Madden 20 NFL Tips



New Features of Madden 20

While this year’s Madden isn’t anything extraordinary in terms of new features, there have been some changes from last year’s version of the game. And so far, Madden 20 is looking to be a great experience.

New scoreboard – EA finally made changes to the scoreboard, this year’s version features new styles and colors.

Additional Items – There are now special items with this Madden game (we won’t tell you what they are, but they are awesome!)

Changes to Ratings – Player ratings are now more spread out, a lot of good players now have ratings in the high 70s and low 80s, ultimately making for a more balanced game.

And let’s talk about the graphics. EA has really made a more polished game here with Madden 20, and it shows. The commentary is and has always been phenomenal.

Balanced speed – EA really tried to balance out the speed in Madden 20. It’s a feature we noticed right away and makes all the difference in gameplay.

Unlock the Superstar Factor

Superstar X-Factors is the new player feature in Madden 20. While only available to some of the best players, it’s a useful feature to have.

Unlocking the Superstar X-Factor requires completing goals. Tom Brady, for example, requires three passes of more than 5 yards to unlock the X-Factor. Unlocking this feature means you’ll have the edge over your opponent.

Offensive Tips for Madden (Madden 20 NFL Tips)

Looking for tips on how to become a better offensive Madden player? Then look no further, we are going over some critical offensive tips that you must know to become a better Madden player.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve accumulated thousands of hours in Madden at this point, with each new game comes new mechanics and more skills to develop.

– Play on enhanced mode, this gives you multiple play options on the screen, ultimately giving you a more sophisticated and strategic offensive play style.

– Keep your eyes on the defensive positions when you call a play. If the defense is close to the receivers, its most likely man coverage, if they’re farther away than its going to be a zone defense.

– Two or more defenders before the play? You could be looking at a blitz play, so be careful.

– Press triangle and then press the receiver’s button, and you can change the receiver’s route however you’d like.




Madden 20 NFL Tips




– So, what happens if you don’t like the play you’ve called? Press square to bring up a list of other plays you can switch too (this works without having to call a timeout).

– Once you’re playing as quarterback, and ready to throw a pass, you can hold the receiver button down for a bullet pass. Button taps are for lob passes, which work well if the receiver is heavily covered.

– Hold the right bumper when the player has the ball and they will protect it more, this will cut down on fumbles.

– Press the right stick forward when ball carrying, it will help break tackles.

– To spin when carrying the ball, press circle, you can really put the moves on the defense like this.

Defensive Tips for the Madden All Star (Madden 20 NFL Tips)

Defense is an often-overlooked aspect of Madden. Defensive players rarely get all the glory, and offensive playstyles just have more options. But with more options and adaptations, defensive strategy must be airtight in order to shut down the well-rounded offensive player. Here’s our defensive tips:

Same as offensive play, enable the enhanced option of play calling before you start the match. More options help when developing your strategy.

-Keeping the right trigger held before the ball is snapped will bring up the play art. Here you can see the blitzing, zone and man defensive coverage.

-Playing man coverage? Make sure all the receivers are covered by at least one of the defensive players.

-Don’t stress if not all the offense is covered, by pressing Triangle and the defensive player’s button you can change their role for the play.




Madden 20 NFL Tips




-Press square to switch to a different defensive play via audible (a list of option plays will be available).

-Backfield players won’t have all the support they might need if you are running a blitz play, keep that in mind.

-When the quarterback has thrown the ball, pressing circle allows you to switch to the nearest available defender.

-Want to try for an interception? By holding down the triangle button you can attempt to intercept it. Keep in mind it is always easier to try and block/swat the pass.

-Pressing square will commit your player to a tackle, and by flicking the right analog stick towards the player with the ball you can go for a stronger tackle, which could cause a fumble.

-If your player is being blocked by another player, press the button that appears on the screen for a spin move attempt.

Manage Your Rosters

EA is going to update their player rosters as they are made available, so make sure you keep your roster up to date. To do this, go to the customize section and select manage rosters, and then updated rosters. Here you can see all the recent changes.

Overall Madden 20 NFL Tips

Use the Sprint button – Jamming the sprint button doesn’t mean you’ll be the better player. By sprinting, its easier to get tackled or miss the tackle, so keep that in mind.

Use every control you can – Defense can attack the ball in multiple ways, just as a quarterback has many options to the throw, make use of your available moves.







Switch it up – When calling plays, make sure you have a well-rounded strategy. So many players fall into repetitive plays and will ultimately lose to an opponent who notices this.

Pay attention to kicking – Each new Madden has seemingly made kicking more and more difficult. But make sure you hone this skill, the points earned (or not earned) from kicking add up.

We hope these tips helped you out, now get out there and enjoy Madden 20!