Dr. Mario World Cheats and Tips



Dr. Mario World is a mobile game featuring old and new elements to the Dr. Mario franchise. The game practically centers around the viruses, and players in the game will make use of these pills, otherwise known as Megavitamins, to destroy the multiple colored viruses. By flipping these pills around and directing their movement, players will use both strategy and intuition to clear the levels, and Dr. Mario World contains special features which make the game both entertaining and strategic, it’s by far one of the best mobile puzzle games on the market today.




dr mario world tips and cheats



Only by matching three or more viruses with other pills and viruses can players clear the board.

By completing the levels, players earn stars which can help unlock new features and aid progress through the game.

Dr. Mario World is a game full of the Mario content we’ve come to enjoy over time, and players will certainly love seeing the Koopa shells, blocks and familiar faces that make appearances throughout the game.

Whether you’re new to Dr. Mario World or an experienced player, we’ve compiled a list of some tips and tricks to help you progress through the game.

Pick a Good Starting Doctor! (Dr. Mario World Cheats and Tips)

When first playing Dr. Mario World, you will have the option of picking your starting character. You can pick between Dr. Mario, Dr. Bowser, or Dr. Peach, here are the different skills for each character:

Dr. Mario – Can clear the bottommost row of viruses and blocks, during versus mode he has 2 attach power, average speed and defense.






Dr. Bowser – Can clear two random rows on the board, versus mode gives attack power of 4, with slow speed and variable defense.







Dr. Peach – Can clear a random column on the board, attack power of 1 in versus mode with fast speed and high defense.







Dr. Mario is of course the best character for beginners to the game, but players will have the option of acquiring more characters as they progress, so don’t worry if you want to play as a Dr. Peach too!

Make Sure You Flip the Pills! (Dr. Mario World Cheats and Tips)

Pills can be rotated before placement on the board. This is an easier process if you start before you move the pills, as released pills on the board will instantly start moving upwards until they make contact. A pill that is already on the board cannot be moved back lower, only higher on the screen. Rotating the pill beforehand gives you more time to figure out the proper placement.

Capsules Grant Bonus Points! (Dr. Mario World Cheats and Tips)

At the end of each round, any capsules left over turn into bonus points. Keep this in mind, as certain levels in Dr. Mario World require bonus points for a perfect three-star level completion.

Versus Mode Brings New Stats

Versus mode is a fun part of the game, now you get to play against other people in real time matches. Your doctor and their assistants are going to have some different stats, so let’s dive right in.

The first stat for doctor is Attack. Attack represents the number of rows of viruses that get sent when the attack meter is full. Let’s say Dr. Mario has 4 attack power, 4 rows of viruses will be sent over in this instance.

Speed is the next stat and determines how fast the attack meter fills up. Remember that eliminating viruses fills that attack meter. Characters with high attack power usually have slower speed stats.

And then there’s defense. Defense is the chance of blocking your opponent’s attacks. Keep all this in mind when jumping into versus mode and you’ll be winning more matches.

Pills Floating Up? Don’t Wait

For timed stages and competitive versus play, this tip will be used the most. What normally happens is released pills on the board float up until they contact other objects. This tip requires that you don’t wait for this to happen.

By dragging the pull where you want it to go you can place pills in spots they wouldn’t normally float to, and this makes pill placement even better, making for better gameplay.

Half Pills Should be Played like Regular Pills

Occasionally in Dr. Mario World half a pill is all that’s needed to clear an entire row. And while that’s a good move, the other half of the pill is still in play, just floating. Make use of the half that’s left and move it wherever you need it to be.




Dr. Mario World Cheats and Tips



Get Assistant Characters as Quickly as Possible

With the Doctor comes the ability to have 2 assistant characters. Assistants are useful to have as they can help you clear stages faster and easier. One assistant will unlock as you clear the stages, but the next assistant requires 4,000 coins or by paying with real currency.

You’ll Need Energy for More Playtime

The stages in Dr. Mario World require energy to play. Truth be told, the energy concept works well for mobile games, and Dr. Mario World is fine with this mechanic. Just don’t run too low on energy.

In about 30 minutes you get one energy back, and the clock is always running, so each day you will have a decent amount of energy for quite a bit of playtime. Just not enough that you can play all day without breaks.

Follow the Doctor’s Orders!

The Doctor’s Orders are quests in the game that become unlockable after you reach level 20. These are daily quests that you can do for various amounts of coins. And since coins are extremely important in Dr. Mario World, you’ll want to acquire as many as possible. New doctors cost a good amount of coins, and if quests are too hard, don’t worry, you can remove them and try out new quests.

Learn the Stage Mechanics

The beginning stages of Dr. Mario World are simple, you honestly won’t find them all that challenging. But the stages get progressively more difficult and you’ll need to put in more effort and strategy as time goes on.

Let’s say you reach a stage where the coins are caged, and you need to find the coin that unlocks the cages, or there’s dust on one stage blocking the coins, what will you do?

Make sure you develop your quick-thinking skills if you want to complete Dr. Mario World efficiently.

That’s all the tips we have for you so far, you’re now ready to rock in Dr. Mario World! If you’ve learned any tips we forgot to mention, let us know in the comments!