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Judgement Tips


Judgement Is Out

Chances are good that people who are interested in the Yakuza series will have heard of Judgement, seeing as how it is a spin-off title produced by the same studio. Said title has just received a worldwide release on June 25 of 2019. However, since the Japanese version has been out for months and months, interested individuals should have no problems finding information with which to guide their progress through the game.

You Should Be Keeping These Judgement Tips in Mind

If you want to succeed in Judgement, you should be keeping these Judgement tips in mind:

Don’t Get Distracted

Kamurocho is a big place stuffed full of arcades, casinos, and other entertainments. As a result, it is very easy for players to get distracted by it while playing through Judgement. Due to this, if interested individuals want to make good progress through the game, they should indulge themselves in these side entertainments during breaks in the main story.



Judgement Tips




In contrast, when they are on a case, they should focus on the case for the fastest progress. Otherwise, there is a real chance of interested individuals getting bogged down by side entertainment after side entertainment with the result that their progress in the main story slows to a crawl.

Beware Mortal Wounds

Some wounds in Judgement are much more serious than others. To be exact, these “Mortal Wounds” are inflicted whenever the player character is either shot, stabbed, or struck by a boss’s signature move, which is a huge problem because each one means a permanent reduction in the health bar. Fortunately, players aren’t helpless against this particular problem, though overcoming it will take some effort on their part. In short, interested individuals can expect to run into a homeless man in the middle of Chapter 2, which will resulted in them being pointed towards the Children’s Park in northern Kamurocho.




Judgement Tips



There, they should head down the manhole to find a doctor who can help them out in a couple of very important ways. One, they can get a full heal that includes Mortal Wounds in exchange for spending 20,000 yen. Two, they will be able to buy Medical Kits that can be used to heal Mortal Wounds with much more convenience than otherwise possible.

Keep Yourself Topped Up

Speaking of which, it tends to be a good idea for players to keep themselves topped up with healing items. In most cases, they should be able to tell that they are about to get thrust into a long, grueling fight whenever someone asks them if they are ready to go somewhere. However, that is by no means a perfect way to predict such sequences, meaning that interested individuals should do their best to keep themselves well-prepared as much as possible. Simply put, if they get caught flat-footed without a proper stockpile of Toughness and Stamina items, they will regret it.

You Need to Pay Close Attention to Your Reputation

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Reputation is very important in Judgement. After all, raising Reputation is what enables interested individuals to unlock more and more of the game’s content. As for how interested individuals can raise their Reputation, there are a couple of things that they should keep in mind. One, they should strive to max out their Friend Meter in order to gain Reputation points. Two, they should be doing their best to solve Side Cases, which are also one of the best sources of spending money that they can expect to find in Judgement. Something to keep in mind if they are ever running short on said resource.

Some Combat Moves Are More Useful Than Others

Players can choose from various combat moves when it comes to Judgement. However, they should remember that some of these combat moves are much more useful than others, which in turn, means that they are that much more deserving of investment with limited resources. One excellent example of a combat move that is well-worth mastering would be the Flux Fissure, which is neat because it is not just a punishing damage dealer but also because it can be used to break through boss guards.



Judgement Tips



Something that can enable interested individuals to get in more hits than otherwise possible. Meanwhile, another excellent example would be the Rising Tornado, which is a great way for players to recover from being knocked down by launching into a fast attack rather than remain vulnerable throughout the entire process.

Don’t Skip Out On Fights

Under most circumstances, players shouldn’t be skipping out on fights with the random enemies that they are sure to encounter in Judgement. This is because successful fights provide cash as well as SP, both of which are valuable resources that can be used to make the player character better and better-prepared for the challenges to come.

As a result, it wouldn’t be too much of an exaggeration to say that enemies are walking pinatas. With that said, there will be times in which players will either be disadvantaged or too busy with something else, in which case, they shouldn’t hesitate to run away as soon as possible so long as they are willing to skip out on the rewards.

The Meows Indicate the Presence of Cats

Keen-eared individuals will notice the occasional meow as they play through Judgement. Said sounds indicate the presence of cats, which are connected to a Friend Event involving Masakuza Nekomiya. In short, players will eventually run into said individual in the game, who will ask them to hunt down the cats that can be found throughout the game.




Judgement Tips



Whenever interested individuals hear a meow, that means that there is a cat that can be photographed. Once that has happened, players can expect a small amount of experience plus the cessation of the meowing sound, which can be great news for those who find it irritating. In any case, this is a useful reminder of an important piece of information for Judgement as well as other games, which is that paying attention to small details can turn out to have major consequences.