Tekken 7 Cheats and Tips



Tekken 7 Cheats and Tips

Tekken 7 is a renowned fighting game that has been out for a few years now, but new players are constantly joining the ranks. While the game is notorious for its complexity, our tips are here to give you a firm grasp on the proper strategy to become a formidable Tekken 7 opponent. Whether you have zero fighting game experience, or migrating from another fighting game franchise, we’ve got the basics covered so you can potentially become a Tekken 7 legend.

Know Your Heights

Tekken is well known to be a game of defensive strategy, but its more about how carefully you can play. The combos in Tekken are where the damage really starts to add up. Throw a wall into the mix, and things get even more powerful.

It’s important that you aren’t giving away damage to your opponent, so make sure your gameplay is one free of as many errors as possible. Blocking is a key move here, know how to block and learn to understand the many attack heights, this will be important as you develop your blocking abilities.







Tekken features three attack heights, the low, mid and high attacks. By blocking while standing, you can block a high attack. Alternatively, a low attack can be used to duck under high attacks.

Keep in mind that mid attacks cannot be ducked but can be blocked either from a standing or crouching position. Low attacks must be blocked low (or jumped over).

Standing blocks do well against every attack except for throws and low attacks. But low attacks are also do the least damage and are also slowly executed.

None the less, knowing how to dodge and block attacks will make you a better Tekken 7 player.

Master the Throw

In Tekken 7 throws cannot be blocked, and these are generally considered high attacks. Good news for the defensive player, as high attacks can be ducked. If you want to duck a high attack, you’ll need to act fast though.

Normal throws can also be broken by pressing the right or left punch when the throw animation starts. This requires quickness but is easy once you learn it. Command throws must be broken with both punch buttons.







Keep in mind that although throws cause high damage, most well rounded players can break through any and every throw. The initial throw animation will start with either the right or left hand slightly more forward, so keep a lookout for that. Command throws start with both hands at equidistance. Only the best of players can notice the difference in throw animations, so keep practicing!

And while we mentioned that successfully using a throw is almost impossible on good players, throws can be used for moving your character. Certain throws can cause the players to switch sides. Keep this in mind if you are trying to escape from the wall.

Let’s talk juggles for a second. A good amount of attacks in Tekken 7 can cause a juggle. Juggles can cause a lot of damage, so try and memorize at least one combination that will start a juggle. These aren’t easy combos to perform, and timing is key here. Practice the combos over and over until you have it down.

Wall Stuns (Tekken 7 Cheats and Tips)

Some walls in Tekken 7 can stun your opponent, allowing you to pull off another combo and inflict even more damage. Most fast combinations or attack strings work perfectly after your opponent hits the wall.

And some of the walls can be broken, if an opponent is hit into the wall with a powerful enough attack, the wall (or floor) will break and the area of battle changes. Players who hit the wall will usually bounce, giving the perfect chance for opponents to land another combo. Easy damage adds up so make the most of every opportunity to land a hit.







Super Moves (Tekken 7 Cheats and Tips)

Tekken 7 has super moves; they are known as rage arts. If a player’s character has taken enough damage to where their health bar is glowing red, they have entered rage mode. Rage mode grants additional damage for attacks and the ability to perform rage art or rage drive attacks.

A rage art is a super move that can go through any attack and causes a ton of damage. A rage drive is like the rage art but allows combos to be extended. Keep in mind although you can go through attacks during rage mode, you’ll still receive damage from them.

However, there’s another type of super move that is fortified against high and mid-range attacks, the power crush.

A power crush can negate all high and mid-range attacks. Keep in mind that power crushes can be blocked, and even low attacks will cancel out a power crush.

The Sidestepper (Tekken 7 Cheats and Tips)

Tekken 7 attacks go to either the left or the right. Want to sidestep an attack that moves to the right? Sidestep left to evade the attack. Attacks to the right can be evaded by sidestepping left.

This is an important defensive strategy, but what can you do if your opponent is sidestepping all your attacks?

Make use of a tracking move (shown with a blue icon), these attacks target both directions and cannot be evaded with a sidestep.

Make use of Practice Mode

Tekken 7 has the famous practice mode, the perfect tool for character development. Pick the character you want to play as and go to the move list. Every attack will be here, and you can learn quickly what each attack is supposed to look like. Take note of which attacks lift your enemies so you can practice juggling combos.

Again, try and memorize at least one combo attack. With enough practice, you can link your normal attacks into juggling combinations. Practice mode will also teach you multiple ways to start a combination attack.







Practice mode will give you enough understanding of your character to fair well in arcade mode or even an online casual match. Keep in mind that everyone starts somewhere so don’t get discouraged if it takes time for you to start winning matches. Over time you will figure out what works, what doesn’t, and which attacks lead to the best juggling combinations. That’s what new players should focus on, landing combinations and effective defense.

Playtime that is balanced between practice mode and arcade/online will make you an advanced player.

We hope these Tekken 7 tips are useful, let us know in the comments below.

Instant Carnage special chapter (secret Akuma Boss)

Successfully complete Story mode to unlock the “Instant Carnage” special chapter, which involves Kazuya fighting Akuma in a final match. You can select this match in Story mode, after clearing all story chapters.

All items

Win or lose 2,000 battles in all modes (offline and online) to unlock all items in the game.

Easy “Crushing Impact!” and “Please Don’t Tell My Father” tropies

This can be done in Practice mode. Select Alisa and the Jungle Outpost map. There is a balcony in the starting area. Push your opponent to the balcony, then press Left + X to perform the Spinning Top to get the “Crushing Impact!” trophy. You will fall to the floor below. Repeat the same move on the vines at the side of the arena to destroy them and open a new path and get the “Please Don’t Tell My Father” trophy.

Easy “Destructive Drive” and “Going Somewhere?” trophies

This can be done in Practice mode. Select Alisa and the “Forgotten Realm” map. Press Triangle + Circle to perform a throw (Back Door move) to smash through the floor and get the “Destructive Drive” trophy. Perform the throw three times to reach the bottom floor and get the “Going Somewhere?” trophy.

Easy “Just Relax, You Can Do It” trophy

This can be done in Practice mode. You can repeat the same combo of a character three times in a practice session. Every character has a predefined 10-hit combo in their move list. Some actually do just 5-hits, but they are called a “10-hit combo” — so they count regardless. You do not even have to hit an enemy with those moves, just perform them. One very easy combo is from Katarina. She has only one 10-hit combo in her move list, and it is very simple to perform. Go to the move list during a practice match, select it to view a video of the combo, and then mark it to view the button prompts on-screen. You can also try it with other characters if desired, as many of them have easy combos.

Easy “Master Of Iron Fist” trophy

Successfully complete Story mode to unlock the “Instant Carnage” special chapter, which involves Kazuya fighting Akuma in a final match. You can select this match in Story mode, after clearing all story chapters. It is a difficult fight, even on lowest difficulty. Akuma will block most of your attacks, teleport a lot, and shoot at you from afar. One easy strategy is to repeatedly keep pressing L1 + X. This move gets you close to Akuma and lets you jump over projectiles. By repeatedly performing this move, you can defeat Akuma approximately 50% of the time on lowest difficulty. It does not work every time, but it does not require any skill either. After draining Akuma’s health bar, keep pressing R1 very quickly to activate your Rage Art, otherwise Akuma will instantly kill you. Complete this special chapter to get the “Master Of Iron Fist” trophy.