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Remember Mega Man X? (Mega Man X DiVE Trailer)

Mega Man is one of Capcom’s most famous franchises. However, it is important to remember that Mega Man can refer to more than one character, which is further complicated by the fact that most of these characters exist in the same timeline.

In short, the Mega Man franchise started out with a number of NES titles centered on the first Mega Man, a robot created by Dr. Light who volunteered to fight Dr. Wily’s robotic minions. Later, Capcom released the first Mega Man X titles on the Super NES, which were centered on a new Mega Man created by Dr. Light but uncovered in the even further future by Dr. Cain.



Mega Man X DiVE Trailer




These two sub-series were followed by three other sub-series set in the same timeline, which would be Mega Man ZeroMega Man ZX, and Mega Man Legends. In particular, it is interesting to note that while the other sub-series were situated close enough to one another for there to be connections between them, the Mega Man Legends sub-series was separated from them by multiple millennia.

Regardless, while the Mega Man X sub-series started up in the 1990s and saw its last main installment release in the 2000s, it remains very popular. For proof, look no further than the fact that Capcom released two collections of re-releases of the main installments for both the PC and the three main consoles in 2018. Now, it seems that Capcom is proceeding further with a pseudo-revival of the Mega Man X sub-series in the form of Mega Man X DiVE.

What Is Mega Man X DiVE? (Mega Man X DiVE Trailer)

For those who are curious, Mega Man X DiVE is a mobile title that is expected to be released for both iOS and Android at some point in 2019. Gameplay-wise, it will be much the same as the rest of the Mega Man X series, meaning that interested individuals can expect side-scrolling shooter action that nonetheless makes use of 3D elements. Moreover, it has been stated that familiar elements will be present, with examples presumably including dashing, climbing, and bosses that are vulnerable to various weapons claimed from other bosses.







Story-wise, Mega Man X DiVE is strange in that it isn’t set in the same timeline as the rest of the Mega Man X sub-series. Instead, it is supposed to be set in a computer world called “Deep Log,” which is the place where the game data for the Mega Man X sub-series is stored. Unfortunately, it seems that Mavericks are just as much of a problem in Deep Log as they are in the main Mega Man setting, meaning that it is up to the player to prevent its otherwise destined destruction.

With that said, this curious choice of setting isn’t particularly surprising when one considers the fact that this is a mobile title. After all, it provides the perfect excuse to bring back the full range of characters from past titles in the Mega Man X sub-series, which includes a lot of very memorable but also very dead bosses. Besides this, it has already been confirmed that heroes such as the titular X, Zero, and Axl will be playable, which should please the long-time fans of the Mega Man X sub-series.

Further Considerations (Mega Man X DiVE Trailer)

Currently, not too much information is known about Mega Man X DiVE. For instance, it seems safe to say that it will have some way to make money off of its players, but for the time being, nothing has been said on the matter save that it will be free to play, which suggests some kind of freemium model. As such, it will be interesting to see what other facts come out as the mobile title gets closer and closer to seeing its eventual release.