up sooner rather than later to buff up their defensive capabilities. Speaking of which, the Guardian Sweep is pretty useful as well because it can be used to send a fair number of enemies to the ground, thus providing the player with more time to work on priority targets instead of getting swarmed by all of their enemies all at once.

Of course, while upgrading Kratos is critical, upgrading Atreus can provide the player with handsome dividends as well. In particular, interested individuals are going to want to pick up both Teamwork and Ferocity. Teamwork is something that players should pick up because it makes Atreus more capable of dealing damage against enemies that Kratos has rendered vulnerable. Moreover, he will actually be proactive about capitalizing on such opportunities, thus making him that much more useful from an offensive perspective.

Likewise, Ferocity is what convinces Atreus to take a more aggressive approach with his bow as well as his other means of attack, which has a couple of neat upsides. One, this makes him even more useful for dealing out damage as well as keeping enemies off of the player. Two, Atreus’s attacks come with a fair amount of stunning, meaning that they can provide the player with some excellent opportunities for dealing out additional damage as well so long as the player is fast enough to make the right move when they see the chance come up.

On a final note, there are a lot of skills associated with particular weapons as well. Naturally, interested individuals will want to focus on whichever weapon that they spend the most time using, though since the most capable Kratos should be using all of the tools at his disposal rather than just some of them, interested individuals shouldn’t dedicate everything to just one weapon, lest they wind up making themselves too specialized. With that said, while picking up one or two of these skills might not eat up a great deal of resources, the sheer number of them means that these costs can add up to very high sums very fast. As such, interested individuals shouldn’t just be grinding for hacksilver as well as other resources with which to pay for their equipment, they should also be doing their best to collect as much experience as possible as fast as possible so that they can unlock the most skills for the most satisfying play through possible.

Understanding the Fundamentals of Exploration (God Of War Walkthrough And Cheat Codes)

There are some people out there who have called God of War an open world game. This is rather misleading because it isn’t a true example of such titles. In fact, the game director Cory Barlog has outright stated that he was against making an open world game from the very start. However, this wasn’t because Barlog had something against such titles. Instead, this was because of some very practical issues. In short, open world games are huge, meaning that they need huge amounts of resources to sustain a successful development that won’t leave interested individuals feeling like they are being forced to slog over vast expanses of nothing.

SIE Santa Monica Studio might have been owned by Sony Interactive Entertainment, but it couldn’t call on the same kinds of resources as, say, a Ubisoft or a Rockstar Games, meaning that their attempt to make an open world game would have been doomed to failure. As a result, Barlog and the rest of the team decided to make what Barlog has called a “wide linear” game, which was meant to evoke the sense of discovery that he remembered from The Legend of Zelda titles from his childhood to some extent.

In any case, the important part is this – God of War can’t provide interested individuals with a true open world experience, but it can provide them with plenty of exploration anyways. Naturally, this means that if someone wants to bring in as much hacksilver and other resources as possible in God of War, they are going to have to conduct a thorough exploration. For people who enjoy finding things on their own, this can make for hours and hours of entertainment. However, for people who are less enthused about that kind of thing, they should know that there are various tips that can be used to make their lives that much easier.

For starters, God of War makes frequent use of an old standby in the form of places that cannot be accessed until the player has discovered the corresponding ability. As a result, a good portion of the exploration in said title consists of returning to already visited regions to see if once blocked-off places are now accessible to the player. This can be frustrating. However, it is nonetheless worthwhile because the additional effort can provide interested individuals with a great deal of hacksilver as well as other resources that can be used to make Kratos and Atreus that much stronger. Granted, players should still be able to beat the game even if they don’t put in the time needed to find absolutely everything, but they will find it much easier with a buffed-up father and son duo who have been making a serious effort in this regard.

With that said, thoroughness is a virtue in other contexts as well. For example, interested individuals are going to need a lot of hacksilver to get all of the upgrades that are available to them, meaning that even if they think that they have enough for the time being, chances are good that they don’t actually have enough. Due to this, interested individuals might want to practice thorough hacksilver collection even if that comes at the cost of some minor inconvenience.



god of war walkthrough and cheat codes




Yes, each such sum might be minor on its own, but the important thing to remember is that the difference between significant and not so significant sums is a matter of sufficient repetition, meaning that interested individuals could wind up regretting their neglect if they are careless about picking up the hacksilver that they have earned through their exploits. Likewise, God of War provides interested individuals with a wide range of ways to pick up some additional hacksilver by capitalizing on presented opportunities. Sometimes, this means stopping at highlighted spots out on the water so that Atreus can draw up some valuables. Other times, this means opening everything that can be opened as well as smashing everything that can be smashed, which is a time-honored tradition that should be more than familiar for a lot of players out there.

On top of this, when God of War tells interested individuals that artifacts don’t actually do anything meaningful for them, they might want to listen so that they can proceed to sell their collection for further valuables. Sure, collecting a full set of artifacts provides players with bonus experience, but the great thing about collecting artifacts is that players don’t have to have the full set on them at the same time for it to count, meaning that they should never hesitate to sell. For that matter, interested individuals might want to eye their other items as well once their usefulness has come to a close because they can be used to fetch a handsome sum as well.

Besides this, it should be mentioned that exploration is what will point interested individuals towards the various side-quests that can be found in God of War. Naturally, completing these side-quests is what will provide them with more experience, more hacksilver, and more of other resources, which should enable them to become that much more powerful and thus that much better prepared for their enemies. Generally speaking, these side-quests are pretty simple and straightforward in nature because most of them need the player to head to a particular place, fight some particular enemies, and then return for their rewards. However, if interested individuals find that they struggling with whatever it is that they have been called upon to accomplish, they can consider waiting until they are stronger before making another attempt in the future.

Walkthrough (God Of War Walkthrough And Cheat Codes)

The walkthrough for the main story of God of War starts here. Please note that if interested individuals need guidance of a more visual sort, there are a lot of players and other parties that have posted comprehensive walkthroughs on YouTube as well as other websites. As such, they should have no problems finding someone with video footage that is suitable for their particular preferences. For example, if they are interested in a full walkthrough of the entire game without any commentary whatsoever, they might want to look up this 13-hour-long video posted by Gamer’s Little Playground.







In contrast, if they like the lack of commentary but prefer their videos chopped up into shorter, more manageable segments, consider starting out with this video posted by MKIceAndFire. Of course, there are plenty of other options out there for interested individuals, meaning that they should be able to find something useful for them with minimal searching.







The Marked Trees (God Of War Walkthrough And Cheat Codes)

The first part of God of War is pretty simple and straightforward. After all, it isn’t meant to challenge the player. Instead, it is meant to teach them about the fundamentals of the game, which is why players should take full advantage of that fact to soak in as much knowledge as possible. Narrative-wise, Kratos’s interactions with Atreus in this part is what sets the tone for their relationship, which will be crux on which the story of God of War rests.

For the most part, beating this section should be no more complicated than following Atreus following the stag as well as following the instructions that come up. However, be sure to take these instructions to heart because they are going to prove relevant again and again throughout the rest of the game. As for the boss, please note that the troll has a limited repertoire. For the most part, he uses a thrust followed by a slam, which can be countered by rolling to the sides, launching a few attacks, and then retreating before the player can be punished for staying too close.

Once the troll has taken some serious damage, he will start including a wild chain of attacks with a lot of power but not a lot of distance. When this happens, stay back until he exhausts himself before launching an attack but feel free to make use of the Leviathan Axe as well as the Talon Bow to pepper him throughout. On the whole, the troll is a great chance for interested individuals to practice some strategies that should serve them well throughout God of War, which can be summed up as waiting for opportunities to come up, capitalizing on said opportunities, and then backing off because of the painful punishments for getting too greedy against bosses.

This is pretty important because players can expect a boss fight against a bare-chested stranger with very noticeable tattoos as well. One of his attacks would be a furious lunge, which can be countered by blocking. Another of his attacks would be shouting to send forth ice, which can be prevented by sending the Leviathan Axe flying at his face. This makes up most of his movements throughout the entire fight, but be warned that players will want to keep up the pressure as much as possible if they want to outlast him.

Path to the Mountain (God Of War Walkthrough And Cheat Codes)

Once again, making progress through this section should be pretty simple and straightforward. However, if players feel lost, they shouldn’t hesitate to look for the markers that have been placed throughout the entire game, which should give them a visual indication of where they should be headed next. Be warned that this section is the one that introduces revenants, which aren’t particularly powerful but are particularly annoying because they can teleport away from Kratos’s attacks. Luckily, Atreus’s arrows can be used to stun them, thus making them vulnerable for Kratos’s attacks. However, please note that not getting greedy is still applicable in these cases because the revenants won’t stay stunned forever.

Eventually, this section will provide the player with the chance to upgrade their weapons by rescuing a dwarf. Be sure to take that opportunity because this section will also provide the player with another fight against another troll. This time around, the troll will have the ability to spew lava as well as the ability to spread fire in an entire circle around it, meaning that interested individuals might want to take a cautious approach until they get a better sense for when these abilities are triggered. However, the bigger issue might be the enemies that will spawn to harass the player, meaning that when this happens, it might be better to head on over to clear them out before returning to the fire-themed troll.

Please note that there is one other enemy of note that will appear towards the end of this section, which would be the ogre. In short, it is dangerous because it has very powerful attacks that can’t be blocked without perfect timing, which are in addition to a charge attack that can’t be blocked at all. Moreover, the ogre will throw other enemies at the player, thus making for one more reason that they should remain light on their feet. Be warned that the other enemies will act as support, so be sure to either take them out or otherwise interrupt them whenever they are preparing to do something too dangerous to be ignored.

A Realm Beyond (God Of War Walkthrough And Cheat Codes)

A Realm Beyond is a very short section. This is because it consists of the player following the witch’s instructions in order to gain access to the realm room. After which, they should make use of it so that they can wind up in Alfheim.

The Light of Alfheim (God Of War Walkthrough And Cheat Codes)

Alfheim being Alfheim, it is perhaps unsurprising to learn that there will be elves to fight. However, these are dark elves rather than the kind that tend to live in said realm. In any case, dark elves are agile fliers with the means to deal damage at a considerable distance and an even more considerable distance, meaning that they should be combated with either well-timed throws of the Leviathan Axe or even a rush into close quarters combat followed up by a fast-paced beatdown.

Eventually, players are going to have to take on the Stone Ancient. It shouldn’t be too much of a challenge, but it nonetheless possesses some quirks that interested individuals might want to keep in mind. In short, the Stone Ancient has a single weakness, which would be the blue core that becomes exposed when it unleashes its beam attack. Due to this, players will want to use the stones to prevent themselves from getting hit by the beam attack while capitalizing on opportunities to hit the core. Towards the end of the fight, dark elves will be called in to provide assistance, which should be prioritized over the Stone Ancient because the latter is so slow that this process should be safe.

The other boss in this section is Svartaljofurr. Unlike previous bosses, there is no point to blocking his attacks. Instead, players are going to have to remain light on their feet so that they can dodge the charge as well as the other attacks that he can make with his spear. In particular, interested individuals will want to watch out for the beam attacks, which can be countered by dodging backwards because the beam will go towards both sides of them. The best approach is to attack when the chance comes up while also making use of Atreus’s arrows throughout to get in as much chip damage as possible.

Inside the Mountain (God Of War Walkthrough And Cheat Codes)

The trolls will make a comeback in this section of God of War. However, this time, it will be a frost-themed troll rather than a fire-themed troll, meaning that its attacks will cause the player to slow down because of the associated status effect. However, a troll is still a troll, meaning that the player should have plenty of experience dispatching such foes by this point in time. It is interesting to note that a ranged strategy can be particularly effective because this troll is limited to a very telegraphed shockwave of ice triggered via a stomp. Be sure to remain on the move to avoid getting cornered by this melee-oriented enemy.

With that said, there is one other boss for this section that tends to be much more memorable. After all, the second battle fight is against a dragon with distinctive phases, which should be pretty manageable so long as players eschew melee in preference for evading its attacks throughout the fight. The one time when the player should close in for a more close quarters approach is when the dragon has either performed a shockwave or has fallen because of the exploding crystals that the player will be using. Be warned that there is some timing needed to get the crystals right, but with proper timing, players should be able to not just disrupt the dragon but also inflict considerable damage in the process.

A New Destination (God Of War Walkthrough And Cheat Codes)

A New Destination is another example of a section that can be completed in a very short time by just following the instructions. As such, it can be a good time for interested individuals to scoop up anything that they might have missed out on in preparation for the challenges still to come. Once they are done, they should head on over to speak with the Midgard Serpent before proceeding further.

The Magic Chisel (God Of War Walkthrough And Cheat Codes)

In The Magic Chisel, interested individuals can expect their first sighting of traveler champions, which come with the very interesting but very irritating quirk of being invulnerable from the front. As such, the one way to beat them is to let them get close, dodge their jabs, swings, and other sword attacks, and then move in to do as much damage as possible while they have been rendered vulnerable. Unfortunately, traveler champions have a lot of health, meaning that this process can take some time.

Besides traveler champions, interested individuals should know that they can expect to come up against a buffed version of an ogre as well. Said creature is much more threatening up close than from a distance, seeing as how its one distance attack consists of hurling rocks that can be avoided by dodging to the side. However, if players are impatient enough to want to tackle it in close quarters combat, they should make sure of the color indications to know when they should be blocking as well as when they should be dodging.

Amusingly, trolls make another appearance in the form of the Stonebeard King, which has a much more regal name but remains a troll with a troll’s attack patterns. Once again, his lack of good distance attacks means that hitting him with a constant barrage of distance attacks is a legitimate strategy that can get very good results. However, players have relatively limited space to work with, meaning that they will want to remain on the move throughout the entire fight to prevent themselves from being cornered.

Finally, there are Magni and Modi. For those who are having problems remembering which is which, Magni would be the one with the greatsword, while Modi would be the one with the mace and shield combo. Due to this, players should focus on Magni because he is much less capable of protecting himself before moving on to Modi, who can be worn down with strategic use of Atreus’s arrows creating opportunities for Kratos’s Leviathan Axe. Besides the standard fights, Magni and Modi will also enter into thunderstorm phases.

When that happens, be sure to rotate Kratos until the red arrow has been spotted before blocking the incoming attack because just standing in place is a good way to get blindsided. Over the course of the fight, interested individuals can expect Magni and Modi to make more and more use of lighting attacks. The best solution for said attacks is to remain at a distance while striving to dodge as much as possible, but otherwise, the strategy is still Magni then Modi.

Behind the Lock (God Of War Walkthrough And Cheat Codes)

With the Chisel, this is a good time to do some exploring to check out the areas that can be opened up with it. Afterwards, head on over to Tyr’s Vault to move towards the next section.

The Sickness (God Of War Walkthrough And Cheat Codes)

The Sickness is a real change-up because Atreus won’t be available but Kratos will now be capable of wielding the Blades of Chaos, meaning that interested individuals might want to familiarize themselves with their new circumstances before proceeding further. Otherwise, the biggest challenge will be the Bridge Keeper, which is another troll fight. Unfortunately, this troll fight is quite a bit tougher than its predecessors, not least because the Bridge Keeper possesses a wide range of attacks. Even worse, he is capable of teleporting, meaning that remaining at a distance isn’t quite as good an approach to him as it is for the other trolls. On the whole, the Bridge Keeper is a fast-moving threat, meaning that interested individuals will want to beat him down as fast as possible by bringing everything that they have to bear whenever the chance comes up.

The Black Rune (God Of War Walkthrough And Cheat Codes)

In this section, the player will wind up in a trap eventually, which can be solved by moving chains until the symbols have been rearranged in the correct order of crescent, moon, and sun. Otherwise, the most notable challenge is the boss battle with the Grendels of the Ashes and Frost. Like Magni and Modi, players will want to focus on one before moving on to the next. Unlike Magni and Modi, players will want to use the Leviathan Axe on the Grendel of the Ashes and the Blades of Chaos on the Grendel of the Frost because of their respective elements. Besides this, interested individuals might want to keep in mind that there are two enemies in this fight, meaning that they should always keep a watchful eye out for the other Grendel when they are getting their attacks in.

Return to the Summit (God Of War Walkthrough And Cheat Codes)

The one challenge of note in Return to the Summit is the Frost Ancient, which is an upgraded version of the previous Ancient. As a result, repeated applications of the Leviathan Axe will be critical for getting in hits on its core. Moreover, the Frost Ancient can have bits and pieces of the core blow off, which can be picked up and then thrown back for excellent damage. Something that can be exploited further by going in for the attack while the Frost Ancient is stunned.

Escape From Helheim (God Of War Walkthrough And Cheat Codes)

Escape From Helheim will feature a sequence in which the player will have to fight off wave after wave of enemies while keeping some fires lit. They should already know how to deal with each of the enemies that will come in. However, the way that the fight is set up means that Kratos can get a lot of good use out of the Blade of Chaos in this sequence.

A Path to Jotunheim (God Of War Walkthrough And Cheat Codes)

There are some enemies as well as some puzzles in need of solving in A Path to Jotunheim. Eventually, players will be able to pick up the Unity Stone, which will provide them with access to Jotunheim.

Between the Realms (God Of War Walkthrough And Cheat Codes)

Between the Realms is a very combat-heavy sequence. For the weaker but more numerous enemies, the Blades of Chaos will prove to be very useful. However, the whole thing will be topped off with a lava troll, which will be an upgraded version of its predecessor will new and improved attacks. For instance, it can leap forward to attack, which makes it faster but still very vulnerable to the player rolling aside before coming in from the sides. Likewise, it can call up lava where the player is standing, which can be nasty if the player gets caught off-guard in expectation of something simpler.

Jotunheim in Reach (God Of War Walkthrough And Cheat Codes)

Jotunheim in Reach features the final confrontation with Baldur, who is much more capable than when he was first fought close to the start of the game. For the most part, Baldur’s melee options can be blocked, meaning that players might want to make use of the counterattacks that they have picked up to punish him for them. Similarly, Baldur’s ice and lava attacks can be blocked as well, which in turn, means that they can be punished as well. Unfortunately, there are other attacks that are best avoided as much as possible, with examples ranging from the shockwave that is launched by him smashing the ground to the landing point whenever he jumps while he is in flame form.

As always, Atreus’s arrows are very useful for creating opportunities as well as chipping away at Baldur’s health, though Kratos shouldn’t be slacking off in this fight. Be warned that Baldur can use a flame form as well as a frost form in some of the phases, which should be countered using the appropriate weapons, meaning the Leviathan Axe for the flame form and the Blades of Chaos for the frost form. Finally, it is worth mentioning that Freya will be doing her best to stop the fight between the combatants, though this will become less and less of a concern as it enters into its last stages.

Mother’s Ashes (God Of War Walkthrough And Cheat Codes)

Once everything is over, it is time to head to Jotunheim to learn the big reveal of the game, which is that Atreus’s second name is Loki. In any case, once everything has finished up, interested individuals are free to look for whatever it is that they haven’t uncovered before to make sure that they get everything done.

How to Get the Secret Ending (God Of War Walkthrough And Cheat Codes)

Generally speaking, players consider the mountaintop scene to be the ending for God of War. However, it is interesting to note that there is one more scene that can be found by those who want to look for it, which provides some insight into what they can expect from the franchise in the future.

In short, interested individuals can see what has been called the secret ending by heading home. There, they should proceed to the bed so that they can rest from their exertions, which will result in a scene that is stated to be happening some time in the future. For those who are curious, Kratos and Atreus are woken up by a storm that is strong enough to shake their house, which causes them to rush out. Outside, they see a cloaked man who offers no response when Kratos asks his name but instead moves his cloak aside to reveal a hammer hanging at his side that is crackling with electricity. Afterwards, players will return to the present time with Atreus stating that he has had a dream that seemed very real to him.

There are various pieces of insight that can be had by examining the secret ending. First, it is clear that the cloaked man is supposed to be Thor, the Norse god who was associated with storms, thunder, lightning, fertility, and the protection of mankind from monsters. The storm that is strong enough to shake Kratos’s house is very suggestive, but the single strongest piece of evidence is the hammer, which is a clear representation of Mjolnir. In fact, it should be mentioned that the God of War version of Mjolnir is based on the Mjolnir amulets that were made in the past and continue to be made in the present, which possess a very recognizable profile.








Furthermore, the shortness of the secret ending makes it difficult to tell exactly what is happening, but it seem as though the electricity that is crackling around the hammer is crackling around the man’s gloved hand as well. This is important because while Thor tends to be best-known because of Mjolnir, he possessed two other items of importance, with one being the iron gloves called Jarngreipr and the other being the belt called Megingjord. Supposedly, Jarngreipr enabled Thor to wield Mjolnir, while Megingjord doubled Thor’s already formidable strength.

Of course, there is one more reason for players to believe that the cloaked man is Thor. In short, Thor is said to have had three children named Modi, Magni, and Thrud, who were supposed to represent his three characteristics of “Courage,” “Might,” and “Strength.” Over the course of God of War, Kratos and Atreus managed to kill both Modi and Magni, which has huge implications because the two brothers are prophesied to survive Ragnarok. In other words, when Kratos and Atreus managed to kill both Modi and Magni, they managed to change the course of fate, which isn’t supposed to be possible in Norse mythology. As a result, there are some people who think that there might be something more to Thor’s presence at Kratos’s house.

For those who are unfamiliar, Ragnarok is the final battle between the Norse pantheon and their enemies, which is prophesied to result in the destruction of the old world so that it can be replaced by the new world. Unsurprisingly, this means that a lot of the figures from Norse mythology are expected to die in said battle. For example, Odin will be devoured by Fenrir, who in turn, will be killed by Odin’s son Vidar, who will plant one foot on Fenrir’s lower jaw for leverage before using one hand on Fenrir’s upper jaw to tear his mouth apart.

Likewise, Thor will kill the Midgard Serpent, but he will stumble nine steps before he succumbs to the Midgard Serpent’s poison. However, the most notable encounter might be that of Freyr versus Surtur, which will result in Freyr falling before Surtur’s bright sword because Freyr gave away his own magical weapon so that he could win his bride. Victorious, Surtur is the one who will scour the whole of existence with his flames, thus destroying the old world so that it can be replaced by the new.

Unsurprisingly, the Norse pantheon is interested in preventing this outcome in a lot of Norse mythology-inspired stories. Yes, the fate of most of their membership is unmentioned in the prophecies, but considering the very small number who are stated to survive Ragnarok, their prospects look pretty poor to say the least. This interesting is particularly strong because Odin isn’t a god of law and order in the same sense as a lot of other pantheon heads in a lot of other mythologies, seeing as how he is at least as much a trickster god as he is anything else. Under these circumstances, it is no wonder that some people speculate that Thor could be seeking out Kratos and Atreus with the intent of seeing whether their power to change fate can be used to prevent Ragnarok, whether on his own initiative or on Odin’s say-so.

However, the likeliest scenario remains the simplest and most straightforward one. In short, the Norse understanding of justice rested on the right of retribution. If someone has killed someone else, the slain individual’s family members have the right to seek vengeance in kind, whether there was some kind of justification for the killing or not. Theoretically, it is possible for the killer to right the balance by offering payment that is equivalent in value to that of the person who was killed, but that seems pretty improbable in this particular case to say the least. Without compensation, this means that the slain individual’s family members are obligated to seek vengeance, not least because a failure to do so exposes them to further attacks because of a perceived weakness. As such, the chances are very high that the secret scene is exactly what it looks like, which is to say, Thor has sought out Kratos and Atreus to get revenge for his sons Modi and Magni.

Having said that, the presence of Thor isn’t the sole point of interest in the secret ending. Assuming that what happens in the scene happens, that means that Kratos and Atreus will sleep through Fimbulwinter, which is the lead-up to Ragnarok that consists of three successive winters without intervening summers. To some extent, this is understandable. Yes, Fimbulwinter is supposed to be a period filled with fighting, meaning that it might seem like a suitable fit for the God of War franchise. However, it is important to note that said fighting is supposed to see humans fighting humans in the cruel, ceaseless cold until the species has been rendered either extinct or next to extinct, meaning that it would have to be pretty bleak to say the least. Never mind how the whole thing would have to have a winter landscape throughout. By choosing to have Kratos and Atreus sleep through Fimbulwinter, the people behind the God of War franchise can skip over it in preference for moving on to Ragnarok, which tends to be the real attention-getter for Norse mythology anyways.

However, if Kratos and Atreus will sleep through Fimbulwinter, that raises some serious questions. For instance, who or what has the power needed to put both Kratos and Atreus to sleep for multiple seasons? Likewise, what caused Thor to wait until the end of Fimbulwinter to visit Kratos and Atreus? On top of that, if Kratos and Atreus have slept through Fimbulwinter, what is Atreus’s role in Ragnarok?

After all, Atreus is Loki, who is supposed to be one of the most pivotal figures in Ragnarok. In part, this is because Loki is the one who is supposed to start up the march to Ragnarok by killing Baldur, which has happened in God of War. However, it should also be noted that Loki is supposed to sail to the final battlefield on a ship made from dead men’s nails, where he will kill and be killed by Heimdall in the final battle. God of War has already thrown the expected sequence of events off-course, so it seems safe to say that its successors will be very much the same in this regard. However, even so, speculating about what will and will not happen based on Norse mythology remains very entertaining.

On the whole, the secret ending is pretty much exactly what most people would have expected from a post-credit scene. It served to set up the events to come in its successors. Furthermore, it served to tantalize interested individuals about what they can and cannot expect from the future, thus keeping them hungry for more information to come. As such, for people who have enjoyed playing through God of War, it is well-worth watching, particularly since it is so simple to unlock.


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