The Sinking City Tips



The Sinking City Tips


The Sinking City Has Been Released

The Sinking City has been released. It is interesting in that it is a mystery horror with action-adventure elements. As a result, interested individuals need to get into the right mind-set, which isn’t quite the same as that which is best for a standard action-adventure game.

Be Sure to Use These Tips For The Sinking City

To get the best results when playing through The Sinking City, be sure to use these The Sinking City Tips:

You Have Two Health Bars

Since The Sinking City is a Lovecraftian game, it should come as no surprise to learn that it has not one but two health bars. One is the red health bar that shows the player character’s physical health, which won’t recover on its own but instead needs to be replenished through the use of a First Aid Kit. The other is the blue heath bar that shows the player character’s mental health, which can recover on its own at a very slow rate and can be replenished through the use of an Antipsychotic. Be sure to monitor both health bars because either one being exhausted means the end for the player character.






Low Mental Health Means Hallucinations

When the player character’s mental health starts running low, players can expect hallucinations to start showing up. Suffice to say that these hallucinations can have a very disruptive effect, which is particularly true for the hallucinated monsters that should never be fought because they aren’t actually there. Generally speaking, the best solution is prevention, meaning that interested individuals should avoid doing things that will strain the player character’s mental health as much as possible. However, if they are already at the point at which they are getting attacked by hallucinated monsters, they should run away before seeking to replenish their mental health.

Don’t Kill Innocent Civilians

This one shouldn’t be too hard to guess. In short, players can expect to lose mental health whenever the player character has a traumatic experience, which includes whenever they kill a civilian. Since killing civilians offers no rewards whatsoever, this makes it 100 percent cost and 0 percent benefit, meaning that players might want to watch where they are aiming. Having said that, human characters that are hostile by default have no such protection, meaning that interested individuals enjoy a much freer hand when it comes to them.

Choose Your Fights with Care and Consideration

Unfortunately, interested individuals need to remember that The Sinking City is a mystery horror, meaning that they are operating on limited resources. As such, even if they can take on a particular enemy, they need to ask themselves whether they should take on that particular enemy. After all, each fight can see them lose their health as well as their supplies, meaning that there is a very real consideration between cost and benefit that must be weighed each time.




The Sinking City Tips



Generally speaking, players should fight when they have no other option for reaching a place that they would like to check out. In contrast, if they have some way to bypass a particular enemy, they should take it so that they can save their limited resources for something more important. This is particularly true for tougher monsters close to the start of the game when players have none of the additional tools that they can expect to pick up.

You Can Smash Rather than Shoot Locks and Boards

Violence is an effective solution for locks and boards in The Sinking City. As a result, it is perfectly possible for players to shoot such obstacles until they can pass through. However, that is a rather wasteful use of their ammunition to say the least, which is why they should use their melee weapons to bash in said obstacles instead. After all, their melee weapons have infinite durability, meaning that following this practice can save players a lot of ammunition in the long run.

Try to Stay Well-Stocked

Naturally, the danger of fighting enemies means that players should do their best to stay well-stocked with First Aid Kits as well as other useful items. It is possible to find First Aid Kits as loot. However, if players have crafting materials to spare, they can make more First Aid Kits as well. Please note that the player character can’t carry more than a limited number of First Aid Kits, which can be increased over the course of the game.

Do Your Best to Find the Phone Booths

Unfortunately, interested individuals shouldn’t expect to make fast progress through the setting of The Sinking City. In part, this is because the player character just doesn’t move that fast even when he is doing his best. However, it should also be noted that the very nature of the half-flooded setting serves to slow down the movement of the player character from one point to the next. With that said, there is a measure of relief that can be found in the form of the phone booths, which serve as the game’s fast travel nodes.




The Sinking City Tips




However, there is one huge issue with phone booths in The Sinking City, which is that players need to activate them after finding them on their own without assistance from the game’s map in order to make use of them. Due to this, whenever they reach a new patch of dry land of significant size, they might want to check for phone booths to make it that much easier for them to travel from place to place later on.

Examine Your Collected Evidence

There are some action-adventure games that lead their players whenever they need to go next, which can be very convenient. However, The Sinking City is a mystery horror, meaning that it is relatively light on this particular kind of assistance. Instead, interested individuals will have to examine their collected evidence with care and consideration in order to determine the path that they should be following from place to place in this game. Suffice to say that this is a core element of The Sinking City, meaning that it can’t be avoided and shouldn’t be avoided.


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