Dragon Star Varnir Tips


Dragon Star Varnir Tips


Dragon Star Varnir utilizes an aerial triple layer turn based combat. The battlefield splits into three layers which include the bottom, middle, and the top layer.


The game was set to launch on PS4 on June 11, 2019, in North America and June 14, 2019, in Europe. Many gamers have waited in anticipation to explore the adventures and mysteries of this game. If you are among this group of individuals, have you stopped to think of how long it will take you to master the controls and unlock hidden mysteries.


Here are some unique Dragon Star Varnir tips that will help you advance in levels quickly and make your gaming experience of Dragon Star Varnir more fulfilling.


Unlocking True Ending


The True Ending brings the perfect and most desirable closure to the story. In fact, it is the best type of ending. It makes every minute you spend playing the game count. As compared to other games like Omega Quintet and the Record of Agarest War 2, getting true ending is relatively easier. This doesn’t mean you won’t have obstacles and hurdles to overcome. So, how do you unlock it?


The first and most crucial step is to ensure your madness stays at normal levels. The madness appears as an orb at the top-right of the pause menu. It fills as a result of certain actions and events in the game such as getting game over or selecting certain dialogue options.


Probably, you might be wondering why this process is so important in the game? The Madness Ending, which is one type of the two endings, relies on the orb filling up.




Dragon Star Varnir Tips




Always remember, trying to get both endings at the same time is not a good idea. You don’t want the witch to go mad and the dragon in her womb to hatch—the outcome won’t be impressive.


In the second option, you must make sure your sisters survive. It is imperative to realize, everything you do outside home causes time to progress. During this time your little sisters’ icon will change from green to purple. Don’t let this icon stay in the latter color for a long time as the correspondence girl will go crazy and give birth to a dragon.


To mitigate this problem, feed the sisters meat and blood by filling the satisfaction gauge. Every time you fill this gauge, dragon growth gauge increases and if it happens many time the dragon will be born anyway. The girl will also sire a dragon if you take too long to complete the main story.


To be safe you should ensure that you:

  • buy dragon meat
  • don’t grind excessively
  • be brief while exploring
  • don’t complete every quest

Raise Affection


In Dragon Star Varnir, Zephy the witch must spend much time creating deeper bonds with other witches. This can be achieved by raising affection.


You will realize as your affection increases you get better scene focusing on your character of choice. It also unlocks character ending and extra CG.




Dragon Star Varnir Tips




All you need to achieve this is to visit the room of the witch whose affection you intend to raise and give them gifts. Different witches will prefer different gifts.


Here’s are some of them.


  • Witches’ herb
  • Herb tea
  • Den cookie
  • Spirit’s bouquet
  • Ruby apple
  • Pure white dress
  • Fairy powder
  • Cursed doll
  • Dragon scale
  • Star music box
  • Butterfly ribbon
  • White bikini

Craft your Own Gear


If you don’t want to settle for the vanilla gear or purchasable gear from the game’s shop, just visit the witches’ workshop and make new equipment, a process known as crafting.


You can make elixirs that are used to summon the dragon who drop actual equipment. This concept is just similar to what you find JRPGs.




Dragon Star Varnir Tips




The game allows you to craft almost everything ranging from a pair of boots to scathe with exception of consumables and accessories.


Remember, it will take more than going to the witches’ workshop to craft these things.


Follow these steps and you will be fine.


Step 1: Find New (elixir) Recipes


You cannot make anything without a recipe. There are basic recipes provided by the system but the majority have to be discovered through completing tasks and acquiring inside treasure found in dungeons.


Step 2: Assemble materials


You can’t make equipment from the thin air, so you have to collect materials. It is easy to find them as they are classified depending on their location, thus, giving the player a rough idea on where to find them. For instance, you can get Death Dragon Eye by defeating or gathering enemies in the forest of death.


Step 3: Generate Catalysts


In crafting system, a certain recipe doesn’t coincide to specific equipment but rather to a correspondence tree. An elixir of the wise results to item with a prefix “Of the Wise.” Importantly, crafted equipment varies in rank (up to +9). Since crafting is random, you have to exercise control over the process by use of catalyst. You can earn them through purchasing or completing quests. They will always dictate what you get.


Here’s a table of catalysts, their ranks, and what equipment you can craft.


Catalyst Rank Equipment
Dragon Soul +1 to +3 Any
Silver Soul +3 to +5 Any
Silver Fang +2 to +4 Weapons
Golden Soul +5 to +7 Any
Golden Scale +3 to +6 Armor
Golden Fang +3 to +6 Weapons
Platinum Soul +7 to +9 Any
Platinum Fang +5 to +8 Weapons
Platinum Body +5 to +8 Body Armor
Platinum Body +5 to +8 Leg Armor


Step 4: Make Equipment


Now that you have completed all the processes above, create an elixir of you choice and have your character drink it. This will summon the dragon; defeat it and get a piece of equipment. What really matters, is determining who drinks the elixir.


Overall, these are some of the tips you use when playing Dragon Star Varnir. I hope the article has been helpful.


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