Neon Abyss Trailer



Neon Abyss Trailer


It has been revealed that the platformer Neon Abyss will be receiving a release for the PS4 on top of its confirmed releases for both the Nintendo Switch and the PC. Something that should come as welcome news for players who enjoy rogue-likes.

There are a number of factors that cause Neon Abyss to stand out. First, players can expect environments that change based on their choices, thus making for a higher level of variation than what can be found in most such titles. Second, death is an expected occurrence in Neon Abyss, meaning that interested individuals can expect it to come with minimal disruption. Third, the title possesses a considerable amount of content that should make for even more replay value, with examples ranging from evolving pets to items with stacking bonuses that can be used to provide a bigger boost than otherwise possible.

Story-wise, Neon Abyss has a very curious premise. For proof, look no further than the fact that interested individuals can expect to take on the new gods of Bitcoin, nightclubs, and other modern subjects of interest. All while their play experience is set to the dark electronic-style music composed by Min He, who has managed to win awards for his work on other titles such as Rift and Princess Eun Hwa.

Watch Neon Abyss Trailer below.

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