Void Bastards Cheats And Tips



Void Bastards Cheats And Tips


Void Bastards Is Out

Void Bastards is an interesting release that combines a sci-fi-themed rogue-like with both shooter elements and survival elements. On top of that, it boasts a very unique and very undemanding set of aesthetics, meaning that interested individuals might want to give it a shot.

Keep These Tips In Mind for Void Bastards

Be sure to keep these tips in mind for Void Bastards:


Void Bastards is a rogue-like with some serious survival elements built into it, so it should come as no surprise to learn that it has a number of systems that interested individuals will want to master sooner rather than later. Fortunately, there is a simple and straightforward solution to this particular problem that can be summed up as reading through the information blurbs provided by the title. Granted, this can be rather time-consuming, but in exchange, interested individuals can pick up critical information such as the various uses for the various rooms, with examples ranging from collecting fuel from the FTL to mapping out ships from the Helm.



Void Bastards Cheats And Tips




Your Current Player Character Is Expendable

One of Void Bastards‘ interesting characteristics is that the player character is expendable in the sense that they will just be replaced by another player character in the event of their untimely demise. Better still, while the player can’t expect to hang on to absolutely everything that was collected by their last player character, they can expect to hang on to enough to ensure that their next player character will be in a much better position to handle the challenges awaiting them. As such, while interested individuals shouldn’t be looking to get their player characters killed, they shouldn’t stress out too much when that happens.



Void Bastards Cheats And Tips





Play Based on Your Current Player Character’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Speaking of which, it is interesting to note that each player character has a strength as well as a weakness. For example, one player character might be Short-Statured, which is very useful in a fight because it makes them harder to hit. Meanwhile, another player character might have Smoker, which is less useful because it will cause them to alert their enemies to their presence by coughing.

Generally speaking, interested individuals will want to do their best to play based on these strengths and weaknesses for the smoothest progression. For instance, a Short-Satured Smoker want to forego stealth in preference for a more belligerent approach under certain circumstances.

Plan Out Your Progress

It can be tempting to loot everything that hasn’t been nailed down, pull out the nails, and then loot the remainder. However, Void Bastards‘ survival elements make that a very bad idea, particularly at the start of the game when the player is at their weakest point. Instead, interested individuals should keep in mind what they need whenever they head into a ship so that they can plan out the most efficient route for securing it before returning with it to their own means of transportation.

On a related note, there are various places where interested individuals can replenish various resources, meaning that incorporating them into their routes can enable them to collect more resources by conducting a more thorough exploration.




Void Bastards Cheats And Tips




Know When You Should and Shouldn’t Gamble

Taking risks is inevitable in Void Bastards. However, that isn’t the same as saying that interested individuals should be jumping at all of the risks that they can expect to come up over the course of the game. This is particularly true because rogue-likes being rogue-likes, there is no guarantee that a specific ship is going to provide the player with the resources that they need while coming with a level of challenge that can be handled with their current capabilities.

Due to this, interested individuals should conduct their exploration while remembering the importance of making sure that their exploration will actually be worth it. In other words, if they think that a particular ship is likelier to hurt than help their cause, they shouldn’t hesitate to skip over it in hopes of finding better pickings elsewhere. Of course, skipping over skips is something that comes with risks of its own, meaning that those will have to be factored into the process of risk management as well.

Spend Your Ammo with Care and Consideration

Void Bastard will provide players with plenty of opportunities to replenish their ammo. Unfortunately, chances are good that interested individuals still won’t have enough to do everything that they want to do, meaning that it would be wise of them to practice ammo conservation as much as possible. Sometimes, this means avoiding pointless fights. Other times, this means using less ammo-hungry strategies to overcome various enemies. For example, Tourists blow up when they are shot as well as when the player moves too close, meaning that they are very useful for ammo conservation.

After all, the first part means that a single bullet can be used to take out a Tourist as well as anything situated too close to it, while the second part means that there is a very simple and straightforward method for getting rid of Tourists without the need to spend any bullets whatsoever. Likewise, the player has the ability to open locked doors, but the same can’t be said for the Citizens, meaning that interested individuals have the option of just locking them out if they want to avoid a tough fight that will eat into their health as well as their ammunition.





Void Bastards Cheats And Tips



Remember Your Upgrades

Chances are good that the player will get stuck at some point when playing through Void Bastards. When this happens, they should look to their upgrades for a potential solution to their present problem. In part, this is because new items can mean new capabilities that will make their lives much easier. However, it should also be noted that upgrades can make them stronger as well as more capable of soaking up hits, thus putting them in a much better position to take on serious threats than otherwise possible.


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